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Water Bill [Lords] in Standing Committee D

Here you can browse the debates in House of Commons Standing Committee D
on the Water Bill [Lords] Bill:

*Membership of the Committee
*Latest version of the Bill

Report of proceedings

* 11th sitting 23rd October 2003 (afternoon)
* 10th sitting 23rd October 2003 (morning)
* 9th sitting 21st October 2003 (afternoon)
* 8th sitting 21st October 2003 (morning)
* 7th sitting 16th October 2003 (afternoon)
* 6th sitting 16th October 2003 (morning)
* 5th sitting 14th October 2003
* 4th sitting 18th September 2003 (afternoon)
* 3rd sitting 18th September 2003 (morning)
* 2nd sitting 16th September 2003 (afternoon)
* 1st sitting 16th September 2003 (morning)

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