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4 Feb 2004 : Column 922W—continued

Dame Shirley Porter

Norman Baker: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if he will make a statement on progress being made in removing the damehood from Dame Shirley Porter. [152193]

Yvette Cooper: The Government do not comment on individual honours cases.

Homebuy Loans

Ms Oona King: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how many Homebuy loans were made to (a) those in social housing, (b) those on housing waiting lists and (c) key workers in London in 2002–03. [152018]

Keith Hill: A total of 332 Homebuy loans, funded by social housing grant, were approved for property purchases during 2002–03.

A Housing Corporation survey, "CORE Sales", identified 242 of sales on Homebuy terms carried out in London during 2002–03. Of these:

It should be noted that a further 1,400 key workers in London were assisted under the Starter Home Initiative in 2002–03—many of whom received equity loans similar to the Homebuy model.

Housing Benefit

Mr. Austin Mitchell: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how and by which department housing benefit in respect of tenants whose properties (a) are managed by arm's length management organisations, (b) have been the subject of large-scale voluntary transfers and (c) are council owned is paid; for what reasons they are not all paid on the same basis as the social security fund; and what the effect of the method of funding is on central Government housing allocations to each type of operator. [148065]

Mr. Pond: I have been asked to reply.

Local authorities are responsible for the payment of housing benefit to eligible claimants. Housing benefit is paid as a rent rebate to local authority tenants and rent allowance to tenants of private landlords (including individual private landlords, housing associations and registered social landlords); tenants whose properties are managed by arm's length management organisations remain local authority tenants.

Currently as part of the housing benefit scheme local authorities in England receive a subsidy to reimburse them for correctly determined housing benefit claims.

4 Feb 2004 : Column 923W

Responsibility for payment of the indirect housing benefit subsidy element, which for English authorities was previously distributed by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, will be transferred to the Department for Work and Pensions from April 2004. This element represented the 5.5 per cent. residual subsidy paid to authorities for rent allowance, council tax benefit and non-housing revenue account rent rebates, which supplemented the 95 per cent. direct subsidy that the Department for Work and Pensions already pay; from April this year the Department for Work and Pensions will pay all HB/CTB benefit subsidy as a direct grant, payable at 100 per cent. for correct claims.

In addition responsibility for rent rebate subsidy will transfer to the Department for Work and Pensions from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister from April 2004. As a result of the transfer of all housing benefit and council tax benefit funding streams to the Department for Work and Pensions, a full review of the subsidy rules has been undertaken in order to produce a simpler, clearer system for reimbursing local authorities.

Housing allocations take no account of these arrangements.

Local Government Finance

Mrs. Anne Campbell: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister if he will list (a) the 10 local authorities which are due to receive the greatest percentage increases in grant in the financial year 2004–05 and (b) the amounts of those increases. [152326]

Mr. Raynsford: Having adjusted for changes in function, the 10 largest percentage increases in grant are tabled as follows:

Local authorityAdjusted 2003–04 grant2004–05 grantChangePercentage change
Oadby and Wigston2.6893.0020.31211.6
South Staffordshire4.7435.1580.4158.7
Milton Keynes152.958166.09713.1398.6
North Somerset104.058112.9218.8638.5
Telford and the Wrekin116.443125.7719.3288.0

4 Feb 2004 : Column 924W

Public Bodies

Keith Vaz: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister who the members of the (a) Housing Action Trust Liverpool, (b) Audit Commission, (c) Housing Action Trust Stonebridge, (d) Buildings Regulations Advisory Committee and (e) Housing Corporation were on 1 January; what their term of office is in each case; and whether they are remunerated. [151807]

Keith Hill: The details of the members, their term of office in each case and whether they are remunerated are listed in the following tables:

Building Regulations Advisory Committee as at January 2004(3)

MemberFirst appointedRe-appointedExpiry
Allen, Paul1 February 19981 February 200131 January 2004
Brown, Tony1 February 200131 January 2004
Cassar, May1 February 200231 January 2005
Conway, John1 February 19981 February 200131 January 2004
Cowans, Julie1 February 19981 February 200131 January 2004
Finn, Michael1 July 19911 January 200231 December 2004
Gibson, David1 February 19981 February 200131 January 2004
Holliday, David1 February 200231 January 2005
Jones, Philip1 October 20001 October 200330 September 2006
Mills, Christopher1 February 200131 January 2004
Roberts, Phil1 February 19981 February 200131 January 2004
Sheehan, Frank1 October 20001 October 200330 September 2006
Smith, David1 February 19981 February 200131 January 2004
Soane, Alastair1 February 200131 January 2004
Stanton, John1 February 20011 February 200331 January 2006
Sullivan, Lynne1 February 200231 January 2005
Thirumoolan, Arumugathasan1 February 200231 January 2005
Walsh, Sean1 October 20001 October 200230 September 2004
Warburton, Peter1 February 200231 January 2005
Williams, Kelvin1 October 20001 October 200330 September 2006
Wright, Clare1 February 19981 February 200231 January 2005
Young, Janet1 February 200231 January 2005

(3) None receive remuneration.

