Amendments proposed to the Mental Capacity Bill - continued House of Commons

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Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     37,     page     21,     line     24,     at end add 'and if they decline the advice must give reasons in writing for doing so'.


Mr Tom Clarke


Clause     37,     page     21,     line     24,     at end add—

'(a) when an agreement between person "P" and "D" cannot be reached about a decision or action and where D is employed by an NHS body or local authority social services or D is contracted by an NHS body or local authority social services in respect of the provision of care and treatment for P,

(b) when there is a difference in view between person "P" and any person who is consulted under section 4(6) and the decision or action is the responsibility of an NHS or local authority social services or organisation contracted by NHS body or local authority social services.'.


Mr Tom Clarke


Page     21,     line     5,     leave out Clause 37.


Mr Tom Clarke


Clause     38,     page     21,     line     26,     leave out beginning to end of line 32 and insert—

       'The duty to identify and consult an independent advocate in relation to serious treatment or major changes in accommodation and support arrangements for P shall be considered discharged by the relevant authority where that authority has consulted and accepted the representations of either—

(a) a donee of a relevant lasting power of attorney created by P, or

(b) a deputy appointed for relevant purposes by the court for P, or

(c) a donee of a relevant enduring power of attorney (within the meaning of Schedule 4) created by P, or

(d) an independent advocate already recognised by the relevant authority as representing the interests of P'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     39,     page     21,     line     34,     at end insert 'subject to an affirmative resolution of both Houses of Parliament'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     40,     page     22,     line     4,     after 'must,' insert 'after consulting with such persons professional and lay as seem to him to have an interest,'.


Mr Paul Burstow
Paul Holmes


Clause     40,     page     22,     line     4,     after 'practice', insert 'in suitable formats for the information and guidance of P and of any independent advocates assisting P and'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     40,     page     22,     line     12,     at end insert—

'(ee) with respect to the information to be compiled and retained by persons specified in this section in connexion with their duties under this Act, and'.


Mr Tom Clarke


Clause     40,     page     22,     line     14,     at end insert—

'(g) for the guidance for people acting as independent advocates for the purposes of sections 35, 36 and 37.'.


Mr Paul Burstow
Paul Holmes


Clause     41,     page     22,     line     37,     after 'preparing,', insert 'publish'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     41,     page     22,     line     41,     leave out 'laid by him' and insert 'approved'.


Mr Paul Burstow
Paul Holmes


Clause     41,     page     23,     leave out lines 1 and 2 and insert—

'(b) it is subject to debate in the House of Commons.'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     41,     page     23,     line     1,     leave out paragraph (b).


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     41,     page     23,     line     5,     at end insert 'including the use of abridged or simplified versions and alternative formats, and shall take such steps as he may deem appropriate to ensure in the future that donees, deputies and others involved with the operation of this Act are familiar with its provisions'.


Mr Tim Boswell
Mr Paul Burstow
Paul Holmes


Clause     41,     page     23,     line     6,     leave out subsections (4) and (5).


Mr Paul Burstow
Paul Holmes


Clause     42,     page     23,     line     19,     after 'court', insert 'or is the donee of an enduring power of attorney or is an appointee appointed by the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions'.


Mr Paul Burstow
Paul Holmes


Clause     42,     page     23,     line     20,     leave out 'the person concerned' and insert 'or unduly influences for his own advantage the person concerned, and—

(b) include matters in relation to the financial affairs of the person who lacks capacity that are considered to fall outside the scope of the Theft Act 1968.'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     42,     page     23,     line     20,     after 'person', insert '(or the interests of the person)'.


Mr Tom Clarke


Clause     43,     page     23,     line     26,     at end insert—

    '(1)   Where it appears to the relevant authority that a person ("P") may lack capacity in relation to matters connected to—

(a) the assessment of P's needs for services which may be provided or arranged by the relevant authority ("assessment of needs") or

(b) the provision of services to P which may be provided or arranged by the relevant authority ("service provision decision").

       No part of this Act will authorise a person to do an act connected with the assessment of needs or service provision decision unless the steps set out in subsection (3) are followed.

    (2)   For the purpose of subsection (1) and (3) a "relevant authority" means either—

(a) a local authority exercising functions under section 47 of the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990, or

(b) a local housing authority within the meaning of the Housing Act 1985, or

(c) a Health Authority, Health Board, Special Health Authority, Primary Care Trust or National Health Service Trust.

    (3)   The relevant authority must—

(a) make arrangements for P's capacity, in relation to the matter in question, to be assessed,

(b) notify P of the help available from, and assist (if P so requires) P in contacting, an independent advocate under the arrangements under section 34 (such help may include assisting P in communicating his views),

(c) consider whether P requires any additional assistance in communicating his views (whether by talking, using sign language or other means),

(d) where P has been assessed to lack capacity in relation to the matter in question, to make such enquiries as are necessary to be satisfied that the matter does not fall within the scope of the authority of:

(i) a donee of a Lasting Power of Attorney granted by P,

(ii) a deputy appointed by the court,

(iii) an advance decision to refuse treatment (where treatment is being considered).

    (4)   In carrying out an assessment under (3)(a) the relevant authority must take into account the views of—

(i) P with or without the assistance of an independent advocate providing support in accordance with (3)(b),

(ii) anyone named by P as someone to be consulted on the matter in question or on matters of that kind,

(iii) people who are, or are likely to be, responsible for the provision of care or treatment to P in a professional capacity,

(iv) if it is practicable and appropriate to consult with them, any other person engaged in caring for P, whether or not in a professional capacity.'.


Mr David Lammy
Ms Rosie Winterton


Clause     43,     page     23,     line     30,     at end insert—

    '( )   The court is to have an official seal.'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     44,     page     24,     line     16,     at end insert 'and

(c) ensure that at any time at least one of the judges nominated to the Court shall be experienced in matters connected with learning difficulties, one of the judges shall be experienced in matters connected with mental illness, and one of the judges shall be experienced in matters connected with progressive dementia.'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     44,     page     24,     line     20,     at end add 'and in particular he shall report to the Lord Chancellor annually on the operation of this Act'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     47,     page     25,     line     6,     after 'other', insert 'independent'.


Mr David Lammy
Ms Rosie Winterton


Clause     47,     page     25,     line     17,     at end insert ', and

(c) any record held by a person registered under Part 2 of the Care Standards Act 2000 (c.14)'.


Mr Tim Boswell


Clause     48,     page     25,     line     38,     leave out 'or' and insert—

'(dd) by a spouse civil partner or sibling of the person, or'.


Mr Tom Clarke


Clause     48,     page     25,     line     40,     at end insert—

'(f) by an independent advocate appointed to give advice for the purposes of sections 35, 36 and 37.'.


Mr Paul Burstow
Paul Holmes


Clause     52,     page     28,     line     2,     at end add—

'(d) exemption from fees where a deputy is appointed totally in relation to state benefits and such capital that accrues from state benefits.'.


Mr Paul Burstow
Paul Holmes


Clause     52,     page     28,     line     6,     at end insert—

'(d) other bodies representing people who lack capacity.'.

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Prepared 21 Oct 2004