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Order of Business 24 February 2004

Here you can browse the House of Commons Order of Business for 24 February 2004.

* indicates a question for oral answer.
[R] indicates that the Member has declared a relevant interest.
Questions for oral answer not reached receive a written answer.
Supplementary questions will also be asked. Other Ministers may also answer.

+ indicates Government business.
Timings are indicative only.

At 11.30 a.m.      Prayers
Oral Questions to the Secretary of State for Health
*1 Tom Brake (Carshalton & Wallington):    If he will make a statement on the Local Improvement Finance Trust programme and general practitioner premises.
( 155718 )
*2 Dr Richard Taylor (Wyre Forest):    If he will make a statement on the provision of training for medical engineers for the National Health Service.
( 155719 )
*3 James Purnell (Stalybridge & Hyde):    What progress has been made on the Local Improvement Finance Trust programme; and if he will make a statement.
( 155720 )
*4 Angela Watkinson (Upminster):    What his Department's strategy is to improve access to treatment for ophthalmic conditions.
( 155721 )
*5 Mr David Chaytor (Bury North):    What plans he has to increase local democratic accountability within the NHS.
( 155722 )
*6 Hugh Bayley (York, City of):    How many York NHS Trust beds are occupied as a result of delayed discharge of a patient to a care home; and how many were occupied a year ago for this reason.
( 155723 )
*7 Mr Desmond Swayne (New Forest West):    What plans he has to improve access to NHS dentistry.
( 155724 )
*8 Andrew George (St Ives):    What recent assessment he has made of anaesthetic provision in small acute hospitals.
( 155725 )
*9 Mr Bill O'Brien (Normanton):    What role the West Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority plays in securing the new hospital development in the Mid-Yorkshire Hospital Trust; and if he will make a statement.
( 155726 )
*10 Sir Teddy Taylor (Rochford & Southend East):    What the change has been in the incidence of HIV/AIDS over the last 12 months; and what the reasons are for the change.
( 155727 )
*11 Simon Hughes (North Southwark & Bermondsey):    What the (a) figures for and (b) rates of hospital infections in Greater London were for the years (i) 2000-01, (ii) 2001-02 and (iii) 2002-03; and if he will make a statement.
( 155728 )
*12 Jonathan Shaw (Chatham & Aylesford):    How many cataract operations will be carried out in Kent in financial year 2003-04.
( 155729 )
*13 David Taylor (North West Leicestershire):    What guidelines are given to primary care trusts about acceptable levels of general practitioner patient urgent referrals to acute hospitals; and if he will make a statement.
( 155730 )
*14 Mr Kerry Pollard (St Albans):    What plans he has for (a) new diagnostic and treatment centres and (b) new acute hospitals in the eastern region of England.
( 155731 )
*15 Mr Mark Todd (South Derbyshire):    If he will make a statement on the progress made in preparing a national service framework for long-term conditions.
( 155732 )
*16 Jeff Ennis (Barnsley East & Mexborough):    What plans he has to change the amount of NHS funding allocated to children's hospices.
( 155733 )
*17 Mr John Grogan (Selby):    If he will make a statement regarding guidance issued to doctors concerning the prescribing of benzodiazepines.
( 155734 )
*18 Colin Burgon (Elmet):    How he plans to combat obesity in school children.
( 155735 )
*19 Sandra Gidley (Romsey):    If he will make a statement on domiciliary care.
( 155736 )
*20 Mr Andrew Turner (Isle of Wight):    If he will make a statement on the cost of travel and accommodation for (a) patients undergoing tertiary treatment and (b) their relatives or carers.
( 155737 )
*21 Chris Grayling (Epsom & Ewell):    If he will make a statement on the provision of out-of-hours general practitioner services.
( 155738 )
*22 Mr Tony McWalter (Hemel Hempstead):    What assessment he has made of the number of trauma consultants needed by the NHS in 2010; and how many such consultants there were on the latest date for which figures are available.
( 155739 )
*23 Mr George Osborne (Tatton):    If he will make a statement on the future of the star rating system for hospitals.
( 155740 )
*24 Mr Harry Barnes (North East Derbyshire):    If he will make an assessment of the effectiveness of bone marrow treatment for those suffering from Crohn's disease.
( 155741 )
*25 Mr Andy Reed (Loughborough):    What steps he is taking to tackle obesity through increasing physical activity.
( 155742 )

