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1 Mar 2004 : Column 751W—continued

Prisoners (Foreign Nationals)

Mr. Stinchcombe: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many foreign nationals committed suicide whilst in custody in England and Wales in each of the last five years. [155386]

Paul Goggins: The information requested with respect to prisons and immigration removal centres is provided in the following table.

Number of self-inflicted deaths(25) of foreign nationals in prison custodyNumber of self- inflicted deaths of foreign nationals in immigration removal centres

(25) The Prison Service employs the term 'self-inflicted death' rather than suicide. This includes all those deaths where it appears the prisoner has acted intentionally to take his/her own life.

(26) This death occurred at HM Immigration Removal Centre Haslar, a Prison Service managed centre.

The police do not collate data centrally on the number of foreign nationals who commit suicide in their custody.

Reducing the number of self-inflicted deaths in prison establishments is an essential part of the Prison Service's decency agenda and a priority for Ministers. A three-year strategy to develop policies and practices to prevent prisoner suicide and manage self-harm started in April 2001. This is currently under review, taking into account learning from the various projects initiated over the last three years, emerging research findings and a wide consultation process. The main principles of the strategy apply across all types of prisons and to all prisoners, regardless of nationality.

All immigration removal centres are required to comply with an Operating Standard on suicide and self-harm prevention, and a range of measures is in place to address the issue. These measures include: suicide awareness and emergency first aid training for staff, active Suicide Prevention Committees operating in all centres, and systems for paying particular attention to detainees on their first night in detention or immediately prior to their removal.

The police have also undertaken a number of initiatives to prevent self-inflicted deaths in their custody. These include: custody officer training in risk assessment and management, improvements in police practice in relation to the mentally ill, an increase in the range of custody healthcare professionals, improvements in procedures to assess and document specific risks presented by those coming into custody, the use of closed circuit television in cells, and the use in some forces of life signs monitoring systems.

Mrs. Curtis-Thomas: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what measures are in place to help foreign national prisoners maintain links with their families. [155250]

Paul Goggins: The Prison Service places considerable importance on encouraging and assisting all prisoners to maintain meaningful contact with family and friends.

1 Mar 2004 : Column 752W

All convicted prisoners have a statutory entitlement to send one letter, and unconvicted prisoners, two letters per week, at public expense. In addition to this, prisoners may send a letter at public expense in lieu of a statutory domestic visit. In addition, there are several measures which are advantageous to foreign national prisoners:

Mrs. Curtis-Thomas: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how he monitors the number of foreign national prisoners who are liable to deportation. [155251]

Beverley Hughes: Her Majesty's prisons are instructed to notify the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) of all foreign nationals sentenced to a term of imprisonment, together with their release dates once calculated.

The Prison Service is currently conducting an audit to identify all foreign nationals who are serving a term of imprisonment.


John McDonnell: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many vacancies there are in the 42 probation areas in England and Wales, broken down by grade; and how many probation officers have left the service in each financial year since 2000–01. [147663]

Paul Goggins: The latest published information requested is as follows: The total number of vacant posts within the National Probation Service as at 30 June 2003 broken down by grade is as follows:

England and WalesNumber of vacancies (full time equivalent)
Senior Probation Officer37.1
Senior Practitioner24.3
Probation Officer345.0
Trainee Probation Officer58.2
Probation Services Officers329.6
Other Operational Staff20.7
Total Operational Staff815.4
Deputy Chief Officers/Directors2.0
AGO and equivalent7.7
Area/District Managers or equivalent0.6
Managers—Section or Function Heads10.9
Support Staff—Administration203.9
Support Staff Others14.7
Other Specialist Workers4.7
Total Support Staff244.5

I will write to my hon. Friend shortly with more up to date figures when these are available.

