Select Committee on Transport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary note by GNER (REN 35A)

  When I appeared before the Transport Sub-committee on Wednesday 19 June I was asked two questions on which I said I would respond. The first concerned the issue of driver training. The HMRI has audited GNER's Driver Training requirements. The HMRI carried out a national "Inspection of Driver Management" as part of their "Key Inspection Topic" process. This started in July 2000 and the total programme will last three years. GNER was inspected in January 2001 and we received an inspection report in April 2001. In addition, the HSE published a Summary of the inspection findings in December 2001 for the 13 operators inspected at that time.

  The Inspection covered all aspects of Driver Management, from initial selection through to on going competence train management.

  On Driver Training, the report made 16 "assessment comments" all of which have been actioned by GNER. There was nothing in HMRI's report that gave cause for concern to GNER but did point out things that we could improve on and we have initiated these improvements.

  The second area where I was asked a question by the Committee, was on the basis of the number of drivers that GNER has recruited since the start of the franchise. To date we have recruited 144 drivers of which 31 are totally new to the industry and have been trained by GNER. The other principal areas where drivers have been recruited has been 39 from Arriva Trains Northern made up of:


  The other areas from where we have recruited a number of drivers have been 28 from EWS and 11 from Scotrail. All other drivers have come in small numbers from other TOCs around the country.

  If there are any other queries on this please do not hesitate to contact me.

Christopher Garnett

Chief Executive

27 June 2002

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Prepared 11 July 2003