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9 Feb 2004 : Column 1285W—continued

Probation Service

Mrs. Gillan: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what evaluation his Department made of the restructuring of the Probation Service following its restructuring in April 2001. [150714]

Paul Goggins: The structural changes introduced under the Criminal Justice Act 2000 and implemented from April 2001 were managed as a change programme overseen by National Director (latterly the Director General) of the National Probation Service (NPS) based within the Home Office.

The strategy for the change programme was set out in a three-year strategic document, "A New Choreography". The Office of Government Commerce independently reviewed the initial programme in October 2001. They commended the restructure and noted early performance improvements. Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Probation has covered issues relevant to restructuring, such as governance, training and race equality, in recent reports.

Service-wide performance improvements have continued and these are monitored in regular NPS performance reports.

Mrs. Gillan: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what proportion of offenders under the management of the Probation Service have been serviced by non-qualified probation personnel over the last 12 months. [150715]

Paul Goggins: The information requested is not held centrally.

Offenders may be supervised by a variety of people who deliver both statutory and non-statutory interventions. These will include probation staff and others from partnership agencies. All probation staff who supervise offenders have been assessed and trained for this work. Probation officers and probation service officers have professional qualifications as do specialist staff, such as psychologists.

Mr. Jim Cunningham: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many probation field staff were employed in (a) Coventry, (b) the West Midlands and (c) England in each year since 2000. [151190]

Paul Goggins [holding answer 29 January 2004]: The information requested is as follows.

9 Feb 2004 : Column 1286W

Number of ProbationField Staff(31) , (32)31 December 2000(33)31 December 200131 December 200230 June 2003
(a) Coventry151724(34)31
(b) West Midlands541774645706
(c)England and Wales8,4629,665(35)10,43911,128

(31) Figures include Senior Probation Officers, Senior Practitioners, Probation Officers, Trainee Probation Officers and Probation Service Officers employed in all functions excluding Prisons and Courts.

(32) Figures shown as full time equivalent (FTC)

(33) The figures for December 2000 also exclude those employed within Family Court Welfare. This service transferred during 2001 into Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS).

(34) Information provided by West Midlands Probation Area at 31 December 2003

(35) Figures for December 2002 include Sussex figures at June 2002.

Mr. Jim Cunningham: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will make a statement on funding available for the provision of intensive services to offenders on release by the Probation Service. [151192]

Paul Goggins [holding answer 29 January 2004]: The National Probation Service (NPS) is funding or part funding 15 intensive supervision and monitoring schemes (ISMs) which aim to reduce reoffending by persistent offenders. ISMs operate as part of a community sentence or a post custodial licence. Funding was provided for two years by the NPS and the Criminal Justice System Reserve (CJS) which will expire in April 2004. After that areas are expected to have made their own arrangements to fund the projects locally. It is also expected that some continuation funding will be available from the CJS Reserve for an additional year.

Persistent offenders are defined as those who are aged 18 or over and have been convicted of six or more recordable offences in the last year. ISM schemes target the most prolific offenders in a locality. These are the most serious of persistent offenders. Therefore, in addition to six convictions in the last year, those selected will also usually be the target of local police intelligence.

ISM schemes provide intensive surveillance and supervision of offenders, offering fast access to services and support for rehabilitation, alongside swift action and penalties for non-compliance. They incorporate a partnership between police and probation, two agencies that have historically worked in different areas of criminal justice, through the joint aims of apprehending offenders at the same time as addressing offenders' needs. As part of these projects, the police and probation services also work together with other partner agencies such as: providers of housing, education and training, alcohol and drug abuse treatment groups, leisure facilities and employment services.

The ISMs are subject to independent evaluation, which is due to report in spring 2004. A number of areas operate similar schemes to the probation funded ISMs. Plans to deal with persistent offenders will be included as part of the regional resettlement strategies which are to be developed over the next 12 months.

