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Order of Business 10 February 2004

Here you can browse the House of Commons Order of Business for 10 February 2004.

* indicates a question for oral answer.
[R] indicates that the Member has declared a relevant interest.
Questions for oral answer not reached receive a written answer.
Supplementary questions will also be asked. Other Ministers may also answer.

+ indicates Government business.
Timings are indicative only.

At 11.30 a.m.      Prayers
Oral Questions to the Secretary of State for Scotland
*1 Mr Brian H. Donohoe (Cunninghame South):    What progress is being made on introducing strip stamps in the Scotch whisky industry.
( 152887 )
*2 John Barrett (Edinburgh West):    How many pensioner households in Scotland are in receipt of pension credit.
( 152888 )
*3 Gregory Barker (Bexhill & Battle):    When he last discussed the Ten Year Transport Plan with the First Minister.
( 152889 )
*4 Mr Tam Dalyell (Linlithgow):    On how many issues he has consulted the Crown Office since 1st January.
( 152890 )
*5 Mr Alistair Carmichael (Orkney & Shetland):    When he last met Scottish Executive Ministers to discuss the Scottish salmon farming industry.
( 152891 )
*6 Mr James Gray (North Wiltshire):    If he will make a statement on the prospects for the Scottish economy.
( 152892 )
*7 Mr Bill Tynan (Hamilton South):    What recent discussions he had with (a) the Scottish Executive and (b) the Home Office regarding assessment of cannabis street prices in Scotland.
( 152893 )
*8 Mr Malcolm Savidge (Aberdeen North):    What issues relating to Scotland will be considered during the Rail Review.
( 152894 )
*9 Mr Mark Lazarowicz (Edinburgh North & Leith):    What discussions he has had with Scottish Ministers regarding rail services in the Edinburgh area.
( 152895 )
*10 Ann Winterton (Congleton):    What discussions he has had with the Scottish Executive about the reclassification of cannabis.
( 152896 )
*11 Annabelle Ewing (Perth):    What recent representations he has received from the First Minister on higher education.
( 152897 )
*12 John Robertson (Glasgow Anniesland):    If he will make a statement on the voting system used in elections for the Scottish Parliament.
( 152898 )
*13 Mr Michael Weir (Angus):    What recent representations he has received on the projected decline of Scotland's population.
( 152899 )
*14 Sir Nicholas Winterton (Macclesfield):    What recent discussions he has had with the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the future of the Barnett Formula.
( 152900 )
*15 Mr Alan Reid (Argyll & Bute):    What recent discussions he has held with ministerial colleagues regarding the future of postal services and post offices in Scotland.
( 152901 )

At 11.55 a.m.
Oral Questions to the Advocate General
*16 Mr Tam Dalyell (Linlithgow):    What issues of international law have been raised with her since 13th January.
( 152902 )
*17 Miss Anne McIntosh (Vale of York):    What devolution issues she has considered since 13th January.
( 152903 )
*18 Mr Alistair Carmichael (Orkney & Shetland):    What devolution issues have been raised with her since 13th January.
( 152904 )
*19 Annabelle Ewing (Perth):    What devolution issues have been raised with her since 13th January.
( 152905 )
*20 Mr Alan Reid (Argyll & Bute):    What devolution issues she has considered since 13th January.
( 152906 )
*21 Ann McKechin (Glasgow Maryhill):    What devolution issues she has considered since 13th January.
( 152907 )

At 12.00 noon
Oral Questions to the Parliamentary Secretary, Department for Constitutional Affairs
*22 Ann Winterton (Congleton):    If he will make a statement on the future role of the Lord Chancellor.
( 153651 )
*23 Huw Irranca-Davies (Ogmore):    What assessment he has made of the work of Citizens' Advice Bureaux in relation to legal advice provided to members of the public.
( 153652 )
*24 Vera Baird (Redcar):    What the system for monitoring and appraisal of judges will be after the introduction of the Judicial Appointments Commission.
( 153653 )
*25 Mr Henry Bellingham (North West Norfolk):    When he next expects to meet representatives of the local magistracy to discuss the modernisation of courts in East Anglia.
( 153654 )
*26 Bob Spink (Castle Point):    What estimate he has made of the level of support for a wholly elected House of Lords.
( 153655 )
*27 Hugh Bayley (York, City of):    What measures the Government has taken to encourage and support victims and witnesses of crimes to give evidence in court.
( 153656 )
*28 Simon Hughes (North Southwark & Bermondsey):    If he will make a statement on the procedure for declaration of donations by independent candidates in elections.
( 153657 )
*29 Mr Jim Cunningham (Coventry South):    If he will make a statement on the locations being considered for a new supreme court.
( 153658 )
*30 Kevin Brennan (Cardiff West):    If he will make a statement on the recent industrial action within the Department.
( 153659 )
*31 Ms Sally Keeble (Northampton North):    What steps are being taken to develop the Community Legal Service.
( 153660 )
*32 Claire Ward (Watford):    What training and guidance the Lord Chancellor is giving to magistrates on the implementation of anti-social behaviour orders.
( 153661 )
*33 Mr Ben Chapman (Wirral South):    If he will make a statement on the collection of fines imposed by magistrates' courts.
( 153665 )

