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12 Oct 2004 : Column 244W—continued


Pension Credit Entitlement

Mr. Pickthall: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what decisions he has reached on extending the period for which pension credit customers are allowed to go abroad without it affecting their entitlement. [189698]

Malcolm Wicks: No decision has yet been made. Officials are researching a range of options for potentially extending the period for which pension credit can continue to be paid for customers who go abroad for less than 52 weeks.

Pensioners (Mitcham and Morden)

Siobhain McDonagh: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions if he will set out, with statistical evidence relating as closely as possible to the Mitcham and Morden constituency, the effects of changes in departmental policy since 1997 on the income of pensioners in the constituency. [189339]

Malcolm Wicks: The available information is set out as follows:

Nationally, the average pensioner household will be £1,350 per year, or £26 per week, better off in 2004–05 because of measures the Government have introduced, including pension credit, than they would have been under the 1997 system. The poorest third of pensioner
12 Oct 2004 : Column 245W
households will be £1,750 per year, or £33 per week, better off. Figures for the average gains in Mitcham and Morden are not available. Figures available for the Mitcham and Morden constituency are as follows:

As at 30 September 2003 there were 12,700 pensioners in the Mitcham and Morden constituency in receipt of basic state pension 1 . These pensioners have benefited from the 7 per cent. above inflation increase that has been made to the basic state pension since 1997.

As at 31 August 2004 there were 3,365 pensioner households in receipt of pension credit in the parliamentary constituency of Mitcham and Morden. The average weekly pension credit payment was £51.86 2 .

In October 2002, the upper age limit on claims for carer's allowance was abolished. This change means that carers aged 65 and over can now claim and gain entitlement to the allowance and to carer's additional amount in pension credit. As at May 2004, there were 140 people aged 65 and over entitled to carer's allowance in the parliamentary constituency of Mitcham and Morden 2 .

The winter fuel payment and 80+ annual payment also make a positive contribution to the incomes of pensioners in the constituency. The one-off 70+ payment for households including someone aged 70 or over will help pensioners with their living expenses, including council tax bills. For data on these payments, I refer my hon. Friend to the answer given to her on 16 September 2004, Official Report, column 1747W.


Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health

Mr. Jim Cunningham: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how much has been spent to date on setting up the Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health. [189668]

Ms Rosie Winterton: By the end of 2004–05, the total running and set up costs of the Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health (CPPIH) to date will be £66.76 million. This includes all costs associated with patients' forums. It also includes CPPIH set up costs in 2002–03 of around £2.5 million.
12 Oct 2004 : Column 246W

Colorectal Cancer

Mr. Jim Cunningham: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many people suffering from colorectal cancer are receiving treatment. [189667]

Miss Melanie Johnson: The Department does not hold the information requested. However, data on finished admission episodes for of cancers of the colon and/or rectum is collected. This is shown in the table. These figures relate to 2002–03.
Primary diagnosis codeTotal episodes
C18 (malignant neoplasm of colon)87,884
C19 (malignant neoplasm of rectosigmoid junction)14,840
C20 (malignant neoplasm of rectum)46,759
C21 (malignant neoplasm of anus and anal canal)2,521

1. A finished admission episode is the first period of in-patient care under one consultant within one healthcare provider. Please note that admissions do not represent the number of in-patients, as a person may have more than one admission within a year.
2. The primary diagnosis is the first of up to 14 (7 prior to 2002–03) diagnosis fields in the hospital episode statistics (HES) data set and provides the main reason why the patient was in hospital.
3. Figures have not been adjusted for shortfalls in data (i.e. the data are ungrossed).
HES—Department of Health

Continuing Care

Mr. Burstow: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will list the consultancy work he has commissioned in the last 12 months concerning NHS continuing care; what the remit of the work was; when it was completed; and when he plans to publish it. [187860]

Dr. Ladyman: The only consultancy work commissioned centrally in the last 12 months has been the independent review of continuing care in nine strategic health authorities. The remit was to examine the review of criteria, progress with restitution and current processes. The work was commissioned in autumn 2003 and reported in June 2004. We will publish it in due course.


