Select Committee on Trade and Industry Minutes of Evidence



  1.1  The China-Britain Business Council is a Non-Departmental Public Body whose task is to promote British trade with China. It has a full-time professional staff in both Britain and China, led by a Chief Executive who works under the guidance of a Council composed of representatives of business and Government. The Council is headed by a President. TPUK, the FCO, ECGD and TPUK's Hong Kong Action Group are the CBBC's official sponsors. The Council acts as the Government's Area Advisory Group for China. (Council membership is shown in Annex 1, attached.)

  1.2  The CBBC is a unique organisation in the trade promotion field in several respects. First it is independent, business-led and self-governing. This ensures its responsiveness to the needs of business. Second, it undertakes trade promotion and business development tasks whch in all other markets are performed by Government. Third, its professional staff are mostly bilingual and serve for sustained periods on China trade promotion work in contrast to the staff of the official service who are frequently rotated. This ensures greater continuity and experience in dealing with the China market. Fourth, the CBBC has recently concluded a Service Level Agreement with TPUK, which sets specific targets for its work, in return for which it receives a guaranteed minimum level of funding on a three-year rolling basis. This currently amounts to one-third of its budget, with the remaining two-thirds provided by businesss, other partners and the Council's own activities.

  1.3  CBBC's unique role stems from the circumstances of early Sino-British relationships, post-1949, which made it convenient to separate business from Government. CBBC (at first the China Britain Trade Group) was created out of the merger in 1991 of two trade development organisations, the Government's Sino-British Trade Council and the private sector's 48 Group of China Traders. The CBBC enjoys a valuable status in China because of its independence of Government and its long and friendly association with the country even at times when Government relations have been strained. This has enabled it to cultivate and maintain strong links at the highest levels of the Chinese Government. Given the role still played by Government in business, this is to the advantage of British firms.

  1.4  The CBBC was re-launched under its present title by the Prime Minister in 1998 with the aim of extending its remit to cover all business-related activities, and of upgrading its management and effectiveness. He underlined government's support for CBBC and endorsed its stated goal to make the UK China's number one business partner in Europe.


  2.1  The CBBC's objectives are:

    —  Overall to maximise Britain's trade with China;

    —  To encourage British firms and organisations with appropriate capabilities to enter the China market;

    —  To help British companies identify profitable business opportunities in China;

    —  To support the activites of British companies in China;

    —  To provide particular assistance and encouragement to SMEs.


  3.1  CBBC delivers services to British companies through a network of nine offices in the UK (London, Glasgow and Newcastle) and in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Qingdao). Its combined UK/China staff numbers 42, the majority of whom are bilingual in Mandarin and English. CBBC is a membership organisation with a record level of 345 member companies at the end of the financial year 2001-02, for which it provides a number of exclusive services. It also provides general advice on China business as well as a range of chargeable specialist China business services to all comers, whether members or not.

  3.2  Principal services provided to British business by CBBC include:

In the UK:

    —  General China business advice (including a well-informed website at, currently attracting approximately 2,200 visits per week).

    —  China Business Library (based in London).

    —  China business information events and briefings. (Many held jointly with TPUK and other partners.)

    —  China business workshops/seminars to provide specialist knowledge/information to British companies working in the China market.

    —  Organisation of both general and sector-specific trade missions to China.

    —  Co-ordination/delivery of TPUK's Tailored Market Inquiry Report service for China.

    —  Provision of China Market briefing to TPUK sponsored missions to China.

    —  Linking high level incoming Chinese business delegations with relevant British business.

    —  High profile events to introduce visiting Chinese senior leaders to British business leaders.

    —  Special projects to assist UK companies in priority sectors to enhance business growth in China.

    —  Organisation of business programmes for UK business people wishing to visit China.

    —  Lobbying British and Chinese governments on behalf of British business interests.

In China:

    —  Delivery of China business advice and practical assistance via any of CBBC's six China offices.

    —  Business programmes for British business people/companies visiting China.

    —  Trade missions, seminars, exhibitions (tailored for participating companies and sponsored by TPUK).

    —  Market research (including the delivery of TPUK's Tailored Market Inquiry Report service for China undertaken in conjunction with Posts in China).