MemberFirst appointedRe-appointedExpiryRemuneration
The Housing Corporation(4)
Armitage, Eric (Deputy and Chair Registration Committee)1 October 19971 October 200030 September 2004Yes
Arthur, Richard (Chair of Registration and Super Committee)1 October 200030 September 2004Yes
Button, Sheila (Chair of Finance and Audit Committee)1 October 19971 October 200030 September 2004Yes
Dixon, Peter (Chair)1 October 200330 September 2006Yes
Drew Smith, Sheila1 December 200230 September 2005Yes
Duncan, Michael (Chair of Investment Committee)1 October 200030 September 2004Yes
Fawcett, Julie1 December 200230 September 2005Yes
Higgins, David24 March 2003Ex-officioNo
Huka, Geraldine1 October 200130 September 2004Yes
Hutchinson, Yvonne1 July 19981 October 200130 September 2005Yes
Moledina, Shaukat1 December 200230 September 2005Yes
Monckton, Ivan1 April 19991 January 200330 September 2005Yes
O'Neill, Sandi1 December 200230 September 2005Yes
Perry, Norman2 October 2000Ex-officioNo
Winckler, Andrew6 April 19981 October 200130 September 2005Yes
Housing Action Trust–Liverpool(4)
Allen, Nicola1 October 200230 June 2005Yes
Chape, Alan1 October 200230 June 2005Yes
Clark, Eileen8 February 19931 May 200230 June 2005Yes
Dykes, Rodney (Deputy Chair)8 February 19931 June 200030 June 2005Yes
Gallimore, Marjorie8 February 19931May 200230 June 2005Yes
Hardaker, Nick12 October 200330 June 2005Yes
Hubbard, Charles1 July 19941 July 200030 June 2004Yes
Kemp, Erica1 September 19991 September 200230 June 2005Yes
Parker, Graham7 March 19997 March 200230 June 2005Yes
Pettitt, John1 May 200230 June 2005Yes
Ridley, Paula (Chair)26 February 19928 February 199930 June 2005Yes
Housing Action Trust—Stonebridge(4)
Ainger, Barbara1 November 20001 November 200331 December 2007Yes
Balogun, Julie-Ann1 November 200331 December 2007Yes
Bamford, Terence1 November 20001 November 200331 December 2007Yes
Bolaji, Hakeem1 November 20001 November 200331 December 2007Yes
Bragman, Paul1 December 200331 December 2007Yes
Ferguson, Jennifer1 November 200331 December 2007Yes
Harrod, Richard1 June 20021 November 200331 December 2007Yes
Magloire, Estella1 November 200331 December 2007Yes
Maloney, Colum1 June 20021 November 200331 December 2007Yes
Pickering, Caroline (Chair)17 July 20001 November 200331 December 2007Yes
Wilson, Peter1 December 200331 December 2007Yes
Audit Commission(4)
Bowen, John1 September 200131 October 2004Yes
Bundred, Steven1 November 2003Ex-officioNo
Dixon, Jennifer1 November 200330 April 2006Yes
Filkin, Elizabeth1 November 19991 May 200330 April 2004Yes
Hart, Graham1 November 19991 May 200330 April 2004Yes
Hoyle, Roger1 January 200230 June 2005Yes
Jones, Peter1 November 200330 April 2006Yes
Lane, Pauline1 December 200030 April 2006Yes
Lemos, Gerard1 December 200030 April 2006Yes
Lyons, Michael1 November 200330 April 2006Yes
Moss, David1 December 200030 June 2004Yes
Pomeroy, Brian (Chair of Audit Committee)1 May 200330 April 2006Yes
Scott, Ros1 November 200330 April 2006Yes
Smith, Peter1 November 200330 April 2006Yes
Strachan, James (Chair)5 November 20024 November 2005Yes

(4) As at January 2004

4 Feb 2004 : Column 925W

Keith Vaz: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister who the members of the (a) Rent Assessment Panel Greater Manchester and Lancashire, (b) Rent Assessment Panel London, (c) Rent Assessment Panel Merseyside and Cheshire, (d) Rent Assessment Panel Northern, (e) Rent Assessment Panel Southern and South Eastern, (f) Rent Assessment Panel Yorkshire, (g) Rent Assessment Panel East Midland, (h) Rent Assessment Panel South Western and (i) Rent Assessment Panel Chilterns, Thames and Eastern were on 1 January; what their term of office is in each case; and whether they are remunerated. [151809]

Keith Hill: A list of the members of the Rent Assessment Panels has been made available in the Library of the House.

