Select Committee on Committee on the London Local Authorities Bill Minutes of Evidence

Evidence before the Committee (Questions 740-759)


740.  Before you came here were you told that somebody from Wandsworth was going to be giving evidence?

(Mrs Kisko) Yes.

741.  So why did you not look up those figures to find out?

(Mrs Kisko) Those figures do not exist.

742.  Did you honestly believe that we would not ask that kind of question or is it that you do not want to give us an answer?

(Mrs Kisko) No, those figures do not exist.

743.  Why not?

(Mrs Kisko) They do not exist.

744.  But why not?

(Mrs Kisko) I am sorry, they do not exist.

745.  In the Kennel Club do you not have members?

(Mrs Kisko) We have 750 members.

746.  Do you not have details of each member?

(Mrs Kisko) Of 750 members?

747.  Yes.

(Mrs Kisko) Those members ---- I am sorry but I do not think you understand what the Kennel Club is. The Kennel Club is ----

748.  I do not think you understand. I ask the questions and you give the answers I want.

(Mrs Kisko) I am sorry but I have to give the truth.

749.  CHAIRMAN: With respect, the witness gives the answer that they think fit, not the answer you want, otherwise it is extremely unfair.

750.  JOHN ROBERTSON: I should have put it better and said the answer to the question I ask, not the question she wants me to ask.

(Mrs Kisko) I am sorry, I am not meaning to be disrespectful.

751.  Of your 700-odd members, how many of them have more than four dogs?

(Mrs Kisko) No, you do not understand. I am sorry.

752.  You cannot give me that answer?

(Mrs Kisko) I cannot explain what the Kennel Club is unless he will allow me to.

753.  I got at the beginning what the Kennel Club is.

(Mrs Kisko) No, that is what the Kennel Club does.

754.  Of all of your members, can you tell me how many dogs they have?

(Mrs Kisko) No.

755.  That is all I need to know. Can I ask you the question I asked the other gentleman. Twenty dogs walking through a park all together, do you think that is responsible?

(Mrs Kisko) It depends. No, because I would suggest that would be far too many for somebody to handle.

756.  Can I show you the same picture. I have now put a circle around it. It is on the third page of the pictures, the bottom left-hand. Would you say that these owners are acting responsibly?

(Mrs Kisko) Yes, the vast majority of dogs are on leads from what I can see from the picture. There seem to be a lot of people there.

757.  From what I see from the picture with my optician helping me, I count at least seven dogs without leads and I count four of the adults with the dogs talking to each other, not looking at the dogs at all, and only one in the middle of the road who is at least five or six yards away from two dogs without leads. That is responsible, is it?

(Mrs Kisko) I am not saying it is responsible or irresponsible, what I would say ----

758.  I am asking you. I want your opinion.

(Mrs Kisko) What I would say is there does not appear to me to be a problem there.

759.  They are acting responsibly?

(Mrs Kisko) They may well be.

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Prepared 12 September 2003