Public Bodies

Keith Vaz: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department who the members of the (a) Horserace

9 Feb 2004 : Column 1287W

Totalisator Board, (b) Service Authorities for the National Criminal Intelligence Service and the National Crime Squad, (c) Parliamentary Boundary Commission for England and (d) Parole Board to the Prison Service were on 1 January; what their term of office is in each case; and whether they are remunerated. [151812]

Paul Goggins: The information requested is set out in the table and lists the members of the following bodies on 1 January 2004, their term of office and whether they are remunerated. Excluded are data for (a) Horserace Totalisator Board as this body is now under the Department of Culture, Media and Sport's remit, and (b) Parliamentary Boundary Commission for England, which now falls under Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Body/MemberLength of termRemunerated
NCS Service Authority
Paul Lever2 yearsYes
Caroline Burton2 yearsYes
Jennifer Harvey2 yearsYes
Home Office representative2 yearsNo
ACPO(36) representative4 yearsNo
ACPO representative4 yearsNo
APA(37)representative4 yearsYes
APA representative4 yearsYes
HMCE(38) representative4 yearsNo
NCIS Service Authority
Paul Lever2 yearsYes
Caroline Burton2 yearsYes
Jennifer Harvey2 yearsYes
Home Office representative2 yearsNo
ACPO representative4 yearsNo
APA representative4 yearsYes
HMCE representative4 yearsNo
Head of Serious Crime, Security Service4 yearsNo
Scottish representative4 yearsNo
Northern Ireland representative4 yearsNo
Parole Board
Janet Lindsay Addyman6 years 2 monthsYes
Akintunde Akinkunmi3 years 3 monthsYes
Michael Alcock3 years 3 monthsYes
Kofi Appiah6 years 2 monthsYes
Ann Faith Barker3 yearsYes
Claire Barkley3 yearsYes
Fiona Barrie3 years 3 monthsYes
Arnold Barrow3 years 3 monthsYes
Peter Benson3 years 3 monthsNo
Colin Berry7 years 2 monthsYes
Inigo Bing3 years 3 monthsNo
John Boal3 yearsNo
Louise Bowers3 years 3 monthsYes
Sally A. R. Brady3 yearsYes
David Brown6 years 3 monthsYes
Mark Brown3 years 3 monthsNo
Penny Buller9 years 3 monthsYes
Sir Alexander Butterfield3 yearsNo
John Quentin Campbell3 yearsNo
Margaret Carey6 years 3 monthsYes
Lawrence P. Chesterman3 yearsYes
Barry Chipchase3 years 3 monthsYes
Tia Cockrell6 years 3 monthsYes
Jeremy Connor6 years 2 monthsNo
Thomas Cook6 years 3 monthsYes
Allan Gerald Corless6 years 3 monthsYes
Graham W. A. Cottle3 years 3 monthsNo
Keith Charles Cutler3 yearsNo
Susan Lesley Davenport6 years 2 monthsYes
Jo C. Dobry3 yearsYes
Paul Dodgson3 years 3 monthsNo
Roland Doven6 years 3 monthsYes
Mark Dyer3 years 3 monthsNo
Esmond Faulks3 years 3 monthsNo
Mathew Fiander3 years 3 monthsYes
Peter Fingret3 years 3 monthsNo
Giles Charles Forrester3 years 3 monthsNo
Diana Fulbrook3 yearsYes
William Gage3 yearsNo
Jane Margaret Geraghty3 yearsYes
Stephen M. J. Goode CBE3 years 3 monthsYes
John Keith Harding CBE3 years 3 monthsYes
W. Gareth Hawkesworth3 yearsNo