An appointment as part-time member is for a (renewable) period of five years. Part-time members are remunerated on a daily or half-daily fee basis according to the number of hours worked. Presidents and vice-presidents receive a salary.

Keith Vaz: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister who the members of the (a) Advisory Committee Justices of the Peace in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside, (b) Better Regulation Task Force, (c) New Millennium Experience Company and (d) Civil Service Appeals Board were on 1 January; what their term of office is in each case; and whether they are remunerated. [151821]

Mr. Alexander: I have been asked to reply.

4 Feb 2004 : Column 926W

The information requested is as follows:

Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside

Chairs and members receive no remuneration except expenses. (See Table A)

Better Regulation Task Force

Chairs and members receive no remuneration except expenses. (See Table B)

Responsibility for New Millennium Experience Company rests with my hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

Civil Service Appeals Board

The Chair, Deputy Chairs and members all receive remuneration. (See Table C)

Table A: Advisory Committees on Justices of the Peace in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside

Position Name of appointeeTerm ofappointment held
ChairmanMr. R. Bracegirdle, JP1999–2007
MemberMrs. B. Parker, JP1996–2004
MemberReverend G. Rainford1998–2006
MemberMrs. E. A. Midgley2000–08
MemberMr. S. F. Shipway , JP2001–09
MemberMr. B. Rigby, JP2002–10
MemberMrs. S. E. Edwards , JP2002–10
MemberMr. A. J. Wallace2002–10
MemberMrs. C. A. Hamilton, JP2003–11
ChairmanMr. J. R. Bisby, JP2001–09
MemberMr. J. P. A. Tuley1996–2004
MemberMrs. C. Beesley, JP, BA1998–2006
MemberMrs. M. A. McCaldin, JP1998–2005
MemberMr. M. J. Fisher1999–2007
MemberMiss H. M. Pape-Hughes2000–08
MemberDr. R. B. Henig, CBE, JP2001–09
MemberDr. E. A. M. Roberts, JP2001–06
MemberMrs. C. Lomas , JP2002–10
ChairmanMr. D. Winthrop, JP1999–2007
MemberMr. R. T. G. Lord1996–2004
MemberMrs. U. J. B. Walton, JP1997–2005
MemberMr. J. E. Hurst1999–2007
MemberMrs. J. H. Rigby, JP2000–06
MemberMrs. M. A. P. McKenzie-Murdoch, JP2001–09
MemberMr. T. A. Harris2000–07
MemberMr. J. A. Lark, JP2002–10
MemberMrs. C. Rourke, JP2002–10
ChairmanMr. P. F. Robinson1996–2004
MemberMr. E. Bolton, JP1997–2005
MemberMrs. A. N. W. Chapman, JP1997–2005
MemberMr. B. Holden, JP2000–04
MemberMr. P. W. Watkins2003–07
MemberMr. G. R. Hill, JP2001–09
MemberMrs. G. N. Rostron, JP2002–10
MemberMr. C. J. Clark2002–10
MemberMrs. V. Whittam, JP2003–11
ChairmanMrs. E. A. Parkinson, JP1999–2007
MemberMrs. B. Duxbury, JP1998–2004
MemberMrs. M. Fishwick, JP1998–2004
MemberMr. B. M. Mulligan, JP1999–2007
MemberMr. M. J. Povey, JP1999–2007
MemberMr. J. M. Edwards2000–08
MemberMr. J. A. McGowan, JP2001–09
MemberMrs. D. M. Dunne , JP2002–10
MemberMrs. G. Lewis2002–10
MemberMr. M. R. Malik2002–10
ChairmanMr. M. Cresswell, JP1996–2005
MemberMrs. J. Armistead, JP1996–2005
MemberMrs. J. M. Winstanley, JP1996–2005
MemberMrs. H. S. Harvey2000–08
MemberCouncillor K. J. Helsby, MBE,2000–08
MemberRevd. F. D. Smith2002–11
ChairmanMr. E. G. Hubert1997–2007
MemberMr. J. P. Hyndman , JP1999–2004
MemberMrs. V. S. McGrory, JP2002–04
MemberMrs. J. E. Hinkley, JP1997–2007
MemberMr. E. Ahmed, JP1999–2007
MemberMrs. J. R. Smale1999–2008
MemberMr. I. D. Hurdley, JP2002–10
MemberMrs. L. B. Sable, JP2002–10
MemberMiss B. E. Farragher2003–10
ChairmanMrs. J. L. Berry, JP1998–2005
MemberMrs. B. E. Creme , JP1999–2005
MemberMr. S. Terry, JP1999–2008
MemberMrs. B. H. Warnock, JP1999–2008
MemberMr. M. M. Elder1999–2005
MemberMr. G. Sable1999–2008
MemberMr. M. J. Taylor2000–08
MemberMr. R. S. Rees2003–11
MemberMs A. R. Malach2003–11
MemberMs K. A. Rigby, JP2003–11
MemberMrs. K. J. Heppleston-Baines, JP2003–11
MemberMr. M. B. Enderby, JP2003–11
MemberMs G. D'Silva, JP2003–11
