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25 Feb 2004 : Column 495W—continued

UK Medicines (Name Changes)

Mr. Burstow: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what the timetable is for implementing the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency awareness campaign for nurses about the recent name changes to UK medicines; and if he will make a statement. [154587]

Ms Rosie Winterton: The names of some medicinal substances are changing in the United Kingdom so that British approved names reflect recommended International non-proprietary names, where these currently differ. This action is being taken on the advice of the Medicines Commission and with the support of a wide range of interest groups. It will reduce the risk of confusion on the part of both healthcare professionals and patients arising from the availability on the market of some medicines using two different names.

The name changes were published in the 2003 edition of the British Pharmacopoeia and became effective on 1 December 2003. From this date, licence holders for medicinal products using the old names were given 12 months to apply to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency to update their licences to use the new names.

We are committed to ensuring that all those who are responsible for prescribing, dispensing and administering medicines receive full information about the name changes and expect shortly to be in a position to issue detailed guidance and advice to healthcare professionals, including nurses.


Saville Inquiry

Mr. Swire: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (1) what the latest estimate is of the cost of the Saville Inquiry; [155314]

25 Feb 2004 : Column 496W

Mr. Spellar: The latest figure available to the end of December 2003 for the cost of the Inquiry is a total of £129.9 million. £103.7 million (80 per cent. of the total) of this falls to the Northern Ireland Office and my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Defence advises me that his Department to the end of December 2003 has spent £26.2 million (20 per cent. of the total).

The Departments which have incurred directs costs in connection with the Bloody Sunday Inquiry are the Northern Ireland Office and the Ministry of Defence. The small amount of expenditure by a number of other Departments is de minimis.

Mr. Swire: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland how many lawyers have been employed during the course of the Saville Inquiry; and what the latest estimate of the costs of employing lawyers during the inquiry is. [155316]

Mr. Spellar: I refer the hon. Member to the answer I gave to the hon. Member for East Londonderry (Mr. Campbell) on 12 January 2004, Official Report, column 544W and the follow-up letter I wrote on 11 February, the text of which is set out as follows.

Letter from John Spellar to Mr. Gregory Campbell on 11 February 2004:


Period covered
Payments madeFromToNote
Counsel for the Inquiry
Christopher Clarke3,721,971February 1998January 2004
Jacob Grierson394,879July 1998December 2000Left the case in December 2000
Cathryn McGahey1,078,130June 2000January 2004
Bilal Rawat842,701June 2000January 2004
Alan Roxburgh1,518,831May 1998January 2004
Solicitors employed for the taking of witness statements
Eversheds12,609,388June 1998August 2003
Senior Counsel representing the families(11)
Lord Gifford618,544October 1998September 2003
Arthur Harvey767,362July 1998January 2003
Michael Lavery549,880November 2000June 2003
B J MacDonald507,683September 1998December 2002Left the case (as a junior) in September 2000 and rejoined the case (as a senior) in July 2001.
P T MacDonald65,800April 1998June 1999Left the case June 1999
Michael Mansfield561,711March 1999July 2003
Eilish McDermott105,309March 2000June 2001
Seamus Treacy701,073March 1998April 2003Having started as a junior in March 1998, became a senior counsel in September 2000
Eoin McGonigal82,446October 2000June 2002
Kevin Finnegan235,000July 1998May 2001Left the case in May 2001
Senior Counsel representing NICRA
Sir Louis Blom-Cooper419,389December 2000July 2003
Junior Counsel representing the families
John Coyle314,422September 1999February 2003
Fiona Doherty164,273October 2000October 2002
Ciaran Harvey472,145December 2000June 2003
Richard Harvey445,270October 2000July 2003
Brian Kennedy557,522July 1999March 2003
Philip Magee83,175June 1998September 2000Left the case in September 2000
Kieran Mallon Bl626,791March 1999May 2003
Brian McCartney723,685October 1998November 2003
Karen Quinlivan290,193March 1999July 2003
Patricia Smyth328,719October 1998June 2002Left the case in June 2002.
Michael Topolski139,940November 2000June-2001Left the case in June 2001
Mary McHugh219,877February 2002April 2003
Junior counsel representing NICRA
Paddy O'Hanlon230,151November 2000October 2002
Solicitors representing the families(12)
Barr and Co535,231February 1999September 2003
Brendan Kearney and Co787,027July 1999July 2003
Desmond Doherty and Co1,023,977November 1998November 2003Figure does not include fees for September 2003
MacDermott and McGurk988,782November 1998November 2003
Madden and Finucane6,707,182January 1998October 2003
McCann and McCann573,912October 1998November 2003Figure does not include fees for July 2003
McCartney and Casey1,001,358November 1998November 2003
Solicitors representing NICRA
Francis Keenan208,739May 2000June 2001
Legal representatives for other witnesses
Various solicitors and counsel2,539,645April 1998April 2003Figure includes payments made to more than 60 other solicitors and counsel

(11) In addition the following senior counsel have represented/are representing some of the families but have yet to submit fee claims: Declan Morgan and Reg Weir.

(12) Includes payments made in respect of witness statement-taking work

25 Feb 2004 : Column 497W

My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Defence has advised me that the following payments have been made to counsel and solicitors in respect of work for the Bloody Sunday Inquiry by his Department.


Payments made
Senior Counsel representing HM armed forces
Edmund Lawson694,303
Edwin Glasgow3,333,954
Peter Clarke884,991
Sydney Kentridge52,875
Anna Worrall100,457
Gerard Elias1,454,476
Allan Green1,280,323
Rosamund Horwood Smart343,589
David Lloyd Jones900,734
Lan Burnett218,431
Philip Havers7,138
Junior counsel representing MoD
William Hoskins8,621
Junior counsel representing HM armed forces
Michael Hick253,895
Gaby Bonham Carter186,395
Kristian Mills56,929
Sam Grodzinski1,877
Alan May299,009
Andrew Hurst457,469
David Bradly1,066,560
Michael Bools768,525
Nicholas Griffin1,043,690
Thomas Quinton328,121
Huw Davies279,496
Nicholas Moss779,350
Ian Leist779,202
Alexander Milne259,934
Stephen Requena88,161
Bridget Petherbridge25,953
Pamela Morrison76,199
Solicitors representing HM armed forces
Kingsley Napley1,227,718
Payne Hicks Beach2,490,332
Jacqueline Duff149,593
Treasury Solicitor2,228,402

25 Feb 2004 : Column 498W

A copy of this letter has been placed in the Library.

25 Feb 2004 : Column 499W

Ministerial Travel

Bob Russell: To ask the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland when he last used a train in connection with his ministerial duties. [155168]

Mr. Paul Murphy: Within the UK, the method of transport used in the course of my official duties is determined by security advice from the police. Details are not disclosed for security reasons.

25 Feb 2004 : Column 500W

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