Amendments proposed to the Asylum and Immigration (treatment of Claimants, Etc.) Bill, - continued House of Commons

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Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     8,     line     42     [Clause     7],     after 'Schedule', insert 'other than paragraph 7A'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     8,     line     43     [Clause     7],     at end insert—

    '( )   On an appeal under section 103 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (c.33) against a decision made by virtue of paragraph 7A of Schedule 3 to the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 (c.41) the adjudicator may, in particular—

    (a) annul a certificate of the Secretary of State issued for the purposes of that paragraph;

    (b) require the Secretary of State to reconsider the matters certified.'.


Mr Mark Oaten
Mr David Heath
Annabelle Ewing
Jeremy Corbyn


Page     11,     line     6,     leave out Clause 11.


David Davis
Mr Humfrey Malins
Mr Dominic Grieve


*Page     11,     line     25     [Clause     11],     at end insert—

    '(6)   A party to the Tribunal's decision may apply within 7 days to the High Court or, in Scotland, to the Court of Session for review of the Tribunal's decision on the ground that the Tribunal made an error of law.

    (7)   Where an application is made under this subsection:

    (a) it shall be determined by a single judge by reference only to written submissions, unless the court on receiving such submissions is of the opinion that there are exceptional reasons for an oral hearing;

    (b) the judge may affirm or reverse the Tribunal's decision, or remit for rehearing to the Tribunal;

    (c) if, in any application to the High Court, the judge thinks that the application had no merit he shall issue a certificate under this paragraph.

    (8)   Where the High Court or in Scotland the Court of Session affirms or reverses a review under this section a party to the review may bring an appeal as a point of law within 7 days:

    (a) where the original decision was that of a judge of the Court of Session in Scotland to the Inner House of that Court or

    (b) in any other case to the Court of Appeal.

    (9)   An appeal under section (8) may be brought only with the permission of—

    (a) the court that made it, or

    (b) the court referred to in subsection 8(a) or (b) if the High Court or Court of Session in Scotland refuses permission;

    (c) an application made under subsection 9(b) must be made within 7 days of the refusal of permission to appeal by the High Court or Court of Appeal'.


David Davis
Mr Humfrey Malins
Mr Dominic Grieve


*Page     11,     line     26     [Clause     11],     leave out subsection 6.


Mr Mark Oaten
Mr David Heath
Annabelle Ewing


Page     12,     line     10     [Clause     11],     leave out subsection (7).


Mr Neil Gerrard
Mr Robert Marshall-Andrews
Mr Hilton Dawson
Mr Harold Best
Lynne Jones
Jeremy Corbyn

John AustinTony LloydJohn McDonnell
Mr Robert N. WareingHarry CohenJohn Cryer


Page     12,     line     11     [Clause 11],     leave out from beginning to end of line 17 on page 13.


David Davis
Mr Humfrey Malins
Mr Dominic Grieve


*Page     12,     line     11     [Clause     11],     leave out 'Tribunal's' and insert 'Statutory'.


David Davis
Mr Humfrey Malins
Mr Dominic Grieve


*Page     12,     line     12     [Clause     11],     leave out '(whether statutory or interest)'.


David Davis
Mr Humfrey Malins
Mr Dominic Grieve


*Page     12,     line     13     [Clause     11],     at end insert 'additional to the statutory jurisdiction exercised by the court'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     12,     line     31     [Clause     11],     leave out from 'Kingdom,' to 'if' in line 34 and insert 'or to deport a person,'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     12,     line     34     [Clause     11],     after 'if', insert—



Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     12,     line     35     [Clause     11],     at end insert ', and

    (ii) the person was notified, in accordance with regulations under section 105, of a right to appeal under section 82(1) against the immigration decision (whether or not he exercised the right).'.


David Davis
Mr Humfrey Malins
Mr Dominic Grieve


*Page     12,     line     35     [Clause     11],     at end insert 'provided that the immigration decision makes it clear at the time that deportation is capable of being a consequence of the decision'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     13,     line     2     [Clause     11],     after 'country),', insert—

    '( )   entertaining proceedings to determine whether the Tribunal has acted in a way which is incompatible with a person's rights under Article 5 of the Human Rights Convention (liberty and security),'.


David Davis
Mr Humfrey Malins
Mr Dominic Grieve


*Page     26,     line     19     [Schedule     1],     at end insert—

    '(e) is a lay member'.


Mr Humfrey Malins
Angela Watkinson


Page     33,     line     28     [Schedule     2],     leave out 'supervising' and insert 'organising training for'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     14,     line     19     [Clause     12],     leave out 'In'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     14,     line     21     [Clause     12],     after 'claim)' insert 'shall be amended as follows.

    ( )   After subsection (1) insert—

        "(1A)   A person may not bring an appeal against an immigration decision of a kind specified in section 82(2)(c), (d) or (e) in reliance on section 92(2) if the Secretary of State certifies that the claim or claims mentioned in subsection (1) above is or are clearly unfounded."

    ( )   In subsection (2) for "in reliance on section 92(4)" substitute "in reliance on section 92(4)(a)".'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     14,     line     41     [Clause     12],     leave out 'section 94(4) of that Act' and insert 'subsection (4)'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     14,     line     42     [Clause     12],     leave out 'section 94(6) of that Act' and insert 'subsection (6)'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     15,     line     3     [Clause     12],     at end insert—

    '(3A)   After subsection (6) insert—

        "(6A)   Subsection (3) shall not apply in relation to an asylum claimant or human rights claimant who—

        (a) is the subject of a certificate under section 2 or 70 of the Extradition Act 2003 (c. 41),

      (b) is in custody pursuant to arrest under section 5 of that Act,

    (c) is the subject of a provisional warrant under section 73 of that Act,

    (d) is the subject of an authority to proceed under section 7 of the Extradition Act 1989 (c.33) or an order under paragraph 4(2) of Schedule 1 to that Act, or

    (e) is the subject of a provisional warrant under section 8 of that Act or of a warrant under paragraph 5(1)(b) of Schedule 1 to that Act."'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     18,     line     8     [Clause     16],     leave out from 'who' to end of line 12 and insert 'is at least 18 years old.'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     19,     line     44     [Clause     17],     after 'Scotland', insert—



Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     19,     line     46     [Clause     17],     at end insert—

    '(b) for sub-paragraph (i) of subsection (7)(c) there is substituted—

      "(i) whether or not it is material comprising items subject to legal privilege (as defined by section 412 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002),".'.


Mr Secretary Blunkett


Page     21,     line     7     [Clause     18],     at end insert—

    '(5A)   In Scotland, proceedings for an offence under this section may be commenced—

    (a) at any time within the period of six months beginning with the date (or first date) on which the offence is alleged to have been committed, or

    (b) at any time within both—

    (i) the period of two years beginning with that date, and

    (ii) the period of six months beginning with a date specified, in a certificate signed by or on behalf of the procurator fiscal, as the date on which evidence sufficient in his opinion to warrant such proceedings came to his knowledge,

    and any such certificate purporting to be so signed shall be deemed so signed unless the contrary is proved and be conclusive as to the facts stated in it.

    (5B)   Subsection (3) of section 136 of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 (date on which proceedings are deemed commenced) has effect to the purposes of subsection (5A) as it has effect for the purposes of that section.'.

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Prepared 26 Feb 2004