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Fireworks (Amendment) Bill

Fireworks (Amendment) Bill






Amend the Fireworks Act 2003.                                                                           

Be it enacted by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and

consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present

Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—


Amendments of Fireworks Act 2003


The Fireworks Act 2003 (c. 22) is amended as follows.


After section 7(2)(b) there is inserted—


“(ba) relating to the form of licences,”.


After section 7 there is inserted—


“7A Recording of sales

Fireworks regulations may include provision for the recording of

wholesale and retail sales of fireworks.”


After section 8 there is inserted—

“8A Importation of fireworks


Fireworks regulations may include provision for securing that where

fireworks are imported—


prior notice of importation shall be given to the appropriate



the containers in which they are transported shall be taken from


the port of entry direct to a licensed storage site,


no container shall be opened except at a licensed storage site,


prior notice of transhipment shall be given to the appropriate

authority in whose area they are to be used or offered for sale,




the importer shall not supply fireworks to any person who is

unable to demonstrate that he has or has access to adequate

registered storage facilities.”

Bill 91 53/3

Fireworks (Amendment) Bill




Short title, commencement and extent


Section 1 shall not come into force until a day appointed by order made by the

Secretary of State by statutory instrument.


This Act may be cited as the Fireworks (Amendment) Act 2004.


This Act does not extend to Northern Ireland.



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