Select Committee on Public Administration Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by the Construction Industry Training Board (PAP 38)

  While the Board supports a widening participation in public life, the Board is itself atypical of most Non-Departmental Public Bodies.

  The Board is funded by employers in the industry through a levy which is determined as a result of consultation with the industry and which is backed up by statutory powers of collection. A key role of the Board is to decide how to distribute the levy fairly (currently around £100 million). It is against that background that membership of the Board is quite narrowly specified by the enabling legislation, the Industrial Training Act 1982. Employers' organisations in the industry are explicitly given the right to nominate Board members and employers' organisations believe it is an appropriate way to give representation to those whose levy payments fund the Board.

  It may be true that the majority of the public know little about the appointments process; employers' organisations in the construction industry are well aware of and greatly value their influencing role in appointments to the Board. On the whole we believe that those appointed do make a real and valued contribution to the work of the Board. We acknowledge that the existing system has not been successful in achieving a greater diversity of people appointed.

  We believe the current process involving our sponsor Department, the Department for Education and Skills, is generally appropriate. It does not seem appropriate to make the process more political. We do need to attract applications from a wider pool of candidates. Our new Chairman has made this a particular point of emphasis and has urged employers' organisations to do all they can to select from a more diverse range of people.

May 2002

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Prepared 8 July 2003