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Draft Enterprise Act 2002 (Supply of Services) Order 2003

Column Number: 3

Fifth Standing Committee

on Delegated Legislation

Wednesday 4 June 2003

[Mr. Bill Olner in the Chair]

Draft Enterprise Act 2002

(Supply of Services)Order 2003

Motion made, and Question proposed,

    That the Committee has considered the draft Enterprise Act 2002 (Supply of Services) Order 2003.—[Miss Melanie Johnson.]

The Chairman: With this it will be convenient to consider the draft Enterprise Act 2002 (Part 8 Domestic Infringements) Order 2003.

2.31 pm

Mr. Andrew Robathan (Blaby): We have read the orders, and there are no obvious problems. One is always wary of letting something slide through, but we have no objections. I would, however, like the Minister to respond on a couple of points, although I would be happy for her to do so in writing.

I am interested to know what effect the order on the supply of services might have on the storage of caravans, particularly where that is done over the winter. That is particularly relevant in rural areas such as mine, where farmers have diversified. It seems that the order will have an effect on typical farmyards, but I wonder what it will be.

The order on part 8 domestic infringements aims to strengthen consumer protection. Having read the explanatory note, I would like to know more about the issue of cowboys who lay tarmac. It affects people in all constituencies—indeed, it affected my father. These cowboys tell people—particularly the elderly—''We'd like to redo your drive.'' They do not do much, but they then charge 10 times what they were originally going to charge. How will the law be strengthened in that regard? Will bodies be given greater powers of enforcement? If so, what will they

Column Number: 4

be? As I said, the issue impinges on all constituencies. Other than that, we are content with the orders.

2.32 pm

Brian Cotter (Weston-super-Mare): I am also content with the Government's proposals on this issue, although that is not true of other issues. None the less, I very much support the Minister.

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Trade and Industry (Miss Melanie Johnson): I am very grateful for the support of the hon. Members for Weston-super-Mare (Brian Cotter) and for Blaby (Mr. Robathan).

I shall take up the suggestion by the hon. Member for Blaby and write to him about the storage of caravans, especially in farmyards, because I do not have the answer to hand.

I am not sure what point the hon. Gentleman was making as regards tarmacking. He may have been asking what recourse consumers would have if tarmacking or other services were of poor quality. If so, I believe—although, again, I can write to him—that such services would come under the extension of the stop now orders in the Enterprise Act 2002. Several other pieces of consumer protection legislation would also be relevant.

Question put and agreed to.


    That the Committee has considered the draft Enterprise Act 2002 (Supply of Services) Order 2003.

Draft Enterprise Act 2002

(Part 8 Domestic Infringements) Order 2003


    That the Committee has considered the draft Enterprise Act 2002 (Part 8 Domestic Infringements) Order 2003.—[Miss Melanie Johnson.]

Committee rose at twenty-five minutes to Three o'clock.

The following Members attended the Committee:
Olner, Mr. Bill (Chairman)
Cotter, Brian
Heyes, Mr.
Humble, Mrs.
Jackson, Glenda
Johnson, Miss Melanie
Lawrence, Mrs.
Miller, Mr.
Murphy, Mr. Jim
Robathan, Mr.
Robertson, Hugh
Stringer, Mr.


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Prepared 4 June 2003