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Order of Business 23 February 2004

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* indicates a question for oral answer.
[R] indicates that the Member has declared a relevant interest.
Questions for oral answer not reached receive a written answer.
Supplementary questions will also be asked. Other Ministers may also answer.

+ indicates Government business.
Timings are indicative only.

At 2.30 p.m.      Prayers
Oral Questions to the Secretary of State for the Home Department
*1 Sue Doughty (Guildford):    What plans he has to widen access to compensation for victims of crime.
( 155743 )
*2 John Robertson (Glasgow Anniesland):    If he will make a statement on the backlog in processing applications for asylum.
( 155744 )
*3 Helen Jones (Warrington North):    If he will make a statement on the role of Shopwatch schemes in Warrington in combating retail crime.
( 155745 )
*4 Huw Irranca-Davies (Ogmore):    What guidance he has issued on the use of anti-social behaviour orders and related powers to tackle nuisance behaviour.
( 155746 )
*5 Mr Laurence Robertson (Tewkesbury):    What discussions he has had with the Gloucestershire Police Authority about its budget for the forthcoming year.
( 155748 )
*6 Mr Andrew Mackay (Bracknell):    What plans he has to review the operation of the Obscene Publications Acts of 1959 and 1964 in the light of internet pornography.
( 155749 )
*7 Mr Khalid Mahmood (Birmingham, Perry Barr):    What plans he has to increase the protection of the public from known sex offenders living in the community.
( 155750 )
*8 Mr Kelvin Hopkins (Luton North):    What action he is taking to improve educational opportunities for prisoners.
( 155751 )
*9 Gregory Barker (Bexhill & Battle):    How many prisoners are being held in police cells.
( 155752 )
*10 Mr Andrew Dismore (Hendon):    How many individuals have had (a) nationality and (b) indefinite leave to remain removed under the Nationality Immigration and Asylum Act 2002; and if he will make a statement.
( 155753 )
*11 Vera Baird (Redcar):    What plans he has for changing the standards of (a) proof and (b) evidence in criminal cases believed to involve terrorism.
( 155754 )
*12 Gareth Thomas (Clwyd West):    If he will make a statement on the effect of community policing on the reduction of crime.
( 155755 )
*13 Mrs Louise Ellman (Liverpool, Riverside):    What progress is being made in implementing the action plan for the Criminal Records Bureau in Liverpool.
( 155756 )
*14 Jim Dobbin (Heywood & Middleton):    What progress has been made in meeting the target to reduce asylum applications by half.
( 155757 )
*15 Mrs Ann Cryer (Keighley):    What measures he is taking to support communities in the fight against gun crime.
( 155758 )
*16 Keith Vaz (Leicester East):    What plans he has to tackle the backlog of cases at the Immigration and Nationality Directorate.
( 155759 )
*17 Derek Wyatt (Sittingbourne & Sheppey):    If he will fund neighbourhood watch schemes; and if he will make a statement.
( 155760 )
*18 Mr Michael Clapham (Barnsley West & Penistone):    What measures he is taking to support communities in the fight against gun crime.
( 155761 )
*19 Mr Tam Dalyell (Linlithgow):    What representations he has received from the National Union of Journalists on the requirement on journalists to reveal their sources under the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996.
( 155762 )
*20 Norman Baker (Lewes):    What mechanism is in place to ensure that respect for civil liberties is considered at each stage of his Department's policy-making process.
( 155763 )
*21 Miss Anne McIntosh (Vale of York):    How many acceptable behaviour contracts were issued in (a) York and (b) North Yorkshire; and if he will make a statement.
( 155764 )
*22 Mr Andrew Robathan (Blaby):    If he will make a statement on funding to the Leicestershire Police Authority.
( 155766 )
*23 Sir Teddy Taylor (Rochford & Southend East):    What steps he is taking to restrict the admission of residents of the East European states which will be admitted to the EU in May.
( 155767 )

At 3.30 p.m.Urgent Questions (if any)
Ministerial Statements (if any)

Main Business

+  1  


[Until 10.00 p.m.]

Debate may continue until 10.00 p.m.

+  2  


[No debate]

      Mr Peter Hain
      Mr David Lammy
        That the following provisions shall apply to the Gender Recognition Bill [Lords]:


        1.   The Bill shall be committed to a Standing Committee.

Proceedings in Standing Committee

        2.   Proceedings in the Standing Committee shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion on 16th March 2004.

        3.   The Standing Committee shall have leave to sit twice on the first day on which it meets.

Consideration and Third Reading

        4.   Proceedings on consideration shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion one hour before the moment of interruption on the day on which those proceedings are commenced.

        5.   Proceedings on Third Reading shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion at the moment of interruption on that day.

        6.   Sessional Order B (programming committees) made by the House on 28th June 2001 shall not apply to proceedings on consideration and Third Reading.

Other proceedings

        7.   Any other proceedings on the Bill (including any proceedings on consideration of Lords amendments or on any further message from the Lords) may be programmed.

        To be decided without debate (Orders of 28th June 2001 and 6th November 2003).

+  3  

GENDER RECOGNITION BILL [LORDS] [MONEY]:      Queen's recommendation signified.

