Select Committee on Transport Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 340 - 345)



  340. Take any figure, Mr Steer! Just take a number!

  (Mr Steer) I will give you a guideline. Putting in a second track on Chiltern of ten miles has a budget of £60 million. So, four tracking over what I would imagine is eight or ten miles might be twice that.

  Andrew Bennett

  341. Do you know when two of the tracks were taken out?

  (Mr Steer) No.

  Andrew Bennett: I think I will give up on this. I just do not feel that you have any idea about the problems on that line and really you are not convincing me that you understand how you have to get commuter services and intercity services through the bottleneck of Manchester and I think that people will become very depressed when they look at the transcript.


  342. Do you have enough money to do all these things even if you are not doing the things that we think will make a difference?

  (Mr Steer) There is the money set aside in the SRA strategic plan and you will be familiar with the figures providing that the regulatory settlement was the correct measurement of the amount of money needed for operation and maintenance of the existing network is sufficient to deliver the project.

  343. Finally, who has the lead role in determining service requirements? Is it the Strategic Rail Authorities or the Passenger Transport Executives?
  (Mr Steer) In terms of local services, the PTEs set out the requirements.

  344. Do you respond to that?
  (Mr Steer) Yes.

  345. How do you sort out conflicts between local services and long distance? Do you just re-order the numbers of minutes in an hour?
  (Mr Steer) No, we go through a careful process to try to accommodate everything. What has not happened and what will happen under the capacity utilisation strategy is some forward planning into that process rather than leaving it to an annual timetable debate.

  Chairman: Mr Steer, you have given us lots of food for thought. Thank you very much and thank you Mr Newman.

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Prepared 11 July 2003