Select Committee on Public Accounts Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses(Questions 580-581)



  580. Were the 30 or so customers you no longer supply mainly old established clients or relatively new customers? I will not ask you to answer those questions now but we might have a note on those wrap-up questions which have not been covered in the rest of the meeting. Mr Geraint Davies who has had to leave has said that there has been some bandying around of figures and dispute about figure, and the way he has put it is, that to clear your name and ensure no doubts, would Imperial allow the National Audit Office to audit their accounts and give full access to managerial information? You will not be able to give that undertaking today but it may be there should be some to-ing and fro-ing between you and the National Audit Office to ensure we have the same information in front of us. Is that fair enough?
  (Mr Davis) I will have to consider that point.

  581. Thank you very much, Mr Davis, for coming to the Committee of Public Accounts and for answering our questions. You will have understood by now that following our meeting with Mr Broadbent we do remain extremely concerned about this matter. A very large amount of public money, over £2 billion, is at stake here. You have given undertakings to this Committee and I believe as a result of this Committee we will ensure that when Customs & Excise report back to us in six months they will be able to say your record is just as good as your competitors' record in complying with their requests for action. I am sure you would agree to that.
  (Mr Davis) Very much so, Chairman.

  Chairman: Thank you very much.

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Prepared 10 January 2003