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National Lottery


Mr Richard Caborn


To move the following Clause:—

    '(1)   Entering the National Lottery is not gambling for the purposes of this Act (despite section 3(c) but subject to subsections (2) to (4) below).

    (2)   Entering the National Lottery is gambling for the purposes of—

(a) section 39, and
(b) section 314.

    (3)   Where entering the National Lottery would also constitute gaming within the meaning of section 6, it shall be treated as gaming for the purposes of this Act if and only if a person entering the lottery is required to participate in, or to be successful in, more than three processes before becoming entitled to a prize.

    (4)   Entering the National Lottery shall not be treated as betting for the purposes of this Act where it would—
(a) satisfy the definition of pool betting in section 12, or
(b) satisfy the definition of betting in section 9 by virtue of section 11.

    (5)   Schedule [Amendment of National Lottery etc. Act 1993] shall have effect.'.



Mr Richard Caborn


To move the following Schedule:—

'Amendment of National Lottery etc. Act 1993 (c. 39)

Consultation with Gambling Commission

 After section 4 of the National Lottery etc. Act 1993 (overriding duties) insert—

    "4A   Consultation with Gambling Commission

    (1)   If in the course of the exercise of its functions the National Lottery Commission becomes aware of a matter about which the Gambling Commission is likely to have an opinion, the National Lottery Commission shall consult the Gambling Commission.

    (2)   The National Lottery Commission shall comply with any direction of the Secretary of State (which may be general or specific) to consult the Gambling Commission."

Definition of "lottery"

 In section 20 of the National Lottery etc. Act 1993 (c. 39) (interpretation) after the definition of "contravention" insert—

"lottery" has the same meaning as in the Gambling Act 2005;".'.

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Prepared 5 Nov 2004