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Armed Forces (Pensions and Compensation) Bill

Armed Forces (Pensions and Compensation) Bill
Schedule 3 — Repeals




This Schedule does not prejudice any right of an employee to terminate his

contract of employment if (apart from the change of employer) a substantial

change is made to his detriment in his working conditions.


In this Schedule “date of transfer” means the date decided under the order

for the transfer of the employee.


Schedule 3

Section 7




Short title and chapter

Extent of repeal


Patriotic Fund Reorganisation

The whole Act.


Act 1903 (c. 20)




War Pensions (Administrative

Section 7.


Provisions) Act 1918 (c. 57)


Pensions Appeal Tribunals Act

In section 5A, the words “made by statutory


1943 (c. 39)

instrument” in subsection (2), and subsection






Section 6(2) to (2B).


In section 8, the words “made by statutory


instrument” in subsections (4) and (5), and


subsection (6).


Section 13(a).




In the Schedule, paragraph 5(4)(c) and the word


“and” before it.


Royal Patriotic Fund

Section 2.


Corporation Act 1950 (c. 10)


Chronically Sick and Disabled

Section 23(3) and (4).




Persons Act 1970 (c. 44)


Judicature (Northern Ireland)

In Schedule 5, in Part 2, the entries relating to


Act 1978 (c. 23)

section 6(2) of, and the Schedule to, the


Pensions Appeal Tribunals Act 1943.


Social Security Act 1980 (c. 30)

Section 16(4).




Child Support, Pensions and

Section 57(2) and (3).


Social Security Act 2000


(c. 19)



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