    —  Cost effective provision of office space/facilities/staff in CBBC's China offices for British companies wanting in-market presence in China. (CBBC's ``Launchpad'' service.)

    —  Lobbying the Chinese central government and provincial authorities on behalf of British business interests.


    —  In English—China Britain Trade Review (monthly—the UK's leading China business magazine).

    —  In Chinese—Ying Zhong Weilai (three to four issues per year—produced by CBBC on behalf of the British Business Forum in China, a group comprising CBBC, British Chamber of Commerce in China, British Trade International, FCO and the British Council in China with the objective of raising the UK's and UK business profile with senior Chinese decision makers. It is funded partly by advertising and partly by TPUK/FCO. We are currently awaiting a decision by the FCO regarding continued funding).

  Appendix 2 (attached) provides a summary of CBBC's activities/services during the financial year 2001-02.


  4.1  CBBC's budget for the year 2002-03 is approximately £3 million. TPUK has agreed a Grant-in-Aid for CBBC for the year at £690,000, which is somewhat lower than the Grant of £720,750 provided in the year 2001-02. Without additional revenue from elsewhere this would result in a cash shortfall, which is not permitted by CBBC's status as an NDPB. However, as it is traditionally difficult to estimate CBBC's annual cash inflow accurately at this early stage of the financial year, CBBC's Council has agreed with TPUK that the financial situation will be carefully monitored to ensure a satisfactory year end outcome. It is a measure of the close co-operation which exists between CBBC and its sponsor, TPUK, that these control mechanisms have worked successfully in the past. But if they fail, the Council would find itself obliged to cut services and activities, which would set back British business at a time when opportunities will be expanding as a result of China's WTO membership.

  4.2  CBBC's other sources of funds are membership subscriptions (corporate membership currently costs £1,535 pa with discounts of 50% and 30% for SMEs in their first and second year of membership), income from activities and services, corporate sponsorship, and grants from other trade development schemes (including, this year, the EU's Asia Invest fund) and partners for whom CBBC provides China business development services. It is to be noted, therefore, that the government's provision of Grant-in-Aid facilitates the ability of CBBC to raise considerably greater sums thus adding to the total available for UK-China business development at minimum expense to the taxpayer.


  5.1  In addition to TPUK and FCO, CBBC co-operates closely with as many other government departments, agencies and trade development bodies as possible in order to multiply the provision of its China business services to companies across the country. These organisations include:

In the UK:

    —  Invest UK.

    —  DEFRA (for which CBBC provides China business services for the agricultural sector).

    —  DTI.

    —  Scottish Development International (with which CBBC's Glasgow office is a partnership).

    —  One North East (with which CBBC's Newcastle office is a partnership).

    —  IFSL (for which CBBC provides a China sub-committee secretariat).

    —  British Council (co-operating over services for the education/training sectors.)

    —  Great Britain China Centre (for which CBBC provides secretariats for the Industrial and Financial sub-committees of the UK-China Forum).

    —  Manchester (CBBC employs staff in its Wuhan office to work for Manchester, which is twinned with Wuhan).

    —  Southampton (with which CBBC's Qingdao office [twinned with Southampton] is a partnership).

    —  Wales Trade International.

    —  Welsh Development Agency.

    —  Invest Northern Ireland.

    —  The Chinese Embassy.

  In addition, CBBC works with TPUK regional offices in England and numerous other multipliers (Business Links, Trade Association, Chambers of Commerce etc) providing them with specialist China business development advice (which it is not cost-effective for them to provide themselves) and linking them to CBBC's country wide resources in UK and China.

In China:

    —  The Chinese Council for Promotion of International Trade (CBBC's official sponsor in China).

    —  Mininstry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation.

    —  All China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

    —  British Embassy and Consulates General (including Hong Kong).

    —  British Chambers of Commerce in China (including Hong Kong).

  In addition, CBBC works with numerous other Chinese Ministries/Commissions/Bureaux organising business seminars/exhibitions etc, for British companies.


  6.1  In consultation with TPUK, CBBC prioritises a number of sectors which we consider have particularly strong opportunities in the China market. Current priority sectors are:

    —  Agriculture and Food.

    —  Communications Technologies.

    —  Education/Training.

    —  Environment.

    —  Financial Services.

    —  Olympic Games related business (sports and infrastructure).