1 Mar 2004 : Column 753W

The number of Probation Officers who have left the service in each financial year since 2000–01 is as follows:

Number of leavers(27)
England and Wales20002001–02(27)2002–03
Deputy Chief Officers9(31)73
Assistant Chief Officers(28)17(31)7513
Senior Probation Officers313(31)14878
Probation Officers(29)593(31)967642
Probation Service Officers(30)290see note 4 belowsee note 4 below
All other staff429(31)1,9161,670

(27) Figures shown in Headcount and were collected for calendar years only 1997–2000 inclusive.

(28) Includes area managers

(29) Includes senior practitioners, trainee probation officers, temporary probation officers

(30) PSOs included in other staff 2001–02 onwards

(31) Includes proportion of service that moved to Family Court Welfare in April 2001; approximately 1,200 leavers

Public Bodies

Keith Vaz: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department who the members of the (a) Police Discipline Appeals Tribunal, (b) Police Complaints Authority; (c) Police Information Technology Organisation, (d) Prisons Board to the Prison Service and (e) Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs were on 1 January; what their term of office is in each case; and whether they are remunerated. [151813]

Paul Goggins: For the bodies requested the following is a list of the members on 1 January 2004; their term of office, and whether they are remunerated.

A member of a Police Authority also sits on a Police Discipline Appeals Tribunal considering an appeal under the Police (Conduct) Regulations 1999. Police Authorities are responsible for appointing such members, a list which is not held centrally. The Police Complaints Authority will be abolished on 31 March 2004 and all terms of appointment end on that date.

When announcing the creation of the National Offender Management Service in his speech to the House of Commons on 6 January 2004, my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary also announced the establishment of the National Offender Management Board. This will replace the Correctional Services Board. The Board includes a number of senior officials representing the Home Office, Department for Constitutional Affairs, Her Majesty's Treasury and No. 10. It has four non-executive members who are the only formal appointees. The Director General of the Prison Service is supported in his day to day responsibilities by the Prison Service Management Board which comprises the executive directors, the

1 Mar 2004 : Column 754W

Prison Service Race Relations Adviser, the head of Prison Service Media Relations and the Board Secretary.

Police Discipline Appeals Tribunal

Term of officeRemunerated
Mr. Richard Merz5 yearsYes
Mr. Simon Russell Flint QG5 yearsYes
Mr. Michael Caplan QC5 yearsYes
Mr. Gary Flather Obe QC5 yearsYes
Mr. Robin Grey QC5 yearsYes
Mr. Dorian Lovell-Pank QC5 yearsYes
Mr. Victor Temple QC5 yearsYes
Mr. Harendra De Silva5 yearsYes
Ms Joanna Greenberg QC5 yearsYes
Mr. Mukhtar Hussain QC5 yearsYes
Mr. John Perry QC5 yearsYes
Sir Anthony Thomas Burden5 yearsYes
Mr. David Shattock QPM5 yearsYes
Sir Edward Crew5 yearsYes
Sir Dan Crompton5 yearsYes
Ms Pauline Clare5 yearsYes
Mr. Peter Joslin Qpm DI BA (Hons) Cimgt5 yearsYes
Mr. Desmond Flanders QPM5 yearsYes
Mr. Barry Moss5 yearsYes
Mr. Ian Quinn5 yearsYes
Mr. Walter Boreham QBE, O.Stj, Qpm, D.Univ5 yearsYes
Sir David Joseph O'Dowd5 yearsYes
Sir John Evans O.St.J Qpm DI Lib5 yearsYes
Mr. George Ernest Hedges Qpm DI5 yearsYes
Mr. Michael Sample5 yearsYes
Mr. Leonard Cantliffe5 yearsYes
Mr. Michael Bird5 yearsYes
Mr. Christopher Hudson5 yearsYes
Mr. Raymond Hughes5 yearsYes
Mr. Michael Mckenzie5 yearsYes
Mr. David Arthur Pearce5 yearsYes
Mr. Ian Westwood5 yearsYes
Mr. Paul O'brien5 yearsYes
Mr. Alec Edward Alexander5 yearsYes
Mr. Anthony Judge5 yearsYes
Mr. Anthony Kevin Mason5 yearsYes
Mr. Robin Hobbs5 yearsYes
Mr. John Harrison5 yearsYes
Mr. Patrick Butler5 yearsYes
Mr. Jeffery Mosely5 yearsYes
Mr. David John French5 yearsYes
Mr. David Gilbert Jones5 yearsYes
Mr. Allen Stanley5 yearsYes
Mr. Joseph Tildesley5 yearsYes