At 12.20 p.m.
Oral Questions to the Leader of the House
*34 Mr Michael Jack (Fylde):    What analysis of the way time is used in conducting House business is to be carried out by his Office.
( 153632 )
*35 Joan Ruddock (Lewisham, Deptford):    What plans he has to take Private Members' Bills after 7.00pm on Tuesdays.
( 153633 )
*36 Tony Wright (Cannock Chase):    If he will make an assessment of the effect of scrutiny of draft bills on the quality of legislation.
( 153634 )
*37 Mr Graham Brady (Altrincham & Sale West):    What plans he has made for the House to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot.
( 153635 )
*38 Mrs Janet Dean (Burton):    What plans he has to take Private Members' Bills after 7.00pm on Tuesdays.
( 153636 )
*39 Kevin Brennan (Cardiff West):    If he will propose to the Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons that it examine ways of simplifying House documents.
( 153637 )
*40 Hugh Bayley (York, City of):    If he will reduce the number of standing committees in which Government bills have precedence.
( 153638 )

At 12.30 p.m.Urgent Questions (if any)
Ministerial Statements (if any)

Preliminary Business

Notice of Presentation of Bill



[No debate]

      Alice Mahon
        Bill to make provision about sleep apnoea and related medical conditions.

Formal first reading: no debate or decision.

Ten minute rule Motion



[Up to 20 minutes]

      Mr Andrew Love
        That leave be given to bring in a Bill to make provision about the prosecution and punishment of offences which are, or are treated as being, offences under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 or the Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969.

        The Member moving and a Member opposing this Motion may each speak for up to ten minutes (Standing Order No. 23).

Main Business


OPPOSITION DAY (4th allotted day)

[Until 7.00 p.m.]



      Mr Charles Kennedy
      Sir Menzies Campbell
      Norman Baker
      Dr Vincent Cable
      Sue Doughty
      Mr Andrew Stunell
        That this House believes there should be an annual debate in Parliament on the state of the environment; notes that sustainable development and the issue of climate change is fundamental to the long-term security and stability of the world; is very concerned that climate change could, according to leading international scientists, cause the extinction of one million species by 2050, could, according to the World Health Organisation, mean an additional 150,000 people dying each year, and is, according to Sir David King, the Government's Chief Scientific Adviser, `the most severe problem that we are facing today, more serious even than the threat of terrorism'; welcomes the Government's ratification of the Kyoto Protocol and their pledges to help meet its targets, particularly the Energy White Paper commitments to renewable energy and energy efficiency; notes however the worrying trends in key domestic environmental indicators with, since 1997, total municipal waste up by 17 per cent, road traffic up by 8 per cent, domestic energy consumption up nearly 7 per cent, high level radioactive waste up 6 per cent. and energy consumption from aviation up 21 per cent; acknowledges that investment in environmental protection and innovation benefits the whole economy and creates jobs, and calls on the Government to make better use of economic instruments to this end; and believes the Government needs genuinely to put the environment at the heart of government and to take a greater role in promoting sustainable development, and that this requires a clear lead from the Prime Minister.

        As an Amendment to Mr Charles Kennedy's proposed Motion (State of the Environment):

      The Prime Minister
      Mr Secretary Prescott
      Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer
      Secretary Margaret Beckett
      Secretary Patricia Hewitt
      Mr Peter Hain
 Mr Secretary Benn   Mr Elliot Morley   
        Line      1,      leave out from `House' to end and add `applauds the leadership and commitment on the environment shown by the Government domestically and globally; welcomes the UK's climate change programme which has already put the UK on track to overshoot its Kyoto target of a 12.5 per cent. cut in 1990 levels of greenhouse gas emissions by 2012; commends the introduction in the UK of the world's first economy-wide emissions trading scheme; further welcomes the long-term improvement in air quality and steps to improve local environmental quality generally; notes that river and bathing water quality is the highest on record; congratulates the Government on achieving a household recycling rate of 15 per cent. in 2002-03 and being on track for 17 per cent. for 2003-04; further congratulates the Government for playing a key role in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), increasing protection for a number of endangered flora and fauna; recognises that there is still much to do to promote sustainability at all levels; and calls upon the Government to continue to put environmental protection, locally, nationally and globally at the heart of its policies.'.