  In order to deliver specific and focused China business assistance to priority sectors we either set up a business led working group within CBBC or work with a strong sector trade association. Priority sector groups are usually headed by relevant Council members.

  6.2  CBBC provides additional sector specific advice and assistance via a team of three China Business Advisers. Ex-private sector and with long experience of China/Hong Kong business, these advisers, formerly employed as Export Promoters in DTI/TPUK, are now employed by CBBC, with work programmes directed jointly by CBBC/TPUK.

  6.3  SME China Business Development: Much of CBBC's practical business assistance is designed to help SMEs into the China market. In order to strengthen our suppport for SMEs, CBBC runs a specific SME project, headed by one of the China Business Advisers. Its objective is to improve CBBC's package of services to SMEs, to extend the reach of CBBC's work to greater member of SMEs and to develop stronger and more productive links between British SMEs and the growing number of ``private sector'' SMEs in China.


  7.1  While CBBC is a business, not a political organisation, we have a vital interest in encouraging the development of a proper, transparent and evenly administered legal and business regulatory system in China. CBBC consistently supported China's entry into the World Trade Organisation (WTO), which we expect, over time, will greatly assist China to develop an improved rule based system for business to the benefit of all companies, whether local or international.

  With Invest\UK and the British Chamber of Commerce in China, CBBC has agreed a UK-China Investment Partnership with China's Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic co-operation. Its objective is to address/improve the investment environment in China with reference to that in the UK.

  7.2  In assisting British companies to do business in China, CBBC's policy is to advise that UK best practice (including the avoidance of any action, which might be construed as corrupt) be applied in any China operation. Responsible international investors in China have done much to improve business methods, management, labour standards and conditions across many China business sectors. British companies have made a significant contribution to this positive process. CBBC has also contributed to the Ethical Trading Initiative sponsored by DFID by providing seminar speakers.

8.  ECGD

  8.1  ECGD is one of CBBC's official sponsors. We have greatly valued its support on Council for many years. British business often depends upon its services in order to succeed in China. Over the past two to three years, however, CBBC has been approached by a number of its larger member companies with concerns that ECGD's level of service is slipping behind that of ECAs in major competitor countries. Such companies will no doubt make their views known directly to the Committee. We hope that the committee will be able to address these concerns, which, if left unresolved, are likely to mean the gradual loss of business from the UK, for both large companies and a greater number of SMEs who act as their subcontractors.


  9.1  The Government has rightly designated China a high priority market for the UK and devotes considerable resources to it, including its subvention to CBBC. The results have been apparent in the shape of record exports in each of the last three years, (see chart in Annex 3). The UK is also the largest EU investor in China—investment is driven principally by companies' requirement to win a stake in the local market rather than the ``export of jobs'' and is, thus, ultimately a benefit to British companies' global competitiveness and profitability. But there is much more to be done. China's membership of the WTO will open up many new opportunities. Moreover the trade balance is moving ever more in China's favour and even greater encouragement for British exporters is needed to correct that.

  9.2  The CBC is well qualified to help meet our national objective of increasing Britain's share of the China market. Over the past few years its membership, its activities and the range of its services have increased significantly. It is more efficiently managed and cost effective. It works ever more closely with the official services both in London, the UK regions and China. Provided it continues to receive adequate financial support from business and Government, it can play a progressively larger and more effective part in the UK's overall business development effort in China.

  9.3  Indeed with modest additional resources the CBBC would be in a position to extend the services which it provides in at least two respects. First it could open more regional cells in the UK, on the model of CBBC's partnership with Scottish Development International, which assists in funding CBBC's office in Glasgow, and with One North East, which supports CBBC's office in Newcastle. There is no doubt that a regional presence greatly enhances CBBC's ability to extend its specialist China business service to regional companies, particularly SMEs. If we are to succeed in building a signficantly greater share of China business for the UK, it is vital to increase our reach in the UK's regions.

  9.4  Second it could extend the footprint of assistance to Britain's companies in China by opening further offices in different regions of the country. CBBC's offices are small, relatively cheap (around £70,000 a year to run) and can be deployed more rapidly and flexibly than Consulates. With some re-allocation of total government resources devoted to business development in China, the number of CBBC offices could be extended from the present six to eight or nine, providing coverage of north-eastern, central and western China. The current close co-operation between CBBC and TPUK would ensure effective joint use of these offices by both CBBC and the official services.