At 12.30 p.m.Urgent Questions (if any)
Ministerial Statements (if any)

Preliminary Business

Ten minute rule Motion



[Up to 20 minutes]

      Mr Jon Owen Jones
        That leave be given to bring in a Bill to prohibit the sale of high fat and high sugar content food in vending machines in schools.

        The Member moving and a Member opposing this Motion may each speak for up to ten minutes (Standing Order No. 23).

Main Business

+  2  


      Mr Secretary Smith
        That the draft Social Security Benefits Up-rating Order 2004, which was laid before this House on 4th February, be approved.

+  3  


      Mr Secretary Smith
        That the draft Guaranteed Minimum Pensions Increase Order 2004, which was laid before this House on 22nd January, be approved.

        The Speaker shall put the Questions necessary to dispose of proceedings on the Motions in the name of Mr Secretary Smith relating to Social Security and Pensions not later than three hours after commencement of proceedings on the first Motion; proceedings may continue after the moment of interruption; and the Orders of the House of 28th June 2001 and 6th November 2003 relating to deferred Divisions shall not apply (Order of 11th February).


OPPOSITION DAY (5th allotted day — second part)

[Up to three hours]



      Mr Michael Howard
      Mr Oliver Letwin
      Mr David Willetts
      Mr Paul Goodman
      Mr Nigel Waterson
      David Maclean
        That this House condemns the Government's inaction in the face of the crisis in occupational pensions; regrets that the Pensions Bill will do nothing to encourage people to save for their retirement or companies to keep open existing defined benefit schemes, let alone start new ones; recognises with regret that the Pensions Bill will do nothing to help the estimated 60,000 members of schemes who have lost all or most of their pension entitlement; notes that the Government has twice reduced the minimum funding requirement as well as removing £35 billion in extra taxes from pension funds and has conspicuously failed to amend the priority order on wind-up, despite offers of co-operation from the Official Opposition; expresses its surprise that the Government has refused calls to instigate an independent inquiry into the extent of the problem; and calls upon the Government to take urgent action to tackle the current crisis in pensions and to mitigate the unfairness caused to thousands of current and future pensioners across the United Kingdom.

        As Amendments to Mr Michael Howard's proposed Motion (Pension Scheme Wind-ups):

      The Prime Minister
      Mr Secretary Prescott
      Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer
      Mr Secretary Blunkett
      Mr Secretary Smith
      Malcolm Wicks
        Line      1,      leave out from `House' to end and add `supports the Government's strategy to tackle pensioner poverty, and to deliver simplicity, security and choice in working and saving for retirement; condemns the pensions inheritance of 1997, with millions in poverty and the legacy of pension mis-selling; notes that the Government is spending £9 billion extra per year in real terms on pensioners compared with the 1997 system; condemns the unfair, unaffordable and unsustainable pensions policies of Opposition parties; expresses its sincere sympathy for those who have lost part or all of their pension as a result of their employer becoming insolvent; believes the Government should continue to look at all available options to help people affected, but that it would be cruel to raise expectations if no workable solution can be found; welcomes the publication of the Government's Pensions Bill; further believes that the Pension Protection Fund will bring real security for over 10 million defined benefit pension scheme members if their employer becomes insolvent and pensions schemes wind up in the future; further believes that firms should honour pension promises they have made; welcomes the Bill as a balanced package, with a new regulator and measures to simplify pensions legislation, making it easier for employers to run good schemes; further believes that pension reform should be a common cause; and calls on all Members of this House to support the Government's Pensions Bill.'.