Sue Doughty: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many patients were registered with a NHS dentist in each primary care trust of the Surrey and Sussex Strategic Health Authority in each year since 1997. [188173]

Ms Rosie Winterton: The general dental service dental registration numbers for June each year since 1997 for primary care trusts (PCTs) in the Surrey and Sussex Strategic Health Authority are shown in the following table:
Primary care trust19971998199920002001200220032004
Bexhill and Rother47,40842,41839,15339,51438,00035,63936,97437,689
Brighton and Hove City145,078129,598122,853123,499124,841121,730126,566134,371
Eastbourne Downs87,30765,42181,91883,55983,23881,02179,11776,504
Sussex Downs and Weald81,77477,64573,97577,67976,16977,44480,30478,589
North Surrey99,30269,94988,43787,20188,42388,26587,31183,797
Adur, Arun and Worthing126,674113,321108,242107,023106,832105,724103,331105,900
Western Sussex106,37098,35797,461103,154100,10597,96097,59298,183
Guildford and Waverley111,896102,34798,94998,91094,894101,36196,34494,402
East Elmbridge and Mid Surrey120,955112,567110,221107,777104,635100,44597,83898,483
East Surrey84,20278,07773,41472,51273,01072,77674,74174,070
Hastings and St Leonards53,88548,67247,85649,05951,93949,82150,58951,173
Horsham and Chanctonbury55,38443,87048,64246,94248,67149,26150,63150,405

1. Changes in the registration periods for registrations starting after 31 August 1996 means that registration numbers for June 1997 and June 1998 are not on the same basis as later figures. Before that date, the registration period for adults was 24 months whilst children's registrations lasted until the end of the following calendar year. From 1 September 1996, registrations have lasted for 15 months from the end of the month of registration. The figures for some PCT areas will also be affected by the introduction in October 1998 and subsequent growth of the personal dental service.
2. Patients may access national health service dental treatment without being registered with a general dental service dentist, for example as a patient of a dental access centre.

12 Oct 2004 : Column 247W

General Practitioners

Mr. Spring: To ask the Secretary of State for Health, how many general practitioners there are per head of population in each of the primary care trusts within the Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire Strategic Health Authority. [163032]

Dr. Ladyman [pursuant to his reply, 24 March 2004, c. 918W]: I regret that the figures provide in my previous response were incorrect, dut to an error in the published figures. The correct figures are shown in the table.
Unrestricted Principals are Equivalents(18) (UPEs) per 100,000 patients for Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire Strategic Health Authority by Primary Care Trust as at 30 September 2003 Number (headcount)


UPE Patients
UPEs per 100,000 patients
Suffolk and
Of whichBradland73118,95861
Cambridge City87145,03360
Central Suffolk63100,16263
East Cambridgeshire and Fenland81146,19755
Great Yarmouth4795,98849
North Norfolk60100,94359
North Peterborough58113,66151
South Cambridgeshire64103,35762
South Peterborough5895,17259
South Norfolk114202,72956
Souffolk Coastal6399,52463
Souffolk West137225,02661
West Norfolk89144,82461

(18) UPEs include GMS Unrestricted Principals, PMS contracted GPs and PMS Salaried GPs. Patient data has been revised from previously published figures.
Department of Health General and Personal Medical Services Statistics

12 Oct 2004 : Column 248W

Mr. Yeo: To ask the Secretary of State for Health, how many general practitioners there were per head of population in (a) England and (b) each Strategic Health Authority in each year since 1997. [166653]

Mr. Hutton [pursuant to his reply, 22 April 2004, Official Report, c. 620W]: I regret my previous response was incorrect, due to an error in the published figures. The correct figures are shown in the table.
All General Medical Practitioners(19) (excluding GP retainers) per 100,000 of the population by Strategic Health Authority: 1997–2003 Number (headcount)

All practitioners (excl. Ret)All practitioners (excl. Ret) per 1000,000 populationAll Practitioners (excl. Ret)All Practitioners (excl. Ret) per 100,000 populationAll Practitioners (excl. Ret)All Practitioners (excl. Ret) per 1000,000 population
England Total29,3896029,6976129,98761
North East Total1,485581,506591,52060
County Durham and Tees Valley010649576505765658
Northumberland, Tyne and Wear009836598566186462
North West Total4,040594.044604,12461
Cheshire and Merseyside0151,421601,413601,45662
Cumbria and Lancashire0131,134601,147601,15861
Greater Manchester0141,485591,484591,51060
Yorkshire and the Humber Total3,021613,028613,09263
North and East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire01199962991621,01163
South YorkshireQ23758597585977261
West YorkshireQ121,264611,279621,30963
East Midlands Total2,338572,361582,36958
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and RutlandQ25908609025989858
West Midlands Total3,026583,057583,09359
Birmingham and the Black Country0271,327581,343591,35760
Shropshire and Staffordshire026792548135583056
West Midlands South028907609016090660
East of England Total3,080583,141593,15659
Bedford and Hertfordshire002915599446094860
Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire0011,316621,335621,34862
London Total4,532654,515654,49664
North Central London005788698027078668
North East London006888628966289461
North West London0041,209731,188711,13467
South East LondonQ07868608625990161
South West London008779627676178162
South East Total4,682604,788614,83061
Hampshire and Isle of Wight0171,060611,070611,08962
Kent and Medway018904589165991859
Surrey and SussexQ191,486591,518601,52260
Thames Valley0161,232601,284621,30163
South West Total3,185663,257673,30768
Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire0201,325631,374651,40465
Somerset and Dorset022794688207084372
South West PeninsulaQ211,066691,063691,06068