MemberMr. L. W. T. Collier, JP2003–11
ChairmanMrs. A. Sykes, JP1995–2004
MemberMrs. J. Cooper, JP1996–2007
MemberMr. M. J. Garner, JP1996–2004
MemberMr. M. Flacks, JP1998–2007
MemberMr. D. R. Jones1998–2007
MemberMrs. M. C. Bray, JP2001–10
MemberMrs. J. H. Molineux, JP2001–10
MemberMr. A. K. Hazell2001–10
MemberMr. I. P. Armstong2002–10
ChairmanMr. R. Matthews, JP1997–2004
MemberMrs. D. Ainsworth, JP1995–2004
MemberMrs. M. C. Ashworth1999–2004
MemberMr. J. M. Coupe2001–07
MemberMr. R. Needham, JP1996–2007
MemberDr. A. Rauf, JP1999–2007
MemberMrs. C. V. Ashworth-Lord, JP2001–10
MemberMrs. G. J. Wilde, JP2001–10
MemberMr. J. K. Davies2003–10
ChairmanMrs. P. A. Holt, JP1999–2008
MemberMr. F. Sullivan1994–2005
MemberMr. J. Connor, JP1994–2005
MemberMr. B. Ball1996–2008
MemberMr. D. Bentham, JP1997–2005
MemberMrs. S. Portman, JP1999–2008
MemberMs C. R. Borders, JP2002–11
MemberMr. R. S. Smith, JP2002–11
MemberMrs. J. L. Dunn2002–11
MemberMr. D. Marsh2002–11
ChairmanMr. A. Roberts1995–2005
MemberMr. S. B. Berry1996–2004
MemberMr. D. J. Wildgoose, JP1994–2005
MemberMrs. M. A. Evans, JP1995–2008
MemberMrs. D. A. Manton, JP1995–2008
MemberMrs. H. C. Jenkins1999–2008
MemberMrs. P. P. King, JP2002–11
MemberMr. J. T. Jackson, JP2002–11
MemberDr. C. S. Raju2002–11
ChairmanMr. D. Baggott, JP1995–2004
MemberMrs. B. E. Ilett, JP1995–2004
MemberMrs. J. Hurlston1997–2006
MemberMrs. S. Marston, JP1997–2006
MemberMrs. A. Saltsman, JP1997–2006
MemberMrs. J. A. Watson1999–2008
MemberMr. M. Watson2002–10
MemberMr. A. Bridge, JP2002–10
MemberA. J. H. Van Weerdenburg, MBE, JP2002–10
ChairmanMrs. J. Brown. JP1995–2004
MemberMr. M. J. Harkin, JP1995–2004
MemberMrs. G.L. Williams, JP1995–2004
MemberMr. J. F. Connor, JP2000–07
MemberMrs. M. Lucas, JP2000–07
MemberDr. R. J. M. Gray2001–10
MemberMr. G. Homer, JP2001–10
MemberMr. J. R. Marsh2001–10
MemberMiss. K. J. Holder2001–10
ChairmanMrs. M. Wall, JP1996–2005
MemberMr. C. B. F. J. D'Souza2000–08
MemberMrs. C. E. Hitchmough2000–08
MemberMrs. M. Griffin, JP2001–04
MemberMr. G. Cunliffe, MBE, JP2002–11
MemberMr. T. M. Gregory, JP2002–11
MemberMr. A. Bent, JP2003–11
MemberMr. J. Winter, JP2003–11
ChairmanMr. B. R. Worster-Davis, QBE, JP2002–07
MemberMrs. M. H. Davitt, JP1995–2004
MemberMr. J. Alexander, JP1997–2004
MemberMr. J. G. Moore. JP1996–2007
MemberMrs. C. E. Humphries1999–2007
MemberMrs. K. P. Pye, JP2002–10
MemberMr. A. D. Disley2003–11
MemberMrs. L . Murray2003–11
MemberMr. E. G. Grimes2003–06
ChairmanMr. M. W. Evans1998–2007
MemberMrs. S. E. Mashiane-Talbot , JP1998–2007
MemberMrs. D. E. Morton, JP1998–2007
MemberMrs. D. Bogle, JP2002–10
MemberMr. B. M. Cave, JP2002–10
MemberMr. G. Green, JP2002–10
MemberMrs. M. K. Kakar, JP2002–10
MemberProf. J. L. Verbov, JP2002–04
MemberProf. R. S. Jones, QBE, JP2002–07
MemberMiss J.G. Keller2003–10
ChairmanMr. G. H. Lloyd, JP1996–2005
MemberMrs. E. A. Barnett, JP1994–2005
MemberMr. D. J. Allman, JP1999–2008
MemberMrs. A. Shute,JP1999–2008
MemberDr. A. D. Havard1999–2008
MemberMr. F. J. Hyland, JP2003–11
MemberMs D. Bridson, JP2003–11
MemberDr. P. A. Downham,2003–11
MemberMrs. J. R. Carver2003–11
ChairmanMrs. H. Williams, JP1996–2004
MemberMr. S. Cooper, JP1996–2004
MemberMrs. J. M. Dawkins, JP1996–2005
MemberMr. B. Corbin1998–2007
MemberMr. D. McCaughrean2000–09
MemberMs. J. A. Ash2000–09
MemberMrs. E. A. Sinker, JP2001–09
ChairmanMr. B. T. Spencer1998–2004
MemberMrs. M. Brooks, JP1995–2004
MemberDr. P. J. Tunstall, JP2002–04
MemberMrs. D. M. Hi1ton, JP1998–2007
MemberMr. D. Wainwright, JP1998–2007
MemberMr. E. Hazeldine1998–2007
MemberMr. B. W. Bawden, JP2002–10
MemberMr. A. G. Dudley, JP2002–10
MemberMiss C.A. Roberson2002–10
ChairmanMr. M. H. Middleton, JP1997–2005
MemberMr. R. J. Pullin, JP1995–2004
MemberMrs. S. Spencer, JP1995–2004
MemberMrs. P. M. Snowden, JP1997–2007
MemberCdr. C. J. Arthurs, JP2002–11
MemberMrs. C. A. Alien, JP2002–11
MemberMrs. D. S. Shaw2003–11
MemberMr. R. McWilliams2003–11

