Select Committee on Transport Written Evidence

Supplementary note by London Underground Limited (OPT 18A)


  Thank you for your letter of 30 January 2003, concerning this matter. Our older Tube cars are currently fitted with vents above the fixed windows which can be opened or shut by passengers. When open, air is forced through the vents into the cars by the movement of the train through the tunnel. When the train is stationary, there is virtually no ventilating effect through the vents. So when a train becomes stuck in a tunnel, for whatever reason, ventilation effects through the vents are minimal. The same would be the case if windows were to be fitted instead of the vents.

  On our newer train fleets, on the Central, Jubilee, Northern and Waterloo & City Lines, the cars are fitted with fan assisted forced air ventilation which work even if the train becomes stuck. All future new trains, provided as part of PPP will be to a similar standard.

  Unfortunately, it is neither physically nor economically practicable to retro-fit forced air ventilation to our older train fleets.

  I trust this provides the information the Committee is seeking.

Paul Godier

Managing Director

11 February 2003

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Prepared 5 November 2003