Select Committee on Public Administration Fourth Report


Prime Ministerial Appointments to Public Bodies/Crown and Individual Posts

Appointments made by the Crown on the advice of the Prime Minister

Commissioner for Public Appointments

Board of Customs and Excise

Board of Inland Revenue

Clerk of the Crown in Chancery

Civil Service Commissioners

Procurator General

Head of the Home Civil Service

Registrar General

Comptroller and Auditor General

Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration (Health Service Commissioner for England, Scotland and Wales)

Northern Ireland Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration and Northern Ireland Commissioner for Complaints

Information Commissioner

Constables of

Dover Castle

Caernarfon Castle

Harlech Castle

Tower of London

Flint Castle

Captain of Deal Castle

Ecclesiastical Appointments

Archbishops of Canterbury and York

32 Diocesan Bishops (England)

28 Deans of Cathedral (England) and two Royal Peculiars

Crown Canonries at six Cathedrals and two Royal Peculiars

200 Crown Livings (England)

Three Church Commissioners

High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

Court of Ecclesiastical Causes Reserved

Judge of the Court of Arches of Canterbury and the Chancery Court at York

Churches Preservation Trust

City Parochial Foundation

Redundant Churches Advisory Board

Government and Parliament

Government Ministers

Clerk of the Parliaments

The Speaker

Clerk of the House of Commons

Members of the House of Lords

Intelligence and Security Commission

Privy Councillors

Judicial Appointments

Lord Chief Justice of England

Master of the Rolls


President of the Family Division

Lords of Appeal in Ordinary

Lords of Appeal

Lord Justice Clerk for Scotland

Lord Justice General and Lord President of the Court Session in Scotland

Lord Clerk Register of Scotland

Royal Appointments

Astronomer Royal

Honorary Physicians to the Crown

Poet Laureate

Royal Commissions on

Criminal Justice

Long Term Care

Environmental Pollution

Historical Manuscripts

Historical Monuments in England

Historical Monuments in Wales

Board of Governors, executive and non-executive directors, Bank of England

Board of Governors, BBC

Chancellor of the County of Palatine of Durham

Commissioner for the Interception of Communications

Criminal Cases Review Commission

Crown Estate Commissioners

Forestry Commissioners

Governor of the Isle of Wight

Chairman, Historic Royal Palaces Trust

President and three Governors, King Edward's Hospital Fund for London

Lord Great Chamberlain

Lord Lieutenants and Vice Lord Lieutenants for the United Kingdom

Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports

Millennium Commission

Official Verderer of the New Forest

Chairman, Police Complaints Authority

Public Works Loan Board,

Receiver-General of Guernsey

Receiver-General and Deputy Receiver-General of Jersey (Bailiff)

Members, Security Services Tribunal

Senior Officers in the Armed Forces

NB. Bodies set above in italics are listed in Public Bodies 2002

Appointments made by the Prime Minister

All posts are chairmanships unless indicated otherwise.

Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (all members)

Armed Forces Pay Review Body

British Museum (trustees only)143

Committee on Standards in Public Life (all members)

Doctors' and Dentists' Review Body

Honours Scrutiny Committee (all members)

House of Lords Appointments Commission (all members)

Imperial War Museum143 (trustees only)

Intelligence Services Commissioner143

Interception of Communications Commissioner143

Museum of London143 (trustees only)

National Gallery143 (trustees)

National Heritage Memorial Fund143 (trustees and Chair)

Natural History Museum (trustees only)143

National Maritime Museum143 (trustees only)

National Museum of Science and Industry143 (trustees and Chair)

National Portrait Gallery (trustees only)143

Nurses, Midwives, Health Visitors and Professions Allied to Medicine Pay Review Body

Police Arbitration Tribunal (members)

Police Negotiating Board (Chair and Deputy)143

Prison Service Pay Review Body for England, Wales and Northern Ireland (all members)143

School Teachers' Review Body143

Security Commission (Chair and Alternate Chair)

Senior Salaries Review Body (all members)

Surveillance Commissioners (all)143

Tate Gallery (trustees only)143

Victoria and Albert Museum143 (trustees and Chair)

Wallace Collection143 (trustees only)

Women's National Commission

Appointments on which the Prime Minister is expected to be consulted

All posts are chairmanships unless indicated otherwise.

Adult Learning Inspectorate

Arts Council England

Audit Commission for Local Authorities and the NHS in England and Wales

Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland[143]

British Nuclear Fuels plc

British Waterways Board

Broadcasting Standards Commission

Central Arbitration Committee

Chairman of the Office of Fair Trading

Chief Charity Commissioner

Chief Electoral Officer for Northern Ireland

Civil Aviation Authority

Commission for Health Improvement

Commission for Racial Equality

Community Fund

Competition Commission

Council for Science and Technology

Countryside Agency

Director General of Telecommunications

Director General of Water Services

Disability Rights Commission

Encounter (British Joint-Chair)

English Nature

Environment Agency

English Heritage

Equal Opportunities Commission

Film Council

Financial Services Authority

Food Standards Agency

Health and Safety Commission

Higher Education Funding Council for England

Housing Corporation

Independent Television Commission

Invest Northern Ireland

Legal Services Commission

London Regional Transport

National Consumer Council

National Learning and Skills Council

New Opportunities Fund

NHS Appointments Commission

Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority

Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM)

Postal Services Commission (known as Postcomm)

Qualifications and Curriculum Authority

Radio Authority

Regional Development Agencies

  • Advantage West Midlands
  • East Midlands Development Agency
  • East of England Development Agency
  • Northwest Regional Development Agency
  • One North East
  • South East England Development Agency
  • South West of England Regional Development Agency
  • Yorkshire Forward

Resource The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries

Research Councils

  • Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council
  • Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils
  • Economic & Social Research Council
  • Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council
  • Medical Research Council
  • Natural Environment Research Council
  • Particle Physics & Astronomy Research Council

Royal Mail Holdings Plc

Security Vetting Appeals Panel (all members)

Social Security Advisory Committee

Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee

Sport England

Strategic Rail Authority

Sustainable Development Commission (all members)

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

UK Sport

143   Appointments on which the Prime Minister is expected to be consulted and which are based on statutory requirements Back

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Prepared 10 July 2003