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Housing action trust's right of first refusal


Mr Keith Hill


To move the following Clause:—

    '(1)   After paragraph 2 of Schedule 11 to the Housing Act 1988 (c.50) insert—

          "Right of first refusal for housing action trust

        2A (1) This paragraph applies where, on the disposal of a house under section 79 of this Act, a discount is given to the purchaser by the housing action trust in accordance with a consent given by the Secretary of State under subsection (1) of that section and that consent does not exclude the application of this paragraph.

        (2) On the disposal, the conveyance, grant or assignment shall contain the following covenant, which shall be binding on the purchaser and his successors in title.

        (3) The covenant shall be to the effect that, until the end of the period of ten years beginning with the conveyance, grant or assignment, there will be no relevant disposal which is not an exempted disposal, unless the prescribed conditions have been satisfied in relation to that or a previous such disposal.

        (4) In sub-paragraph (3) "the prescribed conditions" means such conditions as are prescribed by regulations under this section at the time when the conveyance, grant or assignment is made.

        (5) The Secretary of State may by regulations prescribe such conditions as he considers appropriate for and in connection with conferring on—

                (a)   a housing action trust which has made a disposal as mentioned in sub-paragraph (1), or

                (b)   such other person as is determined in accordance with the regulations,

        a right of first refusal to have a disposal within sub-paragraph (6) made to him for such consideration as is mentioned in paragraph 2B.

        (6) The disposals within this sub-paragraph are—

                (a)   a reconveyance or conveyance of the house; and

                (b)   a surrender or assignment of the lease.

        (7) Regulations under this paragraph may, in particular, make provision—

                (a)   for the purchaser to offer to make such a disposal to such person or persons as may be prescribed;

                (b)   for a prescribed recipient of such an offer to be able either to accept the offer or to nominate some other person as the person by whom the offer may be accepted;

                (c)   for the person who may be so nominated to be either a person of a prescribed description or a person whom the prescribed recipient considers, having regard to any prescribed matters, to be a more appropriate person to accept the offer;

                (d)   for a prescribed recipient making such a nomination to give a notification of the nomination to the person nominated, the purchaser and any other prescribed person;

                (e)   for authorising a nominated person to accept the offer and for determining which acceptance is to be effective where the offer is accepted by more than one person;

                (f)   for the period within which the offer may be accepted or within which any other prescribed step is to be, or may be, taken;

                (g)   for the circumstances in which the right of first refusal lapses (whether following the service of a notice to complete or otherwise) with the result that the purchaser is able to make a disposal on the open market;

                (h)   for the manner in which any offer, acceptance or notification is to be communicated.

        (8) In sub-paragraph (7) any reference to the purchaser is a reference to the purchaser or his successor in title.

        Nothing in that sub-pargaraph affects the generality of sub-pargaraph (5).

        (9) Regulations under this paragraph—

                (a)   may make different provision with respect to different cases or descriptions of case; and

                (b)   shall be made by statutory instrument which shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.

        (10) A disposal in breach of the covenant mentioned in sub-paragraph (3) shall be void.

          Consideration payable for disposal under paragraph 2A

        2B (1) The consideration for a disposal made in respect of a right of first refusal as mentioned in paragraph 2A(5) shall be such amount as may be agreed between the parties, or determined by the district valuer, as being the amount which is to be taken to be the value of the house at the time when the offer is made (as determined in accordance with regulations under that paragraph).

        (2) That value shall be taken to be the price which, at that time, the interest to be reconveyed, conveyed, surrendered or assigned would realise if sold on the open market by a willing vendor, on the assumption that any liability under the covenant required by paragraph 1 (repayment of discount on early disposal) would be discharged by the vendor.

        (3) If the offer is accepted in accordance with regulations under paragraph 2A, no payment shall be required in pursuance of any such covenant as is mentioned in sub-paragaraph (2), but the consideration shall be reduced, subject to sub-paragaraph (4), by such amount (if any) as, on a disposal made at the time the offer was made, being a relevant disposal which is not an exempted disposal, would fall to be paid under that covenant.

        (4) Where there is a charge on the house having priority over the charge to secure payment of the sum due under the covenant mentioned in sub-paragraph (2), the consideration shall not be reduced under sub-paragraph (3) below the amount necessary to discharge the outstanding sum secured by the first-mentioned charge at the date of the offer (as determined in accordance with regulations under paragraph 2A)."

    (2)   In paragraph 6 of Schedule 11 to that Act (exempted disposals ending obligation under covenants), at the end of paragraph (b) insert "and

          (c) the covenant required by paragraph 2A above is not binding on the person to whom the disposal is made or any successor in title of his; and

          (d) that covenant ceases to apply in relation to the property disposed of."

    (3)   The amendments made by this section do not apply in relation to a disposal under section 79 of that Act if—

      (a) the purchaser has accepted an offer for the disposal of the house from the housing action trust, or

      (b) the housing action trust has accepted an offer for the disposal of the house from the purchaser,

    before the day on which this section comes into force.'.


Mr Keith Hill


Clause     177,     page     127,     line     15,     at end insert—

    '(6A)   A person exercising the power of entry conferred by subsection (2) or (6) may do such of the following as he thinks necessary for the purpose for which the power is being exercised—

      (a) take other persons with him;

      (b) take equipment or materials with him;

      (c) take measurements or photographs or make recordings;

      (d) leave recording equipment on the premises for later collection;

      (e) take samples of any articles or substances found on the premises.'.


Mr Keith Hill


Clause     177,     page     127,     line     24,     after '(2)', insert 'or (6)'.


Mr Keith Hill


Clause     178,     page     128,     line     14,     leave out from 'necessary)' to end of line 16 and insert—

       '(5A) Subsection (6A) of section 177 applies to the person on whom that power is conferred as it applies to a person exercising the power of entry conferred by subsection (2) or (6) of that section.'.


Mr Edward Davey
Matthew Green
Richard Younger-Ross


Clause     187,     page     132,     line     33,     after 'under,', insert 'section 133,'.


Mr Keith Hill


Clause     187,     page     132,     line     35,     after 'section', insert '(Residential property tribunals)(3) or'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     186,     line     27,     leave out 'the court' and insert 'a residential property tribunal'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     186,     line     32,     leave out 'court' and insert 'tribunal'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     186,     line     40,     leave out 'judge' and insert 'tribunal'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     186,     line     41,     leave out 'his judgment' and insert 'its decision'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     190,     line     4,     at end insert—

     '15A In section 307(1) (saving for rights arising from breach of covenant etc.) for the words from "relating to" to "prejudices" substitute "relating to the demolition or purchase of unfit premises prejudices.".'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     191,     line     19,     at end insert—

'"residential property tribunalsection (residential property tribunals) of the Housing Act 2004".'.

Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     194,     line     11,     at end insert—

      'Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (c. 70)

    24A (1) Section 20C of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (limitation of service charges: costs of proceedings) is amended as follows.

    (2) In subsection (1) after "a court" insert ", residential property tribunal".

    (3) In subsection (2) after paragraph (a) insert—

          "(aa) in the case of proceedings before a residential property tribunal, to the Lands Tribunal;".'.


Mr Keith Hill


Schedule     10,     page     194,     line     11,     at end insert—

      'Housing Act 1988 (c. 50)

     24B In paragraph 47 of Schedule 17 to the Housing Act 1988 (amendments of Part 9 of Housing Act 1985) for "sections 264(5), 270(3), 276 and 286(3)" substitute "section 270(3)".'.

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