Select Committee on Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Annual Report 2002-03

Appendix 1: The Rectification Prcedure

In the case of admitted failures to register or declare interests where the interest involved is minor or the failure to register or declare was inadvertent, the Commissioner has discretion to allow the Member concerned to rectify the matter. In the case of non-registration, rectification requires a belated entry in the current Register, with an appropriate explanatory note; in the case of non-declaration, it requires an apology to the House, either by means of a point of order or of an intervention in a relevant debate.

A late entry in the Register will be printed in bold italics and asterisked to a footnote. * The footnote will read: "entry added or amended on [insert date], under the rectification procedure"

The footnote will be cross-referred to the page at the beginning of the Register where the rectification procedure will be briefly explained.

The corrected entry will remain in bold italics for 12 months from its first appearing and will also appear in one annual printed Register.

The entry itself in standard form will stay in so long as it is relevant if related to a continuing benefit.

The decision on whether the use of the rectification procedure is appropriate in any case is a matter for the Commissioner, who has discretion to dispose of such cases without first bringing them before the Committee on Standards and Privileges. Nonetheless, in any case in which the procedure is used, the Commissioner reports its use briefly to the Committee. He also informs the complainant of the outcome.

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Prepared 17 July 2003