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4 Dec 2003 : Column 131W—continued

Personnel Costs

Angus Robertson: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence (1) how many people work for the (a) Army Personnel Centre and (b) Army Training and Recruiting Agency; how many are employed in Scotland; what the personnel costs of each agency are; and how these figures compare to the previous year; [141023]

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Mr. Caplin: Figures for service and civilian personnel and overall staff costs relating to each organisation are provided below. Information on numbers of service personnel working in Scotland is not held centrally and could be provided only at disproportionate cost.

Civilian Scotland(1),(2),(3)Civilian total(1),(2),(3)Servicetotal(4)Total staff costs (£000)(5)
Financial year 2001–02
Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency11023017011,609
Army Personnel Centre68075016325,554
Army Training and Recruitment Agency1004,2507,030504,546
British Forces Post Office1034017012,009
Defence Analytical Services Agency(6)150(6)4,040
Defence Bills Agency(6)580(6)10,994
Defence Communication Services Agency1103,0501,620153,150
Defence Dental Agency10160(7)36,887
Defence Estates1101,3601046,099
Defence Geographic Imagery Intelligence Agency(6)69062042,484
Defence Housing Executive90940(6)22,092
Defence Intelligence and Security Centre(6)14035013,685
Defence Medical Education and Training Agency(8)(9)(9)(7)(9)
Defence Procurement Agency1303,730650234,336
Defence Storage and Distribution Agency202,75010063,478
Defence Transport and Movements Agency(6)31010011,420
Defence Vetting Agency(6)260(6)7,555
Disposal Services Agency(6)80(6)22,092
Duke of York's Royal Military School(6)110(6)3,189
Medical Supplies Agency10270(7)6,919
Ministry of Defence Police8203,260(6)152,961
Naval Manning Agency(6)11020012,851
Naval Recruiting and Training Agency101,000(10)6,720145,030
Pay and Personnel Agency(6)660(6)13,110
Queen Victoria School7070(6)2,043
RAF Personnel Management Agency(6)240(11)78014,732
RAF Training Group Defence Agency502,0503,780307,512
Service Children's Education(6)730(6)45,478
Veterans Agency10880(6)18,658
Warship Support Agency(12),(13)2,5007,680440335,291
Financial year 2002–03
Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency2017020014,296
Army Personnel Centre68081017023,070
Army Training and Recruitment Agency604,2406,630552,262
British Forces Post Office1038016013,501
Defence Analytical Services Agency(6)140(6)4,419
Defence Bills Agency(6)590(6)11,492
Defence Communication Services Agency1503,1801,500160,050
Defence Dental Agency1016073038,210
Defence Estates1101,5002052,105
Defence Geographic Imagery Intelligence Agency(6)76066043,351
Defence Housing Executive90880(6)21,841
Defence Intelligence and Security Centre(6)14031014,382
Defence Medical Education and Training Agency(8)(6)6301,410(9)
Defence Procurement Agency1103,730670187,254
Defence Storage and Distribution Agency7704,46018067,666
Defence Transport and Movements Agency(6)29010011,300
Defence Vetting Agency(6)290(6)7,469
Disposal Services Agency(6)70103,563
Duke of York's Royal Military School(6)100(6)3,410
Medical Supplies Agency10260307,240
Ministry of Defence Police8003,220(6)148,971
Naval Manning Agency(6)11024014,143
Naval Recruiting and Training Agency101,040(10)2,360146,066
Day and Personnel Agency(6)690(6)14,200
Queen Victoria School7070(6)2,168
RAF Personnel Management Agency(6)210(11)18014,294
RAF Training Group Defence Agency502,0103,800327,019
Service Children's Education(6)710(6)54,684
Veterans Agency10810(6)18,749
Warship Support Agency(12),(13),(14)1,1005,1002,440297,249

(1) Figures refer to permanent staff only and include proportionate values for part time staff.

(2) All figures are rounded to the nearest 10, as a result totals may not always equal the sum of the parts.

(3) Personnel information is collected and presented in different forms across MOD according to local management need, as a result the figures in this table may differ slightly from those in other published sources such as the Agencies' Annual Reports and Accounts.

(4) Strength of UK regular forces.

(5) Taken from Agencies' Annual Reports and Accounts 2002–03.

(6) Zero or less than six.

(7) Not available.

(8) Defence Medical Education and Training Agency—launched on 1 April 2003, subsumed responsibilities of the Defence Medical Training Organisation and the Defence Secondary Care Agency.

(9) Not applicable.

(10) 2003 figure excludes untrained personnel paid for by NRTA but not employed directly by the Agency.

(11) 2003 figure excludes non-productive and untrained personnel paid for by the PMA but not employed directly by the Agency.

(12) 2002 figures based on "New Management System" data, 2003 figures based on Resource Accounting and Budgeting data.

(13) 2003 figure includes personnel previously employed by the Naval Bases and Supply Agency.

(14) The figures take accounts of the Clyde Dockland PFI initiative.


Figures as at 1 April of financial year end.

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