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Civil Service Bill

Civil Service Bill
Schedule 1 — The Civil Service Commission




Schedule 1

Section 2


The Civil Service Commission



The Commission shall be a body corporate.



2     (1)  

The Commission shall consist of a chairman (to be known as the First Civil

Service Commissioner) and six other members who may appoint one of their

number to be deputy chairman.


The members of the Commission shall hold and vacate office in accordance


with such terms as may be prescribed by or under regulations made by the

Minister of the Civil Service and, on vacating office, shall be eligible for



Regulations under sub-paragraph (2) shall be made by statutory instrument

which shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either


House of Parliament.


A member of the Commission may at any time by notice in writing to the

Minister resign his office.


The Commission


shall pay to its members such remuneration and allowances (if any) as the


Minister may determine; and


as regards any member in whose case the Minister may so determine, shall

pay such pension to or in respect of him, or make such payments towards the

provision of such pension as the Minister may determine.


If a person ceases to be a member of the Commission, and it appears to the Minister


that there are special circumstances which make it right that he should receive

compensation, the Minister may require the Commission to pay to that person a sum

of such amount as the Minister may determine.



The procedure (including the quorum) of the Commission shall be such as it


may determine.


The validity of any proceeding of the Commission shall not be affected by

any vacancy among its membership or by any defect in the appointment of

any member of it.


The Commission shall appoint—




Civil Service Bill
Schedule 1 — The Civil Service Commission




with the approval of the Minister, a chief officer; and


such number of other employees as it may determine.


The Commission shall pay to its employees such remuneration and allowances as it

may determine.

9     (1)  

The Commission shall in the case of its employees



pay such pension to or in respect of them;


make such payments towards the provision of such pensions; or


provide and maintain such schemes (whether contributory or not) for the

payment of such pensions,


as it may determine.



In this paragraph any reference to the payment of pensions to or in respect of the

Commission's employees includes a reference to the payment of pensions by way of

compensation to or in respect of any of the Commission's employees who suffer loss

of office or employment or loss or diminution of emoluments.

Accounts and reports


10    (1)  

The Commission shall keep proper accounts and other records, and shall

prepare for each financial year a statement of account in such form as the

Minister with the approval of the Treasury may direct and submit those

statements of account to the Minister at such time as he may with the

approval of the Treasury direct.



The Minister shall, as respects each financial year, send the Commission's

statement of accounts to the Comptroller and Auditor General not later than

the end of November following the financial year.


The Comptroller and Auditor General shall examine, certify and report on

the statement of accounts and lay copies of it, together with his report, before


each House of Parliament.



The Commission, for the purpose of providing itself with office or other

accommodation in connection with the exercise of any of its functions, may

acquire land, erect and maintain buildings or other structures thereon, and,


when the land is no longer required for such purpose, dispose of it.


Any land occupied by the Commission shall, for the purpose of any rate on

property, be treated as if it were property occupied by or on behalf of the

Crown for public purposes.




In this Schedule—


“the Commission” means the Civil Service Commission;


“financial year” means the period commencing with the appointed day

and ending with 31st March following that day, and each successive

period of twelve months;



“the Minister” means the Minister for the Civil Service;


“pension” includes allowance or gratuity.



Civil Service Bill
Schedule 2 — Repeals and Revocations



Schedule 2

Section 8


Repeals and Revocations


Title and reference

Extent of repeal or revocation


Aliens Restriction

Section 6.


(Amendment) Act 1919 (c. 92)




Aliens’ Employment Act 1955

The whole Act.


(4 & 5 Eliz. 2 c. 18)


European Communities

The whole Order.


(Employment in the Civil


Service) Order 1991 (S.I.,




1991, No. 1221)



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