Police Complaints Authority

Term of officeRemunerated
Sir Alistair Graham3 yearsYes
Ian Bynoe3 yearsYes
Wendy Towers3 yearsYes
Ann Barker3 yearsYes
Anne Boustred3 yearsYes
Duncan Gear3 yearsYes
Deborah Glass3 yearsYes
Sally Hawkins3 yearsYes
Alison MacDougall3 yearsYes
Mehmuda Mian Prichard3 yearsYes
David Petch3 yearsYes
Leo Pilkington3 yearsYes
Elaine Rassaby3 yearsYes
Marcu Williams3 yearsYes
Nicoja Williams3 yearsYes
Arthur Price-Jones3 yearsYes
Katherine Reid3 yearsYes
Dianne Hayle3 yearsYes

1 Mar 2004 : Column 755W

Police Information Technology Organisation

Term of officeRemunerated
Chair (to be appointed)3 yearsYes
Dr. Louise Bennett3 yearsYes
Mr. Martin Taylor3 yearsYes
Ms Alisa Beaton3 yearsYes
Mr. Thomas Lloyd3 yearsYes
Mr. Paul Gavin3 yearsYes
Mr. Peter Wilson3 yearsYes
Mr. Peter Holland3 yearsYes
Mr. Stephen Murphy3 yearsYes
To be appointed3 yearsYes
Cllr Guroudeo Saluja3 yearsYes
Mr. Mark Gladwyn3 yearsYes
Dr. Linda Derrick3 yearsYes
Christie Smith3 yearsYes
Mr. Roy Toner3 yearsYes
Mr. Peter Winship3 yearsYes

Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs

Term of officeRemunerated
Sir Michael Rawlins3 yearsNo
Dr. Dima Abdulrahim3 yearsNo
Lord Victor Adebowale3 yearsNo
Mr. Norman Bettison3 yearsNo
Dr. Margaret Birtwhistle3 yearsNo
Reverend Martin Blakeborough3 yearsNo
Dr. Cecilia Bottomley3 yearsNo
Mr. Raj Boyjoonauth3 yearsNo
Ms Carmel Clancy3 yearsNo
Professor Llana Crome3 yearsNo
Ms Robyn Doran3 yearsNo
Mr. Robert Eschle3 yearsNo
Professor Hugh Edmondson3 yearsNo
Ms Vivienne Evans3 yearsNo
Professor C. Robin Ganellin FRS3 yearsNo
Dr. Laurence Gruer3 yearsNo
Mr. Paul Hayes3 yearsNo
Mr. Andrew Hayman3 yearsNo
Mr. Russell Hayton3 yearsNo
Mr. Peter Housden3 yearsNo
Mr. Roger Howard3 yearsNo
Mr. Alan Hunter3 yearsNo
His Honour Judge Thomas Joseph3 yearsNo
Dr. John Marsden3 yearsNo
Mr. Peter Martin3 yearsNo
Professsor Savid Nutt3 yearsNo
Mr. Richard Pates3 yearsNo
Mr. Trevor Pearce3 yearsNo
Mr. Arthur Preddy3 yearsNo
Dr. Mary Rowlands3 yearsNo
Mrs. Kay Roberts3 yearsNo
Mrs. Patricia Roberts3 yearsNo
Dr. Roy Robertson3 yearsNo
Dr. Polly Taylor3 yearsNo
Ms Monique Tomlinson3 yearsNo

Correctional Services Board

Term of officeRemunerated
Sir Duncan Nichol3 yearsYes
David Henshaw3 yearsYes
Richard Rosser3 yearsYes
Angela Sarkis3 yearsYes

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