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Motions for Bills and Select Committees


  23.(1) On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and, if given by a Minister of the Crown, on Mondays and Thursdays, notices of motions for leave to bring in bills, and for the nomination of select committees, may be set down for consideration at the commencement of public business. The Speaker, after permitting, if he thinks fit, a brief explanatory statement from the Member who makes and from a Member who opposes any such motion respectively, shall put either the question thereon, or the question, 'That the debate be now adjourned'. Motions for leave to bring in bills and nomination of select committees at commencement of public business.
  (2) With respect to a private Member's motion for leave to bring in a bill under this order—
    (a) notice shall be given in the Public Bill Office by the Member in person or by another Member on his behalf, but on any one day not more than one notice shall be accepted from any one Member;

    (b) no notice shall be given for a day on which a notice of motion under this order already stands on the paper;

    (c) no notice shall be given for a day earlier than the fifth or later than the fifteenth sitting day after the day on which it is given;

    (d) not more than one such notice shall stand on the paper in the name of any one Member for a day within any period of fifteen sitting days.

  (3) No notice may be given under this order for a day on which Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer has declared his intention of opening his Budget; but—
    (i) notices proposed to be given for such day, and

    (ii) notices so given for a day in respect of which such intention is subsequently declared,

  shall be treated as having been given for the first Monday on which the House shall sit after the Budget is opened, and may be proceeded with on that day as though it were a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

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Prepared 12 November 2002