Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report



SESSION 2001-02

First Report: Complaint against Mr Geoffrey Robinson: Supplementary Report (HC 297).

Published 24 October 2001.

Second Report: Complaint against Mr Roy Beggs (HC 319).

Published 31 October 2001.

Third Report: Complaint against Mr John Maxton (HC 320).

Published 31 October 2001.

Fourth Report: Restrictions on the Initiation of Parliamentary Proceedings: A Consultation Paper (HC 478).

Published 19 December 2001.

Fifth Report: Complaints against Mr Keith Vaz (HC 605-I-II)

Volumes I and II published 8 February 2002.

Sixth Report: Registration of Interests by Members who have not taken their seat (HC 624)

Published 13 February 2002.

Seventh Report: Complaints against Mr Nigel Griffiths (HC 625)

Published 13 February 2002.

Eighth Report: Complaints against Mr Archy Kirkwood (HC 755)

Published 24 April 2002.

Ninth Report: A new Code of Conduct and Guide to the Rules (HC 763)

Published 30 April 2002.

Tenth Report: Complaint against Mr Peter Brooke (HC 1147)

Published 24 July 2002.

Minutes of Proceedings 2001-02 (HC 1336)

Published 31 January 2003.

SESSION 2002-03

First Report: Complaint against Mr Nigel Griffiths (HC 195).

Published 18 December 2002.

Second Report: Eighth Report of the Committee on Standards in Public Life: "Standards of Conduct in the House of Commons" (HC 403)

Published 11 February 2003.

Third Report: Complaints against Mr Michael Trend (HC 435)

Published 13 February 2003.

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