Select Committee on Public Administration Fourth Report


Thursday 7 March 2002
Dame Rennie Fritchie DBE, Commissioner for Public Appointments. Ev 1
Billy Bragg, Musician. Ev 11

Thursday 14 March 2002
Dame Helena Shovelton, Chief Executive, British Lung Foundation Ev 21
Mr Graham Mather, President, European Policy Forum Ev 21

Thursday 11 April 2002
Rt Hon Tony Benn, former Member of Parliament Ev 39

Thursday 18 April 2002

Mark Thomas, Comedian and Activist

Ev 54

Thursday 25 April 2002
Mrs Barbara Roche MP, Minister of State, Mr Christopher Leslie MP, Parliamentary Secretary and Ms Helen Ghosh, Director of the central Secretariat, Cabinet Office Ev 69
Ms Fi Glover, BBC Radio Five Live broadcaster Ev 87

Thursday 9 May 2002
Baroness Prashar CBE, Member of the House of Lords and First Civil Service Commissioner Ev 98

Thursday 23 May 2002
Ms Julia Middleton, Chief Executive, and Ms Amelia Sussman, Chief Operating Officer, Common Purpose Ev 110
Mr Simon Woolley, National Co-ordinator, and Mr Ashok Viswanathan, Deputy Co-ordinator, Operation Black Vote Ev 121

Thursday 13 June 2002
Ms Julie Mellor, Chair, and Mr John Sharman, Equal Opportunities Commission Ev 144
Mr Bryan Heiser, Steering Group Member, Engage Network Ev 144
Mr Daniel Silverstone, Chief Executive, Commission for Racial Equality Ev 144
Mr Bert Massie CBE, Chairman, Disability Rights Commission Ev 144

Thursday 24 October 2002
Sir William Wells, Chairman, and Dr Roger Moore, Chief Executive, NHS Appointments Commission Ev 161
Professor Teresa Rees, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University Ev 173

Thursday 31 October 2002
Mr Douglas Alexander MP, Minister of State, and Ms Helen Ghosh, Secretariat Director, Cabinet Office Ev 185

Monday 9 December 2002
Ms Judeline Ross, Bristol Race Equality Council Ev 200
Mr John Savage, High Sheriff of Bristol Ev 200
Councillor Diane Bunyan, Leader, Bristol City Council Ev 200
Mr Tom Dowell, Chair, Bristol South and West Primary Care Trust Ev 200

Thursday 12 December 2002
Mr Martin Wainwright, Northern Editor, The Guardian Ev 213
Ms Janet Paraskeva, Chief Executive, The Law Society Ev 213
Ms Linda Parkinson, Mr Andy Freeney and Mr Martin Gray, The Community Fund Ev 213
Ms Ivy Cameron, Consultant, Cameron Woods Associates Ev 225

Thursday 13 February 2003
Mr Hamish Davidson, Chairman, and Ms Alison Cawley, Associate Director, Veredus Ev 233

Thursday 27 February 2003

Dame Rennie Fritchie DBE, Commissioner for Public Appointments

Ev 252

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Prepared 10 July 2003