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1 Sept 2004 : Column 740W—continued


Brent Council Properties

Sarah Teather: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what has been the cost to the London borough of Brent of vouchers given to tenants for refurbishment of Brent homes in each year since the scheme has been in operation; and for how many properties the vouchers were given each year. [186299]

Keith Hill: The London borough of Brent does not provide vouchers to tenants for the refurbishment of Brent owned homes. Vouchers for the decoration of council owned properties are issued in two instances:

This scheme has been running since the late 1970s. Information on the costs of maintaining properties prior to 2001–02 is not available.
1 Sept 2004 : Column 741W

The cost of the scheme and the numbers of properties refurbished over the last three years are as follows:

Sarah Teather: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what the cost of refurbishing and redecorating Brent council-owned homes was in each of the 10 years before the voucher scheme was introduced; and how many properties were refurbished and redecorated in each year. [186300]

1 Sept 2004 : Column 742W

Keith Hill: London Borough of Brent have advised that no records are held that could provide that information.

Departmental Buildings

Mr. Llwyd: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what (a) renovation and (b) maintenance projects on buildings (i) owned and (ii) rented by his Department were undertaken in each of the last five years; and what the associated costs were of each. [163957]

Phil Hope [pursuant to the reply, 4 May 2004, Official Report, c. 1433W]: The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister was established in May 2002. Since that date the following renovation and maintenance projects have been undertaken at the properties (i) owned and (ii) rented by the office. All figures are exclusive of VAT.

(i) Owned
Burlington House083,400055,000
Fire Service College230,257108,097956,008182,151
Government Office Network0000
(ii) Rented
Eland House1,777,8790655,86279,174
Ashdown House0070,343570,220
Portland House311,062000
Fire Service Improvement—Marchington042,41613,31852,766
Valuation Tribunal42,822255,204115,166193,059
Government Office Network101,496214,000803,820256,311
Rent Service976,00089,500118,000218,500

With regard to the maintenance figures, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister records an item of work as a project if it exceeds £15,000. Work of lower value is funded from bulk maintenance. The number of projects has prevented detailing each, as this could have been provided only at disproportionate cost.

The figures provided are gross expenditure and do not reflect receipts from other building occupants. Although the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has overall responsibility for the buildings occupied by Government offices, they carry out functions on behalf of 10 Departments.

Departmental Costs

Mrs. Spelman: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how much his Department spent on (a) refurbishment and (b) office furniture in the last year for which figures are available. [185777]

Phil Hope: For information in respect of refurbishment, I refer the hon. Member to the answer given today in respect of parliamentary question 180362.

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister does not collect data on its expenditure on office furniture.

Mrs. Spelman: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister what the (a) running costs and (b) total expenditure of (i) the Greater London Authority, (ii) each of the Government offices for the regions, (iii) the regional observatories and regional intelligence groups and (iv) the regional housing boards was in each year since each was established. [185009]

Phil Hope: The Greater London Authority's net expenditure on services (excluding reserve transfers) since its establishment in May 2000 is as follows:
£ million

(24) Part year only.
(25) Provisional outturn.
(26) Budget.

1 Sept 2004 : Column 743W

Information about how much of this expenditure is specifically for running costs are not held by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

The running costs for each Government Office for the period 1995-/96 until 2003–04, and their budgets for the current year, are detailed in the following table. The Government Offices now carry out activity on behalf of 10 Government Departments compared with four Departments in 1995–96. In 2002–03 they managed or influenced around £9 billion of Government expenditure broken down by region as follows: North East—£664 million; North West—£1,430 million; Yorkshire and the Humber—£l,036 million; West Midlands—
1 Sept 2004 : Column 744W
£l,285 million; East Midlands—£428 million; East of England—£349 million; South West—£499 million; South East—£876 million; and London—£2,592 million.

Regional observatories obtain their resources from a number of different sources and information about their running costs and expenditure are not held by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Regional Housing Boards' running costs are funded from the budgets of the core Board members: Government Offices, Regional Chambers/Assemblies, Regional Development Agencies, the Housing Corporation and English Partnerships. Information about their running costs are not held by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.
Government Office administrative running costs

Government Office1995–961996–971997–981998–991999–2000
North East8,842.768,687.158,616.758,618.848,312.05
North West9,983.719,839.099,442.5913,690.1313,048.58
Total NW/M14,737.5514,189.0413,642.1213,702.3713,048.58
Yorks and Humber9,060.518,765.048,475.018,683.928,888.68
West Midlands10,435.7310,040.379,757.799,474.359,330.15
East Midlands7,116.856,616.676,436.246,754.396,951.28
South West7,574.147,140.746,825.736,985.037,796.87
South East8,331.068,406.188,544.998,561.408,658.61

Government Office2000–012001–022002–032003–042004–05 1
North East8,197.339,002.299,954.4612,164.5914,771.21
North West13,651.0315,344.8715,523.5216,744.5918,111.38
Total NW/M13,651,0315,344.8715,523.5216,744.5918,111.38
Yorks and Humber9,357.4810,036.8510,943.7712,344.0613,352.37
West Midlands9,960.7610,295.5110,662.8513,378.5414,035.18
East Midlands7,335.778,244.808,713.2410,955.3911,461.01
South West8,711.3810,666.9011,860.7713,858.0514,398.06
South East9,477.2610,326.4410,874.7414,105.9614,402.24

(27) Allocations for 2004–05.
GO-North West and GO-Merseyside merged during 1998–99.

1 Sept 2004 : Column 745W

Mrs. Spelman: To ask the Deputy Prime Minister how much his Department spent on replacing light bulbs in the last year for which figures are available. [185774]

Phil Hope: The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister does not collect data on this.

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