  9.5  Finally, there may be lessons to be learned from CBBC's independent business-led structure for the conduct of trade promotion and business development in other markets.



PRESIDENT Lord Powell of Bayswater KCMG, Chairman, Sagitta Asset Management Ltd

VICE-PRESIDENTS Sir Leonard Appleyard, Vice-Chairman, Barclays Capital

Sir David John, Board Member, Welsh Development Agency

Mr Stephen Perry, Managing Director, London Export Ltd

Viscount Weir, The Weir Group plc

HON TREASURER Mr David W Brewer, Director and Senior Consultant, Asia,

International Financial Services London

SPONSORS Mr Tim Holmes, Director Trade Promotion Asia Pacific Region, Trade Partners UK

Mr Mike D Pentecost, Director Business Division 3, Exports Credits Guarantee Dept.

Mr Michael Rosenberg, Chairman, SRK Technologies, HKAG

Mr Andrew Seaton, Head China/Hong Kong Dept, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

MEMBERS Ms Caroline Barker, Finance Director, Videcom International Ltd

Sir Nicholas Bonsor, Director—Government Relations, Crosby MTM

Mr Lance Browne, Standard Chartered Bank

Mr Hugh Davies, Executive Director, Prudential Corporation Asia Ltd

Mr Barclay Forrest, British Cereal Exports

Mr Richard Graham, Head of Institutional Marketing, Baring Asset Management

Mr Andrew Halper, Partner, Denton Wilde Sapte

Ms Kate McMurtrie-Poulet, Associate Director China Desk/Far East Markets, Chesterton

Mr Neil Sampson, Partner, Rosenblatt

Dr Cees Schrauwers, Managing Director International CGNU plc

Mr John Stuttard, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Mr William J Thomson, Managing Director—Asia, Clyde Blowers plc



DateEvent Name No of UK participants
17-29 April 2001CBBC Agriculture & Food Mission to Shandong, Sichuan and Beijing 12
CBBC/MAAF Agro-Foodtech Exhibition Group 5
7-17 May 2001PREBA Mission to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong (CBBC support) 12
14-25 May 2001British Water Mission to China (CBBC support) 10
28 May-2 June 2001Sheffield Chamber Mission to China (CBBC support)
2-10 June 2001Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber Mission (CBBC support)
18-22 June 2001One Northeast Mission to China (CBBC support)
20-27 June 2001CBBC Healthcare Mission (as a sub-group of One Northeast Mission) 10
2-10 July 2001Univentures Mission to China (CBBC support) 7
13-18 August 2001Qingdao Beer Festival—CBBC Council Member speaking (CBBC China office support)
3-7 September 2001Mid-Yorkshire Chamber Mission (CBBC support)
8-12 September 2001British presence at China International Investment and Trade Fair in Xiamen. Lord Powell represents CBBC (CBBC China office support)
8-16 September 2001Southampton & Fareham Chamber Mission (CBBC support)
18-27 September 2001Birmingham Chamber Mission (CBBC support)
19 September-
2 October 2001
IPPE Exhibition in Shanghai (CBBC sponsored group) 10
12-17 October 2001CBBC presence at Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair
15-21 October 2001Manchester Chamber Mission (CBBC support)
23-27 October 2001CBBC Education Mission to Beijing, Tianjin, Xian and Wuhan 27
17-23 November 2001CBBC British Entrepreneurs Mission to Shanghai and Shenzhen 8
26 November-
6 December 2001
Northern Ireland Trade International Mission to China (CBBC support)
26-30 November 2001Small Scale Co-Generation seminars in Beijing and Shanghai (CBBC support)
23-28 February 2002Univentures Mission to Shanghai, Jinan and Jiangsu (CBBC support)
11-22 March 2002PREBA mission to China (CBBC support)
25-29 March 2002London Chamber of Commerce Mission to China (CBBC support)