4 Feb 2004 : Column 929W

Table B: Better Regulation Task Force

Position heldNameTerm of appointment
ChairMr. D. Arculus2002–05
Deputy ChairMs T. Graham QBE1997–2006
MemberMs M. Alderson1999–2004
MemberMr. S. Falder1999–2004
MemberMr. M. Gibbons2002–06
MemberDr. K. Hawkins2002–06
MemberMs D. Hutton CBE1999–2006
MemberMr. S. Petch2000–04
MemberDr. I. Peters2000–06
MemberDr. P. Rowlatt2000–06
MemberMs J. Russell1998–2006
MemberMs S. Stubbs2002–06
MemberMr. T. Sweeney2002–06
MemberMr. R. Symons CBE2002–06
MemberMr. S. Ward1999–2004
MemberMs V. Younghusband2003–05

Table C: Civil Service Appeal Board

Position heldNameTerm of appointment
ChairmanMr. J. H. Davies1999–2005
Deputy ChairMr. M. E. G. Fogden CB1997–2005
Deputy ChairMr. J. Sheldon2001–04
MemberMr. G. Bertram CB2001–04
MemberMs S. Brown1998–2004
MemberMr. J. F. Carling1999–2005
MemberMr. E. McGivern CB1998–2004
MemberMr. D. W. Rayson1999–2005
MemberMr. G. L. Reid CB1999–2005
MemberMr. A. Turner CBE1999–2005
MemberMr. J. Turner CB2000–05
MemberMr. I. Ward2001–04
MemberMrs. C. Alderson2000–06
MemberMr.A. J. Audley2001–07
MemberMrs. L. J. Clare1998–2004
MemberMrs P. Cryer1999–2005
MemberMr. D. Evans2000–06
MemberMrs. D. Hall Hall1996–2004
MemberMr. P. J. Kelly1999–2005
MemberMr. T. Thomson1998–2004
MemberMr. F. Winrow1999–2005

4 Feb 2004 : Column 930W

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