Select Committee on Public Administration Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses(Questions 1256-1259)




  1256. Could I welcome our witnesses this morning. It is very good to have you along, Hamish Davidson. You are the chairman of Veredus?
  (Mr Davidson) Yes, indeed.

  1257. And Alison Cawley, you are the assistant?
  (Ms Cawley) An associate director.

  1258. How many associate directors do you have?
  (Ms Cawley) I think about fourteen.

  1259. Gosh! We have been running an inquiry, as you probably realise, into public appointments, and it occurred to us along the way that it would be very nice to hear from a recruitment person or agency to see how they fit into the picture and what they have to tell us about the public appointments scene, so we are particularly delighted that you can come and do this for us. Would you like to say something in general before we start about the kind of work you do?
  (Mr Davidson) Thank you. Veredus is part of Capita Group plc and we, along with our sister organisation, Capita RAS, undertake recruitment to both public and private sector appointments. The distinction between the two organisations is that Capita RAS will undertake general recruitment, purely advertised recruitment and assessment mainly for middle-management positions, but also positions where there is purely an advertisement and assessment and that is it. Veredus will get involved in recruitment for mainly senior positions, both public and private sector, but particularly where there is also a need to undertake some executive search as well and make that kind of effort. So we have been responsible between us for recruiting to a great many public appointments into our boards, members of boards and chair positions and most recently Alison Cawley has been undertaking the chair of the Audit Commission and I myself am about to start the chair of the Housing Corporation, so that is the kind of nature of work that we get involved in.

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Prepared 28 March 2003