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29 Jun 2004 : Column 186W—continued

Transport Infrastructure (Chorley)

Mr. Hoyle: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how much Government money has been spent on Chorley (a) bus interchange and (b) train station; and what the planned expenditure is for the coming year. [180719]

Mr. McNulty: Lancashire county council and Chorley borough council jointly developed the new Chorley bus Interchange completed in March 2003 at a cost of £3.267 million.

The refurbishment of the railway station opposite the bus interchange commenced on the 5 January 2004 to create a true Transport interchange for Chorley. Over £464,000 of government borrowing has been approved.

There is no further planned expenditure for the following year.


BBC Charter Review

Mr. David Stewart: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport what plans she has to involve Gaelic-speaking organisations in the BBC Charter Review. [179508]

Tessa Jowell: Charter review will examine all aspects of the BBC's role, structure and function—subject to one certain outcome, that it will result in a strong BBC, independent of Government.

One of the issues that the Charter review is considering is how the BBC represents nations, regions and communities, and we will be consulting further as Charter review proceeds. I will ensure that Gaelic speaking organisations are included.

Mr. Sheerman: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport if she will take steps within the BBC Charter review process to ensure that BBC World remains part of the BBC. [179647]

Tessa Jowell: As set out in the consultation document The Review of the BBC's Royal Charter, the BBC's international activities are an area we will be considering as Charter review progresses. We are not yet in a position to draw any conclusions about the outcome of Charter review save that it will result in a strong BBC, independent of Government.

British Film Institute

Mr. Wyatt: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (1) what discussions she has had with the British Film Institute about preserving its archive; and if she will make a statement; [181412]

(2) what funding her Department has made available to digitise the British Film Institute's archive; and if she will make a statement; [181458]

(3) what percentage of the British Film Institute's archive has been digitised. [181459]

29 Jun 2004 : Column 187W

Estelle Morris: I recently met the Chair and Director of the British Film Institute (BFI), to discuss their plans to reform the BFI. A key element of this strategy is a long-term plan to secure and further develop the BFI's Archive. Immediate initial investment is being made to stabilise the collection, improve storage, and enhance public understanding of its contents. Increased training of existing staff and recruitment of new curatorial and technical staff will support this capital investment.

Through the UK Film Council, the Government have increased their core funding of the BFI from £14.5 million to £16 million this financial year, together with a one off award of an additional £2 million in capital funds. It is not possible to itemise expenditure specifically for digitisation. The largest proportion of new material being received at the BFI Archive is UK television programming, almost all of which is now delivered in a digital format. Currently, it is not possible to calculate exactly the amount of material in the Archive that is digitised, though the BFI are planning to invest significantly in digital access technology, so that the widest possible number of people can enjoy the treasures within the film Archive.

Dorney Lake Rowing Facility

Mr. Don Foster: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport how much public money has been spent on the Dorney Lake Rowing Facility; what the total cost has been of developing the facility to date; and if she will make a statement. [180526]

Mr. Caborn: The Department allocates funding for sport through Sport England and UK Sport.

In May 2004, £17 million had been spent by Eton College on developing the Dorney Lake Rowing Facility. No public money has been spent on the facility to date.

Mr. Don Foster: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport what research has been conducted to compare the Dorney Lake Rowing Facility with other international rowing venues in Europe; and if she will make a statement. [180527]

Mr. Caborn: The Department is not aware of any research of this type.

The Amateur Rowing Association (AMA), as the Governing Body for rowing, may be able to provide further information. The AMA is working very closely with Eton College to develop the Dorney Lake facility.

Lottery Revenue

Mr. Steen: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport how much revenue from National Lottery ticket sales has not been paid out in prizes; by whom this revenue is held; what rate of interest is applicable; and to whose benefit that interest accrues. [180638]

Estelle Morris: The total level of Lottery prizes that have not been claimed since the National Lottery began is £633,480,414. The current level of unclaimed prizes is £100,984,259. All prize money is held in an independently managed prize fund until a winning player claims a prize. The average interest on this fund is 4.2395 per cent. Any interest accrued from this fund,
29 Jun 2004 : Column 188W
along with any prizes left unclaimed 180 days after the date of the relevant draw, is passed to the good causes. Camelot does place adverts nationally and locally in the run up to the 180 day deadline for large unclaimed prizes. They also announce in which area the ticket was purchased.

Shurland Hall

Mr. Wyatt: To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (1) what recommendations Mr. Simon Thurley of English Heritage made to her on the future of Shurland Hall at Eastchurch in the Sittingbourne and Sheppey constituency following his visit; and if she will make a statement; [181273]

(2) when she expects to make a decision on the future of Shurland Hall at Eastchurch in the Sittingbourne and Sheppey constituency; and if she will make a statement. [181274]

Mr. Caborn: Following agreement between English Heritage and the owners of Shurland Hall, a contract has recently been let by English Heritage for the preparation of an outline repair and development scheme with a view to implementation by the private sector. The first tranche of the holding repairs is expected to take place in summer 2005 rather than summer 2004. In view of the welcome agreement of the owners, involvement by the Secretary of State is not appropriate.


Child Deaths

Tim Loughton: To ask the Solicitor-General (1) how many cases of parents prosecuted for causing child deaths have so far been reviewed following the review announced in January; [178508]

(2) when she expects the review of cases of parents convicted of causing child deaths to be completed. [178509]

The Solicitor-General: I refer the hon. Member to the Attorney-General's statement, Official Report, House of Lords, 5 May 2004, columns 55–57WS.