      Mr Douglas Hogg
        Line      6,      after `entitlement', insert `asserts that in cases where such members have suffered loss by reason of the negligence, misconduct or other culpable fault on the part of Government or of those for whom Government is vicariously responsible, such members should be compensated to the extent of any such loss so caused, but not otherwise'.

        The selection of the matter to be debated this day has been made by the Leader of the Opposition (Standing Order No. 14(2)).

        Proceedings on the Motion in the name of Mr Michael Howard may continue, though opposed, for three hours, and shall then lapse if not previously disposed of; and the Orders of the House of 28th June 2001 and 6th November 2003 relating to deferred Divisions shall not apply (Order of 11th February).

+  5  


      Secretary Patricia Hewitt
        That the draft Regulatory Reform (Sunday Trading) Order 2004, which was laid before this House on 22nd January, be approved.

        The Regulatory Reform Committee has reported on the draft Order in its Third Report, HC 338, and on the proposal for the Order in its First Report, HC 108.

To be decided without debate (Standing Order No. 18(1)(a)).

At the end of the sitting:



        Proposed subject:      VAT on tourism (Mr Roy Beggs).

        Debate may continue until 7.30 p.m., or for half an hour, whichever is later (Standing Order No. 9 and Order of 29th October 2002).



1Standing Committee B8.55 a.m.
2.30 p.m.
Room 11 (public)
Further to consider the Armed Forces (Pensions and Compensation) Bill.
2Standing Committee D9.30 a.m.
2.30 p.m.
Room 9 (public)
Further to consider the Employment Relations Bill.
3Standing Committee E9.10 a.m.
2.30 p.m.
Room 10 (public)
Further to consider the Housing Bill.
4Standing Committee G9.25 a.m.
2.30 p.m.
Room 12 (public)
Further to consider the Fire and Rescue Services Bill.
5Standing Committee H9.10 a.m.
2.30 p.m.
Room 14 (public)
Further to consider the Higher Education Bill.
6Fifth Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation9.55 a.m.Room 8 (public)
To consider the Sustainable Energy (CHP Provisions) Order 2003 (S.I., 2003, No. 2987).


7Treasury9.15 a.m.Room 15 (private)
8Culture, Media and Sport10.30 a.m.The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House (private)
9Constitutional Affairs9.00 a.m.

9.15 a.m.
The Grimond Room, Portcullis House (private)
Subject: Civil Legal Aid: adequacy of provision.
Witnesses: Mr Philip Ely OBE, Chairman, and Clare Dodgson, Chief Executive, Legal Services Commission.
10Trade and Industry9.00 a.m.
9.15 a.m.
Room 16 (private)
Subjects: UK-ASEAN trade; The knowledge driven economy.
Witnesses: UK Trade and Investment officials (at approximately 9.15 a.m.); The Call Centre Association (CCA) (at approximately 10.30 a.m.); The Work Foundation (at approximately 11.15 a.m.).
11Foreign Affairs2.30 p.m.

3.00 p.m.
The Grimond Room, Portcullis House (private)
Subject: Human Rights Annual Report 2003.
Witness: Mr Bill Rammell MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
12Constitutional Affairs3.30 p.m.Room 20 (private)
13Home Affairs2.15 p.m.
2.30 p.m.
Room 15 (private)
Subject: Identity Cards.
Witnesses: Foundation for Information Policy Research, UK Computing Research Committee and Intellect.
14Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Housing, Planning, Local Government and the Regions4.00 p.m.The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House (private)
15Environmental Audit4.40 p.m.

5.00 p.m.
The Wilson Room, Portcullis House (private)
Subject: Pre-Budget Report 2003.
Witness: Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP, Secretary of State for Transport.


