Select Committee on Transport Written Evidence

Note by Peter Bassett Esq (OPT 26)


  I am writing to ask whether you will investigate the plans by the SRA to cut rail services, and question whether this is really the most intelligent way to reduce congestion.

  My specific concern is the SRA's plan to cut South Central rail services between Bournemouth and Southampton. I am a regular user of this service, I am partially sighted and do not drive a car and so unfortunately have no alternative to using rail travel. I travel from Christchurch to Swanwick using the South Central service. This is an excellent service as it runs direct from Christchurch to Swanwick in 50 minutes without the need to change trains. This service usually runs on schedule, it is a good service.

  Please will you scrutinise the SRA's strategy for cutting services, and take into account the considerable harm that will be caused to individual rail passengers by making these cuts.

  Is it not possible to find a more intelligent solution by applying better traffic management techniques to the existing services, rather than taking the easy option of cutting services to reduce congestion? Is the problem really about congestion caused by too many trains, or is it more to do with the inability to adequately manage the railway system?

January 2003

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Prepared 5 November 2003