[No debate]

      Ruth Kelly
        That, for the purposes of any Act resulting from the Gender Recognition Bill [Lords], it is expedient to authorise the payment out of money provided by Parliament of—

    (a)   any expenditure of the Secretary of State under that Act, and

    (b)   any increase attributable to that Act in the sums payable under any other Act out of money so provided.

To be decided without debate (Standing Order No. 52(1)(a).

+  4  


[No debate]

      Mr Secretary Clarke
        That the draft Industrial Training Levy (Construction Board) Order 2004, which was laid before this House on 18th December, be approved.

To be decided without debate (Standing Order No. 118(6)).

+  5  


[No debate]

      Mr Secretary Clarke
        That the draft Industrial Training Levy (Engineering Construction Board) Order 2004, which was laid before this House on 8th January, be approved.

To be decided without debate (Standing Order No. 118(6)).

+  6  


[No debate]

      Secretary Margaret Beckett
        That the draft Milk Development Council (Amendment) Order 2004, which was laid before this House on 26th January, be approved.

To be decided without debate (Standing Order No. 118(6)).

+  7  


[No debate]

      Mr Gerry Sutcliffe
        That this House takes note of European Union Document No. 14886/03 + ADD1, the Commission White Paper on European Space Policy; and supports the Government's aim of engaging with European partners and the Commission to encourage the formulation of policies that offer clear commercial and scientific benefits targeted at the Union's wider aims.

To be decided without debate (Standing Order No. 119(9)).

At the end of the sitting:



        Proposed subject:      Seroxat (Paul Flynn).

        Debate may continue until 10.30 p.m., or for half an hour, whichever is later (Standing Order No. 9).



1European Standing Committee B4.00 p.m.Room 10 (public)
To consider the Activities of OLAF and the Fight Against Fraud (EU Docs 11954 and 11993/03); Activity of the European Anti-Fraud Office: HMT: (UEM) 20 October 2003; Annual Report of the European Court of Auditors 2002: HMT: (UEM 7 January 2004); Activity of the European Anti-Fraud Office: HMT: (UEM 30 January 2004).


2Education and Skills3.45 p.m.

4.00 p.m.
The Wilson Room, Portcullis House (private)
Subject: National Skills Strategy: 14-19 Education.
Witnesses: Mr Trevor Walker, Mr Andrew Pegg, Mr Stephen Ratcliffe, and Mr Chris Jones, Construction Confederation, and Mr Norman Mackel, and Mr Stephen Alambritis, Federation of Small Businesses.
3Science and Technology4.00 p.m.
4.30 p.m.
Room 6 (private)
Subject: The use of Science in UK International Development Policy.
Witnesses: Professor Melissa Leach, Institute of Development Studies, Mr Simon Maxwell, President, Development Studies Association of the UK, Dr Gordon Smith, Chair, International Development Research Centre of Canada, Professor Ian Diamond, Chief Executive, Economic and Social Research Council, and Mr Andrew Scott, Intermediate Technology Development Group.
4Public Accounts4.30 p.m.Room 15 (public)
Subject: (i) Ministry of Defence: Major Projects Report 2003 (ii) National Audit Office Supply Estimate 2004-05 (iii) Northern Ireland Audit Office Supply Estimate 2004-05.
Witnesses: (i) Sir Kevin Tebbit KCB CMG, Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Sir Peter Spencer KCB, Chief of Defence Procurement, Lieutenant General Rob Fulton, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff for Equipment Capability, Ministry of Defence, and Mr Mike Turner CBE, Chief Executive, BAE Systems plc; (ii) Sir John Bourn KCB, Comptroller & Auditor General, Mr Michael Whitehouse, Assistant Auditor General, National Audit Office (at approximately 5.45 p.m.); (iii) Mr John Dowdall CBE, Comptroller & Auditor General, Mr John Savage, Assistant Auditor General, Northern Ireland Audit Office (at approximately 6.15 p.m.).
5Work and Pensions Sub-Committee4.30 p.m.
4.40 p.m.
Room 8 (private)
Subject: DWP's Administration of IT Projects.
Witnesses: Ms Sarah Arnott, VNU Business Publications, Mr Tony Collins, Computer Weekly and Mr Avi Silverman, KableNET and Government Computing; Mr John Corneille and Ms Jan Gower, IBM, Mr Kevin Saunders and Mr Derek Ward, SchlumbergerSema (at approximately 5.20 pm.).


6Human Rights4.30 p.m.Room 3A (private)

[The decision of a Committee to sit in public may be rescinded without notice.]

Written Ministerial Statements to be made today

1    Secretary of State for Work and Pensions:      Strategy for workplace health and safety.
2    Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport:      Historic environment.
3    Secretary of State for Health:      Application for NHS Foundation Trust status by Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre NHS Trust.
4    Secretary of State for the Home Department:      Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000—change to ministerial authorisation.
5    Secretary of State for the Home Department:      Authorisation under section 19D of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act.
6    Secretary of State for the Home Department:      Fingerprint and visa application form exchange.
7    Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs:      Report to Parliament on Hong Kong.
8    Secretary of State for International Development:      Iraq: Interim Country Assistance Plan.
9    Secretary of State for Defence:      The award of a campaign medal for operations in Iraq.
10    Secretary of State for Defence:      DEL changes arising from Spring Supplementary Estimates.
11    Secretary of State for Defence:      Ministry of Defence Votes A 2004-05.


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