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Here you can browse the Written Evidence ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 17 September 2003.


Memorandum by Dr Roger Sexton (OPT 01)

Memorandum by Paul Denyer Esq (OPT 02)

Memorandum by the Joint Committee for Strategic Planning and Transportation representing the Four Unitary Local Authorities in the Former Avon Area (OPT 03)

Memorandum by Dr John Disney (OPT 04)

Memorandum by First (OPT 05)

Memorandum by Peter Thomson Esq (OPT 06)

Memorandum by David Starkie Esq (OPT 07)

Memorandum by South East Lincolnshire Travellers' Association (OPT 08)

Memorandum by the Go-Ahead Group plc (OPT 09)

Memorandum by the London Borough of Wandsworth (OPT 10)

Memorandum by the London Transport Users Committee (LTUC) (OPT 11)

Memorandum by Railway Development Society—North East Branch (OPT 12)

Memorandum by RMT (OPT 13)

Memorandum by the Passenger Transport Executive Group (OPT 14)

Memorandum by the Great North Eastern Railway (GNER) (OPT 15)

Memorandum by Department for Transport (OPT 16)

Memorandum by the Strategic Rail Authority (OPT 17)

Memorandum by London Underground Ltd (OPT 18)

Memorandum by Rail Passengers Council (OPT 19)

Memorandum by The Corporation of London (OPT 20)

Memorandum by the Health and Safety Commission and Executive (OPT 21)

Memorandum by Envolve (OPT 22)

Memorandum by Capital Transport Campaign (OPT 23)

Memorandum by East Lindsey District Council (OPT 24)

Memorandum by Transport for London (OPT 25)

Note by Peter Bassett Esq (OPT 26)

Memorandum by Virgin Trains (OPT 27)

Memorandum by Angel Trains (OPT 28)

Supplementary memorandum by Arriva (OPT 29)


Supplementary memorandum by Porterbrook Leasing Co Ltd (OPT 30)

Supplementary memorandum by the Go-Ahead Group (OPT 09A)

Supplementary memorandum by the Strategic Rail Authority (OPT 17A)

Supplementary memorandum by the Chairman of the Strategic Rail Authority (OPT 17B)

Supplementary note by London Underground Limited (OPT 18A)

Supplementary note by the Rail Passengers' Council (OPT 19A)

Supplementary memorandum by the HSE (OPT 21A)

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Prepared 5 November 2003