      Mr Charles Kennedy
      Sir Menzies Campbell
      Mr Edward Davey
      Matthew Green
      Richard Younger-Ross
      Mr Andrew Stunell
        That this House believes council tax is unfair, should not have been introduced and should be replaced by a system that reflects people's ability to pay.

        As an Amendment to Mr Charles Kennedy's proposed Motion (Local Taxation):

      The Prime Minister
      Mr Secretary Prescott
      Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer
      Mr Secretary Blunkett
      Mr Peter Hain
      Mr Nick Raynsford
 Phil Hope      
        Line      1,      leave out from `House' to end and add `welcomes the current work of the Balance of Funding review of how local government in England is funded; notes that the review is receiving evidence on a number of possible reform options suggested in public consultation; awaits with interest the report of the review in summer 2004; and urges local authorities to set budgets for 2004-05 which deliver value for local taxpayers.'.

        The selection of the matters to be debated this day has been made by the Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party (Standing Order No. 14(2)).

Debate may continue until 7.00 p.m.

At the end of the sitting:



        Proposed subject:      Tackling nuisance neighbours (Vera Baird).

        Debate may continue until 7.30 p.m., or for half an hour, whichever is later (Standing Order No. 9 and Order of 29th October 2002).



1Standing Committee A 2.30 p.m.Room 11 (public)
Further to consider the Traffic Management Bill.
2Standing Committee B 8.55 a.m.
2.30 p.m.
Room 6 (public)
Further to consider the Armed Forces (Pensions and Compensation) Bill.
3Standing Committee D9.30 a.m.
2.30 p.m.
Room 9 (public)
Further to consider the Employment Relations Bill.
4Standing Committee E9.10 a.m.
2.30 p.m.
Room 10 (public)
Further to consider the Housing Bill.
5Standing Committee F9.30 a.m.
2.30 p.m.
Room 15 (public)
Further to consider the Civil Contingencies Bill.
6Standing Committee G9.25 a.m.
2.30 p.m.
Room 12 (public)
To consider the Fire and Rescue Services Bill.
7Standing Committee H9.10 a.m.
2.30 p.m.
Room 14 (public)
To consider the Higher Education Bill.
8Third Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation9.55 a.m.Room 11 (public)
To consider the draft Milk Development Council (Amendment) Order 2004.


9Constitutional Affairs9.00 a.m.

9.15 a.m.
The Grimond Room, Portcullis House (private)
Subject: Asylum and Immigration Appeals.
Witnesses: Mr David Lammy MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Constitutional Affairs, and Mr John Scampion CBE, Immigration Service Commissioner.
10Trade and Industry9.00 a.m.

9.15 a.m.
The Wilson Room, Portcullis House (private)
Subject: The Knowledge Driven Economy.
Witnesses: UNIFI; Communication Workers Union (CWU) and Amicus (at approximately 10.00 a.m.); National Outscourcing Association (at approximately 10.45 a.m.).
11Regulatory Reform9.30 a.m.Room 19 (private)
12Standards and Privileges9.30 a.m.Room 13 (private)
13Northern Ireland Affairs9.45 a.m.

10.00 a.m.
Stormont, Belfast (private)
Subject: The Parades Commission and Public Processions (Northern Ireland) Act 1998.
Witnesses: Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission; Apprentice Boys of Derry and Ulster Bands Association.
14Culture, Media and Sport10.30 a.m.The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House (private)
15Scottish Affairs2.00 p.m.Room 19 (private)
16Home Affairs2.15 p.m.

2.30 p.m.
The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House (private)
Subject: Identity Cards.
Witnesses: Finance and Leasing Association, Local Government Association and Police Federation.
17International Development2.15 p.m.

2.30 p.m.
The Wilson Room, Portcullis House (private)
Migration and Development.
Witnesses: Mr Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie, African Foundation for Development (AFFORD), Mr Murad Qureshi, British Bangladeshi International Development Group, and Dr Lola Banjoko, Commonwealth Business Council, Africa Recruit.
18Statutory InstrumentsImmediately after JCSIRoom 7 (private)


19Statutory Instruments4.15 p.m.Room 7 (private)

[The decision of a Committee to sit in public may be rescinded without notice.]

Written Ministerial Statements to be made today

1    Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport:      Community radio.
2    Deputy Prime Minister:      Charging by fire and rescue authorities.
3    Deputy Prime Minister:      Award of the Housing and Employment Mobility Service (HEMS) contract.
4    Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer:      Tax avoidance.
5    Secretary of State for Northern Ireland:      CAP reform—main implementation options.
6    Secretary of State for Trade and Industry:      Support for union modernisation.
7    Secretary of State for Transport:      Future of Air Transport White Paper supporting documents.


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