Select Committee on Committee on the London Local Authorities Bill Minutes of Evidence

Evidence before the Committee (Questions 720-739)


720.  MR CLARKSON: If there were five dogs in those circumstances coming into where the children were playing and attacking the children, that would be much worse.

(Mrs Kisko) If there were ten dogs, if there were 50 dogs, if there was one dog, it is a terrible thing for a dog to attack a person.

721.  Exactly.

(Mrs Kisko) If there was one dog.

722.  If there were five dogs it would be even worse.

(Mrs Kisko) And it would be four times worse if it was four dogs, and three times worse if it was three dogs.

723.  So there has to be a limit, does there not?

(Mrs Kisko) If I understand where you are going with this, the limit that you are suggesting is four dogs, but I do not understand that because four dogs can cause as much damage.

724.  Are you advocating something lower?

(Mrs Kisko) No, I am suggesting that it has to be discussed much more fully than it has been up until now.

725.  How many people - let us use the London Borough of Wandsworth - how many dog owners do you represent who have more than four dogs who wish to walk them in Battersea Park?

(Mrs Kisko) I could not answer that question.

726.  No. Do you think that the Battersea Society, using the surrogate of Battersea Park, and the Friends of Battersea Park are representative of the concerns of people who have other interests than dog-walking in Battersea Park?

(Mrs Kisko) I expect so.

727.  MR CLARKSON: Thank you.


728.  JIM SHERIDAN: Can I not draw a human analogy. If you were walking through the park and there was one young lad coming along with a baseball cap you may or may not feel intimidated, but if there were six young lads coming along with baseball caps would you feel intimidated?

(Mrs Kisko) Of course.

729.  Do you understand why the general public would be concerned if there were six dogs going through the park at the same time as them?

(Mrs Kisko) I am not sure that has actually been suggested by any of the papers that we have seen so far.

730.  I am talking about if there were six dogs walking through the park at the same time a member of the general public would be concerned if there were six dogs walking towards him or her.

(Mrs Kisko) But would he be intimidated by six Chihuahuas or would he be intimidated by six Rottweilers or six Great Danes, there is a huge difference.

731.  I really do not know, I could not tell you. Could it deter people from using the park?

(Mrs Kisko) I think it is doubtful because those parks are very large.

732.  You said that dog owners when they are putting their dogs out for people to walk them, you would check the credentials of the dog-walker.

(Mrs Kisko) When I say "credentials" I am talking about their general knowledge of dogs, their expertise when it comes to dogs and dog management. I have a colleague who did not allow his dog to be taken by a particular person because he did not believe that person really knew what they were talking about when it came to his dog.

733.  For someone who has not got the expertise that you have in terms of ----

(Mrs Kisko) That was not me, that was somebody else.

734.  If Joe Bloggs or Josephine Bloggs decide they want to have two, three or four dogs and want to have somebody walk the dogs, how would they check the credentials of that dog-walker?

(Mrs Kisko) I would suggest that they go out walking with them the first time around to find out how they walk dogs. That would be the most sensible route.

735.  That is how you would check the credentials.

(Mrs Kisko) That would be the most sensible route, I would have thought.

736.  You say you are the co-owner of a dog kennel?

(Mrs Kisko) Of a boarding kennel.

737.  Are there any financial implications for you if this Bill goes through?

(Mrs Kisko) Absolutely none.

738.  JOHN ROBERTSON: Can I ask you, how many owners in Wandsworth have more than four dogs?

(Mrs Kisko) Actually, Mr Clarkson did ask that and I have no idea.

739.  He said in Battersea Park.

(Mrs Kisko) We would not know.

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Prepared 12 September 2003