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4 Feb 2004 : Column 977W—continued

Waiting Lists/Times

Mr. Burstow: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what the average waiting times were for (a) all specialities, (b) orthopaedics and (c) thoracic treatment in each year since 1997 for (i) England and (ii) each region; and if he will make a statement. [149854]

Mr. Hutton: The information requested has been placed in the Library.

Mr. Laws: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what his estimate is of the (a) mean and (b) median waiting time for (i) in-patient and (ii) first out-patient appointments for each quarter from 1990–91 to Q1 2004; and if he will make a statement. [150539]

Mr. Hutton [holding answer 28 January 2004]:The tables show estimates of the mean and median waiting times for in-patients and out-patients. Out-patient data are only available from Quarter 3, 1993–94.

Patients waiting for elective in-patient admission: England

Average waiting time (months)
Quarter endingMeanMedian
30 June 19908.554.77
30 September 19908.414.76
31 December 19907.954.50
31 March 19917.574.43
30 June 19917.534.37
30 September 19917.314.19
31 December 19916.433.75
31 March 19925.123.20
30 June 19925.033.45
30 September 19924.963.40
31 December 19924.773.24
31 March 19934.533.18
30 June 19934.723.47
30 September 19934.803.45
31 December 19934.803.41
31 March 19944.613.23
30 June 19944.643.35
30 September 19944.593.25
31 December 19944.423.02
31 March 19954.022.84
30 June 19954.082.95
30 September 19954.012.86
31 December 19953.872.79
31 March 19963.662.72
30 June 19963.812.84
30 September 19963.892.82
31 December 19963.992.87
31 March 19974.173.04
30 June 19974.343.09
30 September 19974.493.27
31 December 19974.603.36
31 March 19984.613.42
30 June 19984.673.50
30 September 19984.533.25
31 December 19984.393.03
31 March 19994.302.96
30 June 19994.282.95
30 September 19994.302.95
31 December 19994.302.94
31 March 20004.312.97
30 June 20004.373.08
30 September 20004.363.00
31 December 20004.322.96
31 March 20014.182.90
30 June 20014.353.16
30 September 20014.353.09
31 December 20014.152.94
31 March 20024.012.92
30 June20024.073.04
30 September 20024.022.96
31December 20023.892.87
31 March 20033.612.75
30 June 20033.622.80
30 September 20033.532.71


Department of Health form KH07

4 Feb 2004 : Column 978W

Waiting times for 1st consultant out-patient appointment following G(D)P referral: England

Average waiting time (weeks)
Q1 1993–949.375.47
Q2 1993–949.355.42
Q1 1994–958.905.69
Q2 1994–958.915.82
Q3 1994–959.065.72
Q4 1994–959.336.05
Q1 1995–968.606.01
Q2 1995–968.856.31
Q3 1995–968.766.07
Q4 1995–968.686.02
Q1 1996–978.486.13
Q2 1996–978.466.18
Q3 1996–978.646.05
Q4 1996–978.706.05
Q1 1997–988.716.17
Q2 1997–988.866.37
Q3 1997–989.136.25
Q4 1997–989.326.27
Q1 1998–999.306.49
Q2 1998–999.636.80
Q3 1998–9910.066.89
Q4 1998–9910.426.99
Q1 1999–200010.467.09
Q2 1999–200010.737.31
Q3 1999–200011.087.32
Q4 1999–200011.497.58
Q1 2000–0110.497.1 1
Q2 2000–0110.767.45
Q3 2000–0110.907.38
Q4 2000–0110.817.38
Q1 2001–029.726.89
Q2 2001–0210.107.21
Q3 2001–0210.497.27
Q4 2001–0211.067.58
Q1 2002–038.937.03
Q2 2002–038.977.15
Q3 2002–038.987.22
Q4 2002–038.997.34
Q1 2003–048.256.86
Q2 2003–048.527.05


The figures shown are estimates based on aggregate data, categorised into waiting time bands, and do not reflect shifts in the waiting time profiles within these bands, only between bands. The median is not very sensitive to reductions in maximum waiting times, and it is possible to see a rise in the median, while reducing maximum waiting times because of shifts in low time bands. Short-term progress on delivering maximum waiting times (including in-year tail-gunning) will not necessarily translate into a reduction in the median waiting time. Our policy, therefore, is to focus attention on the number of patients waiting the longest, and in each waiting time band. Year-on-year, the trend on both waiting lists and waiting times is clearly downwards. Waiting lists are now over 199,000 lower than March 1997, and numbers of patients waiting over 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months and 15 months for in-patient treatment are all lower than inherited March 1997 figures.Source:

Department of Health form QM08

4 Feb 2004 : Column 980W

Simon Hughes: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many hospital trolley waits there were in the London region in (a) 2000, (b) 2001, (c) 2002 and (d) 2003; and how many there were in December of each year. [149794]

Mr. Hutton: Information on the number of emergency admissions through accident and emergency departments and the time spent waiting for admission to a ward is published each quarter at This information is available in the Library. Information is not available on a monthly basis.

4 Feb 2004 : Column 981W


Anti-social Behaviour

Bob Spink: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department (1) what advice he has given to (a) police and (b) local councils on (i) the need to liaise with each other, (ii) the protocols for publishing intentions in the local press and (iii) operational protocols in respect of anti-social behaviour legislation; [152427]

Ms Blears: We have issued a "Together Campaign Pack" which provides information and tools for local authorities, police and other practitioners to run campaigns against anti-social behaviour in their area. It encourages practitioners to keep the public and partner organisations informed and involved in the work they are doing to tackle anti-social behaviour.

We have also issued Home Office Circular number 04/2004 describing the powers to disperse groups contained in Part 4 of the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003. The circular provides information to assist the police and local authorities in the use of the new powers. The National Centre for Policing Excellence (NCPE) has been asked to produce further guidance on these new powers. We hope to publish the guidance later this year.

Bob Spink: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will publish a code of practice for police operations in respect of recent anti-social behaviour legislation. [153077]

Ms Blears: We have published "A Guide to the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003", copies of which were sent to all Chief Constables in England and Wales and Members of Parliament. In addition, we have produced some detailed guidance on the measures in the Act for practitioners, including the police. Examples of these include:

Information on when further guidance will be issued on other measures in the Act is contained in the Guide to the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003.

Asylum Policy

Mrs. Curtis-Thomas: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will list the differences between the proposed new measures on asylum policy and the present immigration rules. [150178]

Beverley Hughes: The Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc.) Bill and accompanying explanatory notes set out the proposed changes to existing legislation and the effect of these changes. The Immigration Rules can be accessed through the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) website.

4 Feb 2004 : Column 982W

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