12 Oct 2004 : Column 249W

Number (headcount)

All practitioners (excl. Ret)All practitioners (excl. Ret) per 1000,000 populationAll Practitioners (excl. Ret)All Practitioners (excl. Ret) per 100,000 populationAll Practitioners (excl. Ret)All Practitioners (excl. Ret) per 1000,000 population
England Total30,2526230,6856231,18263
North East Total1,536611,603641,64565
County Durham and Tees Valley010661586966170162
Northumberland, Tyne and Wear009875639076594468
North West Total4,134614,174624,24763
Cheshire and Merseyside0151,459621,481631,53665
Cumbria and Lancashire0131,152611,174621,20063
Greater Manchester0141,523601,519601,51160
Yorkshire and the Humber Total3,123633,192643,25365
North and East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire0111,021631,039641,06565
South YorkshireQ23778617946380864
West YorkshireQ121,324641,359651,38066
East Midlands Total2,384582,437582,46658
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and RutlandQ25877578945791058
West Midlands Total3,142603,157603,25561
Birmingham and the Black Country0271,380611,391611,42863
Shropshire and Staffordshire026838568255586158
West Midlands South028924619416296663
East of England Total3,183593,204593,22359
Bedford and Hertfordshire002955609656097661
Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire0011,371631,388641,40164
London Total4,548644,545624,60963
North Central London005819708046780666
North East London006925628995994561
North West London0041,125661,150651,13964
South East LondonQ07886609046090260
South West London008793627886181763
South East Total4,839614,943625,01762
Hampshire and Isle of Wight0171,099621,122631,11262
Kent and Medway018901579155891157
Surrey and SussexQ191,531601,571611,58762
Thames Valley0161,308631,335641,40767
South West Total3,363693,430693,46770
Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire0201,424661,442671,46067
Somerset and Dorset022846718677389575
South West PeninsulaQ211,093701,121711,11270

12 Oct 2004 : Column 251W

Number (headcount)

All Practitioners
(excl. Ret)
All Practitioners (excl. Ret) per 1000,000 population
England Total32,59366
North East Total1741n/a
County Durham and Tees Valley010758n/a
Northumberland, Tyne and Wear009983n/a
North West Total4,400n/a
Cheshire and Merseyside0151,593n/a
Cumbria and Lancashire0131,226n/a
Greater Manchester0141,581n/a
Yorkshire and the Humber Total3,424n/a
North and East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire0111,115n/a
South YorkshireQ23847n/a
West YorkshireQ121,462n/a
East Midlands Total2,598n/a
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and RutlandQ25974n/a
West Midlands Total3,391n/a
Birmingham and the Black Country0271,491n/a
Shropshire and Staffordshire026897n/a
West Midlands South0281,003n/a
East of England Total3,398n/a
Bedford and Hertfordshire0021,014n/a
Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire0011,477n/a
London Total4,879n/a
North Central London005850n/a
North East London006986n/a
North West London0041,176n/a
South East LondonQ07979n/a
South West London008888n/a
South East Total5,175n/a
Hampshire and Isle of Wight0171,187n/a
Kent and Medway018931n/a
Surrey and SussexQ191,631n/a
Thames Valley0161,426n/a
South West Total3,587n/a
Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire0201,524n/a
Somerset and Dorset022913n/a
South West PeninsulaQ211,150n/a

n/a = Not available.
(19) All Practitioners (excluding GP Retainers) includes GMS Unrestricted Principals, PMS Contracted GPs, PMS Salaried GPs, Restricted Principals, Assistants, GP Registrars, Salaried Doctors (Para 52 SFA), PMS Other, Flexible Career Schemes and GP Returners.
1. Strategic Health Authority population figures are derived from the 1992–2000 first revised sub-national population estimates published by ONS 27 February 2003 and so are not consistent with the interim revised national population estimates for 1992–2002 published by ONS 23 October 2003.
2. Data has been converted to match Strategic Health Authority structures for 2002.
3. Data as at 1 October 1997–1999, 30 September 2000–2003.
Department of Health General and Personal Medical Services Statistics.
2001 ONS Population Census.

12 Oct 2004 : Column 252W

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