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26 Jan 2004 : Column 162W—continued

IT Contracts

Mr. Sayeed: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if he will list information technology contracts in his Department and its predecessors with a value of above £20 million in each of the last 10 years; what the inception date for each system was; when it became fully functional; when it became fully debugged; and what the cost of over-runs has been. [146190]

Yvette Cooper: The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and those components of former Departments that make up the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister have not let any contracts that meet this description.

Local Government

Mr. Dorrell: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if he will list the total value of central government grant paid to each local authority in Leicestershire in each financial year between 1996–97 and 2003–04. [149464]

Mr. Raynsford: The information requested is tabled as follows.

26 Jan 2004 : Column 163W

£ million

Leicestershire County Council
Specific grants inside AEF22.81215.66815.94525.96041.01754.49571.90848.995
Revenue Support Grant244.985127.070130.033131.938126.384141.285119.944154.610
National non domestic rates188.387115.272121.614132.527149.629147.894162.341163.571
Total grant456.184258.010267.592290.425317.030343.674354.193367.176
Specific grants inside AEF0.1000.0940.0910.0870.0930.0860.1050.220
Revenue Support Grant0.2710.3750.4340.2120.0000.1940.0000.945
National non domestic rates3.0182.7042.7472.9593.2923.2803.7073.153
Total grant3.3893.1733 2723.2583.3853.5603.8124.318
Specific grants inside AEF0.2170.2300.2140.2310.3540.3190.3610.637
Revenue Support Grant2.7923.1023.4283.2082.8513.4532.9634.765
National non domestic rates5.4174.9004.9955.3605.9175.9216.6565.358
Total grant8.4268.2328.6378.7999.1229.6939.98010.760
Specific grants inside AEF0.0810.0820.0810.0800.0880.0800.1040.216
Revenue Support Grant0.6360.8520.6240.5490.3340.4430.1311.063
National non domestic rates2.5062.2902.3662.5612.8632.8513.2582.680
Total grant3.2233.2243.0713.1903.2853.3743.4933.960
Hinckley and Bosworth
Specific grants inside AEF0.1270.1310.1340.1370.1570.1450.1800.287
Revenue Support Grant0.8190.9781.0360.8570.6100.8940.5681.683
National non domestic rates3.4553.0953.1383.3763.7203.7034.1373.496
Total grant4.4014.2044.3084.3704.4874.7424.8855.466
Specific grants inside AEF0.0650.0670.0710.0660.0720.0650.0600.138
Revenue Support Grant0.8720.9270.9700.9380.8100.9920.8241.469
National non domestic rates1.6481.4751.4931.6071.7631.7832.0151.670
Total grant2.5852.4692.5342.6112.6452.8402.8993.277
North West Leicestershire
Specific grants inside AEF0.1440.1440.1470.1510.1520.1740.1790.386
Revenue Support Grant1.9222.1501.6851.5481.3861.6711.3712.416
National non domestic rates2.9402.6592.7042.9143.2383.2253.6472.990
Total grant5.0064.9534.5364.6134.7765.0705.1975.791
Oadby and Wigston
Specific grants inside AEF0.0620.0670.0670.0810.1020.0940.1080.154
Revenue Support Grant0.5080.6430.6710.5710.4170. 5950.4171.023
National non domestic rates1.8781.6891.7161.8412.0092.0182.2731.947
Total grant2.4482.3992.4542.4932.5282.7072.7983.123
Leicester City
Specific grants inside AEF1.1179.1889.413 12.96322.63032.02755.14247.292
Revenue Support Grant24.016148.702153.958152.799151.781160.180158.277187.441
National non domestic rates10.377 66.88369.48774.95484.75781.83489.11884.754
Total grant35.510224.773232.858240.716259.168274.041302.537319.487
Specific grants inside AEF0.0410.6200.9111.1881.7013.4214.6813.698
Revenue Support Grant0.5496.7486.1995.8355.2366.0755.6468.899
National non domestic rates1.1907.8338.3309.08010.27910.39311.62210.480
Total grant1.78015.20115.44016.10317.21619.88921.94923.076
Leicestershire Police Authority
Specific grants inside AEF0.3401.0241.6020.0000.0000.0006.7217.031
Revenue Support Grant15.84816.34316.53017.09615.93517.61515.45225.535
Police Grant47.05648.31249.10251.33253.16655.51555.66060.032
National non domestic rates18.92918.19818.03219.41221.49921.47023.38013.198
Total grant82.17383.87785.26687.84090.60094.600101.213105.797

(45) Figures for 1996–97 are not comparable with those for later years for Leicestershire County Council, Leicester City and Rutland due to local government organisation. This resulted in Leicester City and Rutland becoming unitary authorities on 1 April 1997.


1. AEF = Aggregate External Finance

2. More generally, figures have not been adjusted to take account of changes between years in function or responsibility.


RA and RS returns to ODPM

26 Jan 2004 : Column 165W

Mr. Flook: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister (1) what representations he has received from Taunton Deane borough council on the level of increase received in (a) revenue support grant and national non-domestic rates and (b) rent allowances for handling rents and council tax benefit; and if he will make a statement; [150065]

Mr. Raynsford: The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has received two representations from Taunton Deane borough council on the provisional local government finance settlement 2004–05, which include comments on the transfer of funding for rent allowances and council tax benefit (CTB) to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

In order to make a fair comparison, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has assessed what Formula Grant the authority would have received in 2003–04 had the transfer of benefits taken place in the previous year. On this basis the Revenue Support Grant (RSG) plus National Non-Domestic Rates (NNDR) will increase by 3.3 per cent.

In 2003–04 Taunton Deane received £3.458 million in RSG and £3.579 million in NNDR. Under the Government's proposals for 2004–05, Taunton Deane receives £3,680 million in RSG and £2,824 million in NNDR.

Mr. Djanogly: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister (1) what his policy is on enabling councils to raise a greater proportion of their income themselves; [150133]

Mr. Raynsford: The ways in which local councils are funded are being considered by the Balance of Funding Review which is due to report in the summer. Papers for the Review's Steering Group are available on the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's website at

Lottery Revenue

Mr. Willis: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what the total value is of Lottery revenue used to support Government-sponsored projects within his Department since 1997. [149627]

Phil Hope: The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has no policy or operational responsibility for distribution of National Lottery Fund.

I refer the hon. Member to the answer given by my right hon. Friend the Member for Birmingham, Yardley (Estelle Morris) on 26 January 2004, Official Report, column 45W.

26 Jan 2004 : Column 166W

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