2 April
Tianjin Tanggu District Delegation
4 AprilSichuan Development Planning Commission Delegation
4 AprilShanghai Municipal Government Secretary-General and Delegation
4 AprilJiangsu Wuxi Hi-Tech Delegation
10 AprilMinistry of Land and Resources Delegation
19 AprilCCPIT Vice Chairman Mr Wan and Delegation
1 MayChongqing Telecommunication Bureau Delegation
9 MayShenzhen Vice Mayor Guo Rongjun and Delegation
10 MayHubei ETC Director and Delegation
14 MayShanghai People's Political Consultation Congress Delegation
14 MayChongqing Vice Mayor and Delegation
21 MayZhejiang Governor and Delegation
22 MayZhejiang Vice Governor and Delegation
23 MaySichuan COFTEC Delegation
31 MayGuangzhou EPB Delegation
5 JuneShanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce Delegation
6 JuneHenan Standing Vice Governor and Delegation
11 JuneBeijing Economic Commission Delegation
18 JuneDalian Municipal Government Delegation
19 JuneHubei Vice Governor Gao and Delegation
19 JuneGuizhou Vice Governor and Delegation
20 JuneDalian Municipal Government Delegation
21 JuneSichuan Vice Governor and Delegation
21 JuneNanjing Vice Mayor and Delegation
25 JuneState Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs/MOF Delegation
26 JuneYunnan Promotion Recce Delegation
27 JuneTianjin Vice Mayor and Delegation
27 JuneXiamen Fair 2001 Promotional Delegation
28 JuneAnhui Chamber of Commerce Delegation
29 JuneMinistry of Science and Technology Delegation
29 JuneFujian People's Congress Delegation
2 JulyYunnan Vice Governor Liang and Delegation
19 JulyShanghai Service Trade Association Delegation
20 AugustShanghai FERTC Delegation
23 AugustState Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs ITT Delegation
29 AugustLiaoning International Chamber of Commerce Delegation
31 AugustHebei CCPIT Delegation
4 SeptemberHebei CCPIT Delegation
5 SeptemberChina Foreign Trade Group Delegation
11 SeptemberShandong Vice Governor Lin and Delegation
12 SeptemberTianjin TEDA President and Delegation
13 SeptemberGuangzhou PPCC Delegation
14 SeptemberSichuan Legal System Office Delegation
21 SeptemberMinistry of Land and Resources Delegation
26 SeptemberShanghai Information Centre Delegation
27 SeptemberShandong Gaomi Delegation
8 OctoberWu Jichuan, Minister of MII*
10 OctoberHebei Governor Niu and Delegation
15 OctoberBeijing CCPIT Delegation
22 OctoberState Economic & Trade Commission Delegation
29 OctoberHu Jintao, Vice President*
7 NovemberAnhui Governor Xu and Delegation
22 NovemberShandong Vice Secretary and Delegation
28 NovemberHebei International Investment Centre Delegation
7 DecemberHubei Province Institute of Education Delegation

8 January
China Worldbest Group Delegation
17 JanuaryMinistry of Foreign Affairs Delegation
21 JanuaryCCPIT HQ Delegation
21 JanuarySichuan Provincial Delegation
1 FebruaryShi Guangsheng, Minister for Trade and Delegation (Brussels)*
6 FebruaryHebei CCPIT and 4 City Mayors Delegation
27 FebruaryChina Foreign Trade Group Delegation
27 FebruaryFujian Vice Governor and Delegation
27 FebruaryMinistry of Agriculture Delegation*
11 MarchTianjin Government Delegation
15 MarchBeijing Hualian Group Delegation
22 MarchSichuan Development Planning Commission Delegation
25 MarchMinistry of Labour and Social Security Delegation*