Michael Philip Hennesse6 years 2 monthsYes
Debbie Hill3 years 3 monthsYes
Lesley Hilton6 years 2 monthsYes
Estelle J. Hindley6 years 2 monthsNo
Julia Holman3 years 3 monthsYes
Trevor J. Hoyland3 years 3 monthsYes
Judith Caroline Hughes QC3 years 3 monthsNo
C. Chris Hunter3 yearsYes
Kyrie Llinos James3 years 3 monthsYes
Geoffrey Kamil6 years 3 monthsNo
B. Mary Kane9 years 3 monthsYes
Ardash Kaul3 yearsYes
Andrew Keen3 years 3 monthsYes
Ian Keitch8 yearsYes
Anwar William Khan6 years 3 monthsYes
Assia King6 years 2 monthsYes
Roy David King3 yearsYes
Dora Kohen6 years 1 monthYes
Brenda P. M. Large6 years 3 monthsYes
Timothy Lawrence6 years 2 monthsNo
Sarah Lightfoot3 years 3 monthsYes
Robin James Lipscombe6 years 3 monthsYes
Rachael Loveridge3 years 3 monthsYes
Kerry P. M. Macgill3 yearsYes
Judith M. Mackenzie6 years 2 monthsYes
Robert B. Mathers6 years 2 monthsYes
David Charles Mawson3 yearsYes
Hamish McClelland8 years 3 monthsYes
Linda E. McHugh3 years 3 monthsYes
John Graeme McNaught6 years 2 monthsNo
Christopher Metcalf3 years 3 monthsNo
David Mole3 years 3 monthsNo
Anne Molyneux3 years 3 monthsYes
Angela Montgomery6 years 3 monthsYes
Heather M. Morgan6 years 3 monthsYes
David Wynn Morgan3 years 3 monthsNo
Steven C. Murphy3 yearsYes
David Mylan3 yearsYes
D. E. Paul Nicholson6 years 3 monthsYes
Richard O'Flynn3 yearsYes
Richard B. L. Osborn6 years 3 monthsYes
Tanya Ossack3 years 3 monthsYes
Sarah Page3 years 3 monthsYes
Peter Palmer3 yearsYes
J. Graham Park CBE8 years 3 monthsYes
Barbara Ann Parn3 years 3 monthsYes
Sylvia Peach3 yearsYes
Anthony Pembrooke6 years 2 monthsYes
Judith Pitchers6 years 2 monthsYes
David Philip Pugsley6 years 2 monthsNo
Malcolm Rae3 years 3 monthsYes
Alistair John Reeve6 years 3 monthsYes
Steven Robbins3 yearsNo
John Mervyn Roberts3 years 3 monthsNo
Andrew F. Rutherford3 yearsYes
John Sadlik9 years 3 monthsYes
Gwyneth Ann Sampson3 years 3 monthsYes
Audrey O. H. Sander6 years 3 monthsNo
Girish Chander Shetty9 years 3 monthsYes
Alan Douglas Smith3 years 3 monthsYes
James Spencer QC3 years 3 monthsNo
John Wilfred Staples6 years 2 monthsYes
Nigel A. Stone9 years 3 monthsYes
Margaret Stone3 years 3 monthsYes
Marion Swan6 years 3 monthsYes
Barbara Swyer3 years 3 monthsYes
Diana Tamlyn7 years 1 monthYes
Kay Christina Terry3 years 3 monthsYes
Anthony Thornton QC3 years 3 monthsNo
Lynne D. Tolan6 years 3 monthsYes
Jo M. Turnbull3 yearsYes
Susan Vivian-Byrne3 years 3 monthsYes
Helen Ward3 years 3 monthsYes
Brian Watling QC3 years 3 monthsNo
Mollie Jane Weatheritt6 yearsYes
Tessa West6 years 3 monthsYes
Alan Keith Whiffen6 years 3 monthsYes
Richard G. Whitfield6 years 3 monthsYes
Peter Wilshaw6 years 3 monthsYes
Simon Wood6 years 2 monthsYes
Anne J. Worall3 yearsYes
Yaa F. Yeboah3 years 3 monthsYes

(36) Association of Chief Police Officers.

(37) Association of Police Authorities.

(38) HM Customs and Excise.

9 Feb 2004 : Column 1289W

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