16Statutory Instruments4.15 p.m.Room 7 (private)
17Draft Gambling Bill9.30 a.m.
9.45 a.m.
Room 5 (private)
Witnesses: TGWU; Advertising Association and the Advertising Standards Authority (at approximately 10.30 a.m.).
18Draft Gambling Bill2.00 p.m.
2.15 p.m.
Room 5 (private)
Witnesses: Mr Philip Circus and Susanna Fitzgerald QC; The Lotteries Council and Pools Promoters Association (at approximately 3.15 p.m.).

19Public Accounts Commission4.00 p.m.
4.15 p.m.
Room 16 (private)
Subject: (i) The National Audit Office's Estimate for 2004-05; (ii) The Northern Ireland Audit Office's Estimate for 2004-05.
Witnesses: (i) Sir John Bourn KCB, Comptroller and Auditor General, and officials of the National Audit Office; (ii) Mr John Dowdall CB, Comptroller and Auditor General for Northern Ireland, and officials of the Northern Ireland Audit Office.

[The decision of a Committee to sit in public may be rescinded without notice.]

Written Ministerial Statements to be made today

1    Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs:      Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Spring Supplementary Estimate.
2    Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs:      Rural Delivery Review: the Integrated Agency.
3    Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs:      Forestry Commission Departmental Expenditure Limit changes.
4    Secretary of State for Work and Pensions:      Spring Supplementary Estimate.
5    Secretary of State for Transport:      Departmental Expenditure Limit 2003-04: Department for Transport.
6    Deputy Prime Minister:      Announcement of Publication for Consultation - Planning Policy Statement 1 (PPS1).
7    Deputy Prime Minister:      Local Investigations into Breaches of the Code of Conduct for Local Government Members.
8    Deputy Prime Minister:      Departmental Expenditure Limit 2003-04: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.
9    Deputy Prime Minister:      Housing Bill Amendments relating to Park Homes.
10    Secretary of State for Health:      Department of Health's and Food Standards Agency's Departmental Expenditure Limits and Administration Cost Limits for 2003-04.
11    Secretary of State for Northern Ireland:      Northern Ireland Office Change to Departmental Expenditure Funding for 2003-04.
12    Secretary of State for Northern Ireland:      Annual Report and Statement of Accounts of the General Consumer Council for Northern Ireland.
13    Secretary of State for the Home Department:      Spring Supplementary Estimate—The Charity Commission.
14    Secretary of State for the Home Department:      Spring Supplementary Estimate.
15    Prime Minister:      Security and Intelligence Agencies—Changes to Departmental Expenditure Limits and Administration Cost Limits.
16    Minister for the Cabinet Office:      Spring Supplementary Estimate 2003-04.
17    Solicitor General:      Spring Supplementary Estimate 2003-04.
18    Secretary of State for Defence:      Nimrod MRA4 Contract Amendment.
19    Secretary of State for Trade and Industry:      Ofgem: Changes to Departmental Expenditure Limits and Administration Costs Limits—Spring Supplementary Estimates.
20    Secretary of State for Trade and Industry:      DTI: Changes to Departmental Expenditure Limits and Administration Costs Limits—Spring Supplementary Estimates.
21    Parliamentary Under Secretary, Department for Constitutional Affairs:      Spring Supplementary Estimate.
22    Parliamentary Under Secretary, Department for Constitutional Affairs:      Mental incapacity.
23    Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer:      Government Actuary's Department: Departmental Expenditure Limits and Administration Costs Limits.
24    Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer:      Inland Revenue: Departmental Expenditure Limits and Administration Costs Limits.
25    Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer:      National Savings & Investments: Departmental Expenditure Limits and Administration Costs Limits.
26    Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer:      HM Treasury: Departmental Expenditure Limits and Administration Costs Limits.
27    Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer:      HM Customs and Excise: Departmental Expenditure Limits and Administration Costs Limits.
28    Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer:      Office for National Statistics: Departmental Expenditure Limits and Administration Costs Limits.


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