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Amendment of the Housing Act 1996


Ms Karen Buck


*To move the following Clause:—

    '(1)   The Housing Act 1996 is amended as follows.

    (2)   In section 18(1) after "housing" there is inserted "or caravan site management and provision activities".

    (3)   In section 2(2), after paragraph (c) there is inserted—

      "(d) caravan sites for Gypsies and Travellers as defined by section 24(8) of the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 as amended.".'.



Ms Karen Buck


*To move the following Clause:—

       "In this Part—

       "Accommodation" includes temporary stopping places as well as permanent accommodation.

       "Gypsies and Travellers" means Gypsies, Irish Travellers and such other groups as are established to be racial groups under the Race Relations Act 1976 and all other people who are of nomadic habit of life whatever their race or origin, but does not include members of an organised group of travelling showmen or persons engaged in travelling circuses, travelling together as such, but does include those who do not travel but retain nomadic character by reason of—

      (a) the person's history including family history;

      (b) the reasons for ceasing to travel;

      (c) the person's future wishes and intentions to resume travelling when or if the reasons for settling have ceased to apply; and

      (d) the person's attitude to living in a caravan rather than a conventional house.'.


Mr Keith Hill


Clause     177,     page     127,     line     15,     at end insert—

    '(6A)   A person exercising the power of entry conferred by subsection (2) or (6) may do such of the following as he thinks necessary for the purpose for which the power is being exercised—

      (a) take other persons with him;

      (b) take equipment or materials with him;

      (c) take measurements or photographs or make recordings;

      (d) leave recording equipment on the premises for later collection;

      (e) take samples of any articles or substances found on the premises.'.


Mr Keith Hill


Clause     177,     page     127,     line     24,     after '(2)', insert 'or (6)'.


Mr Keith Hill


Clause     178,     page     128,     line     14,     leave out from 'necessary)' to end of line 16 and insert—

       '(5A) Subsection (6A) of section 177 applies to the person on whom that power is conferred as it applies to a person exercising the power of entry conferred by subsection (2) or (6) of that section.'.


Mr Keith Hill


Clause     187,     page     132,     line     35,     after 'section', insert '(Residential property tribunals)(3) or'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     186,     line     27,     leave out 'the court' and insert 'a residential property tribunal'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     186,     line     32,     leave out 'court' and insert 'tribunal'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     186,     line     40,     leave out 'judge' and insert 'tribunal'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     186,     line     41,     leave out 'his judgment' and insert 'its decision'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     190,     line     4,     at end insert—

     '15A In section 307(1) (saving for rights arising from breach of covenant etc.) for the words from "relating to" to "prejudices" substitute "relating to the demolition or purchase of unfit premises prejudices.".'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     191,     line     19,     at end insert—

'"residential property tribunalsection (residential property tribunals) of the Housing Act 2004".'.

Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     194,     line     11,     at end insert—

      'Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (c. 70)

    24A (1) Section 20C of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (limitation of service charges: costs of proceedings) is amended as follows.

    (2) In subsection (1) after "a court" insert ", residential property tribunal".

    (3) In subsection (2) after paragraph (a) insert—

          "(aa) in the case of proceedings before a residential property tribunal, to the Lands Tribunal;".'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     194,     line     11,     at end insert—

      'Housing Act 1988 (c. 50)

     24B In paragraph 47 of Schedule 17 to the Housing Act 1988 (amendments of Part 9 of Housing Act 1985) for "sections 264(5), 270(3), 276 and 286(3)" substitute "section 270(3)".'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     195,     line     9,     at end insert—

      'Gas Act 1995 (c. 45)

     29A In paragraph 2 of Schedule 4 to the Gas Act 1995 (statutory undertakers), in sub-paragraph (1)(xxxvi) for "sections 283(2) and" substitute "section".'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     11,     page     196,     column 2, leave out line 26.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     11,     page     196,     line     3,     at end insert—

'London Building Acts
(Amendment) Act 1939 (c. xcvii)
Section 35(1)(c)(i).
In section 36(1), the words "or sleep".'.

Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     11,     page     196,     line     9,     at end insert—

'County of Merseyside Act 1980 (c. x)Section 48.
Section 49(1) and (2).
In section 132(2), the words "In section 48 (Means of escape from fire), subsection (5);".
Section 139(3).'.

Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     11,     page     196,     line     9,     at end insert—

'Civil Aviation Act 1982 (c. 16)In Schedule 2, in the entry relating to the Housing Act 1985 in paragraph 4, "283,".'.

Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     11,     page     196,     line     9,     at end insert—

'Building Act 1984 (c. 55)Section 72(6)(a).'.

Mr Edward Davey
Matthew Green
Richard Younger-Ross


Schedule     11,     page     196,     line     15,     leave out 'to 208' and insert 'and sections 190A to 208'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     11,     page     196,     line     21,     column 2, at end insert—

'Sections 283 to 288.'.

Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     11,     page     196,     line     31,     column 2, at end insert—

'In section 316(1), the words ", or
obstructive building order".'.

Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     11,     page     196,     line     34,     column     2, at end insert—

       'Section 318(4).'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     11,     page     196,     line     35,     column 2, at end insert 'and ", or an obstructive building order,".'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     11,     page     196,     line     38,     column 2, after '"house"', insert ', "obstructive building", "obstructive building order".'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     11,     page     196,     line     52,     at end insert—

'Leicestershire Act 1985 (c. xvii)Section 54(6)(a).'.

Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     11,     page     196,     line     52,     at end insert—

'Airports Act 1986 (c. 31)In Schedule 2, in the entry relating to the Housing Act 1985 in paragraph 1(1), "283,".'.

Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     11,     page     197,     line     3,     at end insert—

'Electricity Act 1989 (c. 29)In Schedule 16, paragraph 1(1)(xl).'.

Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     11,     page     197,     line     26,     at end insert—

'Transport Act 2000 (c. 38)In Schedule 5, in paragraph 1(2)(o), "283,".'.


Mr Keith Hill


Clause     204,     page     140,     line     34,     leave out 'Parts 1 to 4, and" and insert 'Part 1 (other than section 8), Parts 2 to 4,'.


Mr Keith Hill


Clause     204,     page     140,     line     34,     after '168,', insert '(Residential property tribunals), (Appeals from residential property tribunals),'.


Mr Keith Hill


Clause     204,     page     140,     line     35,     after 'Schedules', insert '(Residential property tribunals: procedure),'.


Residential property tribunals


Mr Keith Hill


To move the following Clause:—

    '(1)   Any jurisdiction conferred on a residential property tribunal by or under any enactment is exercisable by a rent assessment committee constituted in accordance with Schedule 10 to the Rent Act 1977 (c.42).

    (2)   When so constituted for exercising any such jurisdiction a rent assessment committee is known as a residential property tribunal.

    (3)   The appropriate national authority may by order make provision for and in connection with conferring on residential property tribunals, in relation to such matters as are specified in the order, such jurisdiction as is so specified.

    (4)   An order under subsection (3) may modify an enactment (including this Act).

    (5)   Schedule (Residential property tribunals: procedure) (Residential property tribunals: procedure) has effect.'.

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