Select Committee on Home Affairs Minutes of Proceedings Report

Tuesday 16 September 2003

Members present:

Mr John Denham, in the Chair
Mrs Claire Curtis-Thomas

Mrs Janet Dean

Mr Gwyn Prosser

Bob Russell

Mr Marsha Singh

Miss Ann Widdecombe

David Winnick

The Committee deliberated.

Resolved, That the use of electronic equipment be permitted during Committee meetings in accordance with Liaison Committee guidelines.—(The Chairman.)

Resolved, That the Committee do inquire into the Rehabilitation of Prisoners.—(The Chairman.)

Resolved, That the Committee do seek memoranda from the Home Office on Prison Visiting and Gun Crime.—(The Chairman.)

Resolved, That the Committee should meet jointly with the Defence Committee to take evidence on Homeland Security.—(The Chairman.)

Asylum Applications: Simon Hughes, a Member of the House, was examined.

[Adjourned till Tuesday 21 October at 9.30 am.

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© Parliamentary copyright 2004
Prepared 27 May 2004