Note: * = VIP event


3. (a) General events open to CBBC members and non-members
3 AprilPREBA Seminar (CBBC speakers)
5 AprilChina Seminar in Yorkshire (CBBC speaker)
19 AprilCBBC Event for Vice Chairman of CCPIT in London
2 MayTPUK NW China Meeting (CBBC represented)
4 MayCBBC Briefing for Sheffield China Trade Centre
4 MayECBA meeting in Brussels
8 MayCBBC Communication Technologies Forum (CTF) Seminar
16 MayCBBC Agri-Food Mission debriefing
21 MayCBBC lunch for Vice Governor of Zhejiang
24 MayCTF Steering Committee meeting
21 MayChinese Embassy Lunch for Weifang Delegation (CBBC agri-food members invited)
6 JuneCBBC/IFSL China Committee meeting
14 JuneCBBC Scotland dinner
22 JuneBritish Entrepreneurs in China breakfast meeting
27 JuneCBBC event promoting China International Trade and Investment Fair in Xiamen
10 JulyGBCC China Trade Seminar (CBBC speaker)
24 JulyCBBC CTF Teleconference
25 JulyKent Export Club Seminar (CBBC speaker)
27 JulyBESA China Seminar (CBBC Speaker)
4 SeptemberTPUK Northern Ireland Showcase (CBBC speaker)
5 SeptemberCBBC/IFSL China Committee meeting
18 SeptemberUniventures China Event
28 SeptemberCBBC/IFSL meeting with Jesse Wang, CSRC
8 OctoberCBBC VIP Lunch for Minister of Information Industry, Wu Jichuan
14 OctoberUniventures Mission briefing
22 OctoberCBBC/IFSL roundtable with Vice Minister of State Economic and Trade Commission, Chen Guangfu
24-26 OctoberUK-China Forum Meeting—Danesfield House, Marlow
29 OctoberCBBC Dinner in honour of HE Hu Jintao, Vice President, PRC
26 NovemberChina E-Business Conference
27 NovemberCBBC meeting with Beijing Internet Information Group
27 NovemberMeeting for vice minister of MII with Secretary of State, Patricia Hewitt, Department of Trade and Industry
4 DecemberCBBC Education Seminar in Cardiff
4 DecemberRestructuring China Investments event (Denton Wilde Sapte/CBBC event)
5 DecemberCBBC/IFSL China Committee Meeting
17 DecemberCBBC/IFSL Christmas Luncheon

15 January

TPUK South-West Region China Showcase, Taunton (CBBC speaker)
22 JanuaryCBBC/ARELS Training Day
27 JanuaryCBBC/DEFRA Agri-Food Seminar in London
31 JanuaryECBA Meeting in Brussels (CBBC Chair)
1 FebruaryECBA Lunch for Minister Shi Guangsheng, MOFTEC (CBBC Contributing Co-ordinator)
6 FebruaryCIOB China Construction Seminar (CBBC Speaker)
12 FebruarySouth Wales Export Association China Briefing (CBBC speaker)
12 FebruaryUniventures China Briefing (CBBC speakers)
19 FebruaryCBBC/IFSL Lunch with Christopher Hum, Ambassador designate, British Embassy Beijing
19 FebruaryCBBC/IFSL meeting with General Counsel of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority
27 FebruaryCBBC Meeting and Lunch with Liu Jian, Chinese Vice Minister of Agriculture
4 MarchPREBA China Seminar (CBBC speakers)
8 MarchCBBC Council lunch with Christopher Hum
23 MarchCBBC/IFSL Lunch for Vice Minister Li Qiyan, Ministry of Labour and Social Security

3. (b) Events organised for CBBC members only

31 MayJiangsu Province Briefing—the insider's guide to Jiangsu Province from British companies who are operating in the region
18 JuneAnnual General Meeting followed by drinks reception
3 JulyReform of the State Owned Enterprises—a CBBC/PWC event
31 JulyBriefing by Carma Elliot, Consul-General, British Consulate-General Chongqing
24 SeptemberBriefing by Paul Sizeland, Consul-General, British Consulate-General Shanghai
8 NovemberManaging Risk in China—a CBBC/Deloitte & Touche seminar
4 DecemberRestructuring Investments in China: Current & Future Oportunities. A CBBC/Chesterton/Denton Wilde Sapte seminar

28 February
China's WTO Party & the Morning After—a CBBC/PWC event
19 MarchBriefing on the EU Junior Managers Training Programme
26 MarchDeveloping a Website in Chinese—a CBBC/ShopaWeb event


Commission dateCompany Name
1 April 2001Option Systems
11 April 2001Zellweger Analytics Limited
16 May 2001GT Tools
6 June 2001PC Henderson
25 June 2001Red Carnation Gums
9 July 2001LCI Limited
20 July 2001Teamwork GTS
24 July 2001Holliday Pigments
1 August 2001Go Industry
29 August 2001Astute Electronics
30 August 2001IMI Air Conditioning
31 August 2001Airworthy
11 September 2001Multi Metals
24 September 2001FT Knowledge
6 November 2001Chubb Safes
7 November 2001Active Chemical Products
14 November 2001Dalau
18 December 2001Westfield Medical
3 January 2002Nerak Wiese
4 January 2002A Cohen & Co
17 January 2002PR International