Criminal Prosecutions

Simon Hughes: To ask the Solicitor-General how many (a) successful and (b) unsuccessful criminal prosecutions were brought for crimes perpetrated in Greater London in each year since 1995. [177056]

The Solicitor-General: The following table shows the number of defendants whose case resulted in a conviction or in an unsuccessful outcome in the London area of the Crown Prosecution Service in each of the last nine years. The table also shows convictions and unsuccessful outcomes as a proportion of the total number of defendant cases finalised in the magistrates courts and in the Crown court in each of the years in question.
29 Jun 2004 : Column 189W

Convictions comprise both guilty pleas and cases resulting in a guilty verdict following a contested hearing. In addition, magistrates courts convictions include a number of minor motoring matters proved in the absence of the defendant.

Unsuccessful outcomes in the magistrates courts comprise: discontinuances; cases written off (usually because the defendant could not be traced by the police); discharged committals; dismissals no case to answer; and dismissals after full trial. Unsuccessful outcomes in
29 Jun 2004 : Column 190W
the Crown court comprise: cases in which the prosecution decided not to proceed before a jury was sworn, and in which the judge ordered an acquittal; cases written off (usually because the defendant could not be traced by the police); judge directed acquittals; and acquittals by the jury.

In 1995, convictions amounted to 63.5 per cent. of all outcomes and unsuccessful outcomes to 36.5 per cent. By 2003 convictions had risen to 72.2 per cent., while unsuccessful outcomes had fallen to 27.8 per cent.
Case outcomes CPS London

Magistrates courts
Write offs44,99018.430,54718.325,80913.1
Committals Discharged2530.13230.23870.2
Dismissals No Case to Answer5210.23150.25580.3
Dismissals after Trial3,8601.62,1391.32,8551.5
Total unsuccessful outcomes in magistrates courts83,56834.260,07736.055,88128.4
Guilty Pleas106,23243.570,82142.495,80448.7
Proofs in Absence18,8977.711,7667.016,2598.3
Convictions after Trial17,2707.18,7205.211,6555.9
Total convictions in magistrates courts142,39958.391,30654.7123,71862.9
Crown court
Judge Ordered Acquittals2,2100.91,7741.11,9261.0
Write offs7310.34720.34200.2
Judge Directed Acquittals5400.23510.24000.2
Acquittals after Trial1,9740.81,5220.92,1211.1
Total unsuccessful outcomes in Crown court5,4552.24,1192.54,8672.5
Guilty Pleas9,1123.78,7695.38,5654.4
Convictions after Trial3,6601.52,6361.63,6851.9
Total convictions in Crown court12,7725.211,4046.812,2506.2
Total Unsuccessful Outcomes89,02336.564,19638.560,74830.9
Total Convictions155,17163.5102,71161.5135,96769.1
Total Outcomes244,194166,907196,715

Magistrates courts
Write offs21,52511.618,97411.217,63011.3
Committals Discharged2200.11760.12600.2
Dismissals No Case to Answer4590.24090.23920.3
Dismissals after Trial2,6691.42,5641.52,4061.5
Total unsuccessful outcomes in magistrates courts47,56925.744,65626.341,90126.9
Guilty Pleas98,70353.391,25753.884,03953.9
Proofs in Absence12,8356.911,3616.710,1006.5
Convictions after Trial10,2555.58,4825.06,9354.4
Total convictions in magistrates courts121,79465.8111,10065.5101,07464.8
Crown court
Judge Ordered Acquittals2,1371.22,0571.22,0111.3
Write offs4820.33660.23060.2
Judge Directed Acquittals4540.24610.34110.3
Acquittals after Trial2,0441.11,8881.11,6681.1
Total unsuccessful outcomes in Crown court5,1162.84,7732.84,3972.8
Guilty Pleas7,1433.95,8443.45,7353.7
Convictions after Trial3,4971.93,1821.92,9341.9
Total convictions in Crown court10,6405.79,0275.38,6695.6
Total Unsuccessful Outcomes52,68528.549,42929.246,29829.7
Total Convictions132,43471.5120,12770.8109,74370.3
Total Outcomes185,119169,556156,041

29 Jun 2004 : Column 191W

Magistrates courts
Write offs19,91112.119,91510.819,83411.1
Committals Discharged3640.24660.36160.3
Dismissals No Case to Answer3880.23990.24090.2
Dismissals after Trial2,2971.42,9161.62,4331.4
Total unsuccessful outcomes in magistrates courts45,79127.948,08526.143,08624.1
Guilty Pleas88,20253.799,08853.995,83553.6
Proofs in Absence10,3786.311,5576.310,8906.1
Convictions after Trial6,2683.88,1804.49,1745.1
Total convictions in magistrates courts104,84863.8118,82564.6115,89964.8
Crown court
Judge Ordered Acquittals2,3891.53,3781.83,4501.9
Write offs3570.24400.27300.4
Judge Directed Acquittals3760.23900.24000.2
Acquittals after Trial1,6751.01,7180.92,0431.1
Total unsuccessful outcomes in Crown court4,7972.95,9253.26,6233.7
Guilty Pleas5,6833.56,6073.68,3204.7
Convictions after Trial3,2642.04,5362.54,8092.7
Total convictions in Crown court8,9475.411,1436.113,1297.3
Total Unsuccessful Outcomes50,58830.854,00929.449,70927.8
Total Convictions113,79569.2129,96870.6129,02872.2
Total Outcomes164,383183,978178,737

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