Select Committee on Public Accounts Forty-Ninth Report

List of Reports from the Committee of Public Accounts Session 2002-03

First ReportCollecting the television licence fee HC 118 (Cm 5770)
Second Report Dealing with pollution from ships HC 119 (Cm 5770)
Third ReportTobacco Smuggling HC 143 (Cm 5770)
Fourth ReportPrivate Finance Initiative: redevelopment of MOD Main Building HC 298 (Cm 5789)
Fifth ReportThe 2001 outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease HC 487 (Cm 5801)
Sixth ReportMinistry of Defence: Exercise Saif Sareea II HC 502 (Cm 5801)
Seventh ReportExcess Votes 2001-02 HC 503 (N/A)
Eighth ReportExcess Votes (Northern Ireland) 2001-02 HC 504 (N/A)
Ninth ReportThe Office for National Statistics: outsourcing the 2001 Census HC 543 (Cm 5801)
Tenth ReportIndividual Learning Accounts HC 544 (Cm 5802)
Eleventh ReportFacing the challenge: NHS emergency planning in England HC 545 (Cm 5802)
Twelfth ReportTackling pensioner poverty: encouraging take-up of entitlements HC 565 (Cm 5802)
Thirteenth ReportMinistry of Defence: progress in reducing stocks HC 566 (Cm 5849)
Fourteenth ReportRoyal Mint Trading Fund 2001-02 Accounts HC 588 (Cm 5802)
Fifteenth ReportOpra: tackling the risks to pension scheme members HC 589 (Cm 5802)
Sixteenth ReportImproving public services through innovation: the Invest to Save Budget HC 170 (Cm 5823)
Seventeenth ReportHelping victims and witnesses: the work of Victim Support HC 635 (Cm 5823)
Eighteenth ReportReaping the rewards of agricultural research HC 414 (Cm 5823)
Nineteenth ReportThe PFI contract for the redevelopment of West Middlesex University Hospital HC 155 (Cm 5961)
Twentieth ReportBetter public services through call centres HC 373 (Cm 5961)
Twenty-first ReportThe operations of HM Customs and Excise in 2001-02 HC 398 (Cm 5961)
Twenty-second ReportPFI refinancing update HC 203 (Cm 5984)
Twenty-third ReportInnovation in the NHS—the acquisition of the Heart Hospital HC 299 (Cm 5961)
Twenty-fourth ReportCommunity Legal Service: the introduction of contracting HC 185 (Cm 5961)
Twenty-fifth ReportProtecting the public from waste HC 352 (Cm 5961)
Twenty-sixth ReportSafety, quality, efficacy: regulating medicines in the UK HC 505 (Cm 5962)
Twenty-seventh ReportThe management of substitution cover for teachers HC 473
Twenty-eighth ReportDelivering better value for money from the Private Finance Initiative HC 764 (Cm 5984)
Twenty-ninth ReportInland Revenue: Tax Credits and tax debt management HC 332 (Cm 5962)
Thirtieth ReportDepartment for International Development: maximising impact in the water sector HC 446 (Cm 5962)
Thirty-first ReportTackling Benefit Fraud HC 488 (Cm 5962)
Thirty-second ReportThe Highways Agency: Maintaining England's motorways and trunk roads HC 556 (Cm 5962)
Thirty-third ReportEnsuring the effective discharge of older patients from NHS acute hospitals HC 459 (Cm 6016)
Thirty-fourth ReportThe Office of Fair Trading: progress in protecting consumers' interests HC 546 (Cm 5962)
Thirty-fifth ReportPFI Construction Performance HC 567 (Cm 5984)
Thirty-sixth ReportImproving service quality: Action in response to the Inherited SERPS problem HC 616 (Cm 5963)
Thirty-seventh ReportMinistry of Defence: The construction of nuclear submarine facilities at Devonport HC 636 (Cm 6016)
Thirty-eighth ReportDepartment of Trade and Industry: Regulation of weights and measures HC 581 (Cm 5963)
Thirty-ninth ReportA safer place to work: Protecting NHS hospital and ambulance staff from violence and aggression HC 641 (Cm 5963)
Fortieth ReportImproving social housing through transfer HC 590 (Cm 5963)
Forty-first ReportModernising procurement in the Prison Service HC 676 (Cm 6016)
Forty-second ReportA safer place to work: Improving the management of health and safety risks to staff in NHS trusts HC 704
Forty-third ReportFisheries enforcement in England HC 752
Forty-fourth ReportNew IT systems for Magistrates' Courts: the Libra project HC 434
Forty-fifth ReportProtecting public health and consumer interests in relation to food: the Food Standards Agency HC 708
Forty-sixth ReportMinistry of Defence: Building an air manoeuvre capability: the introduction of the Apache helicopter HC 533
Forty-seventh ReportFilm Council: Improving access to, and education about, the moving image through the British Film Institute HC 685
Forty-eighth ReportThe Public Private Partnership for National Air Traffic Services Ltd HC 80
Forty-ninth ReportThe operational performance of PFI prisons HC 904

The reference number of the Treasury Minute to each Report is printed in brackets after the
HC printing number

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Prepared 2 December 2003