Amendments proposed to the Mental Capacity Bill - continued House of Commons

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Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     17,     page     10,     line     7,     after 'particular' insert '(but not exclusively)'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     17,     page     10,     line     8,     at end insert—

      '(aa) where P is to travel on any journey exceeding 10 miles'.


Mr Paul Burstow


*Clause     18,     page     10,     line     17,     leave out 'and affairs' and insert 'affairs and state benefits'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     18,     page     10,     line     19,     after 'particular' insert '(but not exclusively)'.


Mr Paul Burstow


*Clause     18,     page     10,     line     34,     at end insert—

    '(i)   the making of claims, receiving and spending payments of state benefits, and reporting relevant changes of circumstances in relation to claims for state benefits.'.


Mr David Lammy
Ms Rosie Winterton


Schedule     2,     page     39,     line     31,     at end insert ', and

    (d) must be sealed with the official seal of the Court of Protection'.


Mr Paul Burstow


*Clause     19,     page     11,     line     8,     leave out 'without his consent' and insert—

      '(a) without his consent,

      (b) if he is bankrupt, or

      (c) if he is a person whose name is on a list under section 81 Care Standards Act 2000.'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     19,     page     11,     line     31,     after 'reports' insert '(whether relating to matters of P's personal welfare or the conduct of P's property and affairs, as the case may be)'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     19,     page     11,     line     32,     at end add—

      '(c) to account to the Public Guardian for any loss incurred as a result of his negligence in the conduct of P's financial affairs or the misappropriation of P's property'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     20,     page     11,     line     36,     at end insert 'or if subsequently to his appointment as P's deputy he has become aware of an actual or potential conflict of interest in his conduct of P's affairs'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     20,     page     11,     line     37,     at end insert'except in case of urgent necessity'.


Mr Paul Burstow


Clause     20,     page     12,     line     9,     leave out from 'P' to end of line 10.


Mr Paul Burstow


Clause     20,     page     12,     line     11,     leave out subsection (6).


Mr Paul Burstow


Clause     20,     page     12,     leave out line 14 and insert 'sections 1 to 4 (the principles and best interests).'.


Mr Paul Burstow


Clause     20,     page     12,     line     23,     after 'act', insert 'at that time and in relation to the circumstances of that time'.


Mr Paul Burstow


Clause     24,     page     14,     line     9,     leave out from 'Decisions' to end of line and insert 'statements on treatment'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     24,     page     14,     line     21,     at end insert 'provided that the decision is not voided by uncertainty'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     24,     page     14,     line     37,     at end insert—

    '(2A)   An advance decision is not valid unless it is made in writing and witnessed by one independent person of standing, except in case of urgent necessity'.


Mr Paul Burstow


Page     14,     line     10,     leave out Clause 24.


Mr Paul Burstow


Clause     25,     page     14,     line     24,     leave out 'decisions' and insert 'statements'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     25,     page     15,     line     5,     at end insert 'and is not valid if the advance decision has been made by P with the intention of terminating his life or is being implemented on P by any person giving or withholding treatment with the intention of terminating P's life'.


Mr Paul Burstow


Clause     25,     page     15,     line     8,     at end add—

    '(7)   An advance statement shall normally be recorded in writing and witnessed by a third party.'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     27,     page     15,     line     35,     at end insert—

      '(aa) applying for the issue of a gender recognition certificate'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     29,     page     16,     line     20,     leave out 'for any public office'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     30,     page     16,     line     31,     after '31', insert—

      '(aa) in conformity with an advance decision to permit the carrying out of research on P made while P had capacity, and'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     30,     page     16,     line     37,     leave out subsection (3).


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     30,     page     17,     line     1,     leave out subsection (5).


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     31,     page     17,     line     23,     leave out paragraph (b).


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     32,     page     18,     line     19,     leave out 'or is P's deputy'.


Mr Paul Burstow


*Clause     34,     page     19,     line     10,     leave out 'Independent consultee service' and insert 'Independent advocates'.


Mr Paul Burstow


*Clause     34,     page     19,     line     11,     leave out subsection (1) and insert—

    '34   Appointment of independent advocates

    (1)   The appropriate authority must arrange, to such an extent as he considers necessary to maintain the principles set out in section 1 of the Act for independent advocates to be available to assist a person "P" when another person "D" is considering doing an act, or making a decision to do an act.

    (2)   The assistance available under the arrangements must include—

      (a) assistance to permit and encourage the individual to participate or improve his ability to participate, as fully as possible in the act proposed to be done or the decision to be made affecting him;

      (b) assistance to express the individual's past and present wishes and feelings, beliefs and values and other factors which he would consider and are relevant to the decision or proposed action if he were able to do so;

      (c) assistance to maintain the principles set out in section 1 of this Act.'.


Mr Paul Burstow


*Clause     34,     page     19,     line     16,     leave out 'of independent consultees' and insert 'or recognition of independent advocates for the purposes of this Act'.


Mr Paul Burstow


*Clause     34,     page     19,     line     17,     leave out from 'independent' to end of line 18 and insert 'advocates'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     34,     page     19,     line     18,     at end insert—

      '(c) as to the conduct of independent consultees'.


Mr Paul Burstow


*Clause     34,     page     19,     line     20,     leave out 'consultee' and insert 'advocate'.


Mr Paul Burstow


*Clause     34,     page     19,     line     22,     leave out 'consultee' and insert 'advocate'.


Mr Paul Burstow


*Clause     34,     page     19,     line     25,     leave out 'advice' and insert 'support'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     34,     page     19,     line     26,     leave out 'so far as practicable'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     34,     page     19,     line     28,     leave out subsection (5).


Mr Paul Burstow


*Clause     34,     page     19,     line     42,     at end add—

    '(9)   The provision of assistance may result in the proposed decision or action not taking place under the provisions of this Act.

    (10)   Nothing in this section obliges P to accept the assistance offered by an independent advocate.'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     35,     page     20,     line     2,     after 'body' insert 'or other registered medical practitioner'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     35,     page     20,     line     20,     after 'State', insert '(subject to an affirmative resolution of both Houses of Parliament)'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     37,     page     21,     line     24,     at end add 'and if they decline the advice must give reasons in writing for doing so'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     39,     page     21,     line     34,     at end insert 'subject to an affirmative resolution of both Houses of Parliament'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     40,     page     22,     line     4,     after 'must,' insert 'after consulting with such persons professional and lay as seem to him to have an interest,'.

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