Commission dateCompany Name
29 August 2001Astute Electronics
1 October 2001PCME
14 December 2001Scottish Enterprise Tayside
17 January 2002Welwyn Systems
6 February 2002Ricardo
20 March 2002Octel
23 March 2002CBS Products

Commissioned dateCompany Name
24 April 2001Jubilee Power Plant
3 May 2001Vitabiotics Limited
10 May 2001Airlift Technology Limited
10 May 2001Brotherton
10 May 2001Harrison Thompson
10 May 2001Sidhil Limited
10 May 2001Cambrudge4You
10 May 2001Joseph Levin Textiles
10 May 2001Branova
11 May 2001Holton Machinery
13 May 2001Makechnie Group
15 May 2001Radstock College
17 May 2001Forgemaster
29 May 2001BSRIA
12 June 2001European Industrial Forecasting
19 June 2001Fenchurch Environmental Group
29 June 2001London Bridge Software
15 July 2001Aculab
27 July 2001Media Mondiale Limited
6 August 2001MC (Keighly) Limited
10 August 2001Meachers Group
13 August 2001Mishcon de Reya
16 August 2001Joshua Ellis
28 August 2001Astute Electronics
29 August 2001Thal UK
18 September 2001London Bridge Software
18 September 2001Pannone & Partners
20 September 2001Training & Manpower Limited
25 September 2001Angus Dundee Distillers
1 October 2001IPR Commission
5 October 2001EC Harris
15 October 2001Gradeall International Limited
15 October 2001Icon Traffic
15 October 2001Feyrefield
15 October 2001Amtec International
17 October 2001Harland and Wolff
19 October 2001Spear Europe
22 October 2001Extec Screens and Crushers
25 October 2001International Leathers (NI) Limited
13 November 2001Rentokil Initial
28 January 2002Port of London
28 January 2002Adfil Limited
28 January 2002Branova Limited
28 January 2002Low Moor Tool Co Limited
28 January 2002Dixon Chew
28 January 2002Natural Fibres Limited
28 January 2002Manor Global Machinery
28 January 2002Yorkshire Machine Tools
28 January 2002HS Wood
31 January 2002J D Consulting
5 February 20024Learning
18 February 2002Cambridge Academy of English
25 February 2002Hawtree Limited
26 February 2002A Cohen & Co (GB) Limited
26 February 2002Systems Union
27 February 2002CM Lift Trucks
27 February 2002Goldsmiths University of London
12 March 2002Elequip Projects Limited
21 March 2002CannonAvent Group plc

Anite Telecoms Ltd. (2)Aggreko Singapore Pte Ltd.
British FederalCerulean/Filtrona (2+1)
Chartered Institute of   BuildingsCity and Guilds   International
Chloride Power Protection(2)IMI Indoor Climate Ltd.
Crown AgentsOne North East
Daily Mail GroupProtector Technology Ltd.
Napier University(3)University of Central
Powderject  Lancashire
Pharmaceuticals plcWestwind Air Bearings
Scottish Trade International(2)
University of North London(2)

WuhanChengdu Shenzhen
Manchester City CouncilIMI Indoor Climate Ltd. Bede Technology
IMI Indoor Climate Ltd.




Direct Exports Via Hong KongTotal
1994836480 1,316
1995823624 1,447
1996738732 1,470
1997920766 1,686
1998869606 1,475
19991,216635 1,851
20001,469699 2,168
20011,722683 2,355
January to March 2001375 141516
January to March 2002463 120583
ImportsDirect Imports Via Hong KongTotal
19941,6522,214 3,866
19951,9392,598 4,537
19962,2022,824 5,024
19972,4953,045 5,540
19982,9613,104 6,065
19993,5313,385 6,916
20005,0064,180 9,186
20015,9643,864 9,828
January to March 20011,313 8742,187
January to March 20021,479 7542,233

Sources: HM Customs (direct trade), Hong Kong Government (trade through Hong Kong).

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