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15 Nov 2004 : Column 994W—continued

Commercial Fishing Licences

Mr. Quentin Davies: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs how many UK commercial fishing licences are on issue. [196613]

Mr. Bradshaw [holding answer 11 November 2004]: The number of UK commercial fishing licences on issue at 1 November 2004 was 6,406.

Mr. Quentin Davies: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs how many UK commercial fishing licences are held by nationals of other EU member states. [196614]

Mr. Bradshaw [holding answer 11 November 2004]: The number of vessels with UK licences owned by nationals of other EU member states at 1 November 2004 was 107.

Common Agricultural Policy

Mr. Wills: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what estimate she has made of the cost per person per week of the Common Agricultural Policy in the United Kingdom in the most recent year for which figures are available. [196376]

Alun Michael: Using figures from 2002, we estimate that the Common Agricultural Policy costs around £8 per week for a family of four. This includes the cost of increased food prices and a notional estimate of the taxpayer cost of financing the policy, though in practice the UK contributes to the whole EU budget rather than specific components. It remains the Government's objective to bring the down the cost of the Common Agricultural Policy and secure better value from it.

Community Energy

Malcolm Bruce: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs which schemes have been awarded (a) capital grants and (b) development grants under the Community Energy Programme. [195944]

Mr. Morley: To date we have awarded capital grants totalling £47,422,329 and development grants totalling £1,776,253. The following tables provide a full list of
15 Nov 2004 : Column 995W
both. Of the capital grants, 5,762,382 will be re-allocated to new schemes in a further bidding round due to the withdrawal of some schemes.
Community energy capital grants awarded

SchemeGrant (£)Withdrawn (£)
Norwich city council300,000
University of Warwick650,000
University of Edinburgh250,000
Shetland Heat Energy and Power Ltd.500,000
Aberdeen city council659,716
Southampton city council101,000
Kirklees MBC708,422
London borough of Croydon535,805
Midlothian council449,200
Edinburgh University1,630,948
University of Dundee50,000
Woking borough council545,000
Portsmouth county council435,263
Royal Southampton hospital93,222
Rotherham borough council80,835
Chesterfield BC880,000
University of East Anglia210,000
Westminster city council1,200,000
London borough of Lambeth956,052
Warwick University500,000
Perthshire HA39,798
Cloch HA27,520
Southampton University830,545
Plymouth city council2,150,000
University of Plymouth55,000
Kirklees MBC613,795
Angus Com Care Trust42,009
Hjaltland HA393,502
Llanwddyn/Powys CC47,459
Barking NHS Trust536,000
Shetland Charitable Trust318,000
Kilburn Square113,488
Edinburgh University2,691,780
Midlothian council562,052
Aberdeen University1,753,000
Clydebank HA775,760
Buckinghamshire council13,991
University of Southampton30,000
Family HA35,000
Ceridigion CC193,107
Stockton on Tees BC85,000
Barnsley MBC202,366
Nth Glasgow University Hospital
NHS Trust
Lanarkshire Housing Association35,000
Dundee University65,000
London Borough of Southwark4,350,000
Walbrook Housing Group12,500
Nottingham city council26,775
Birmingham city council700,000
University of Warwick78,000
Newcastle city council1,996,824
Southampton city council3,577,916
Highland council1,545,000
Aberdeen Heat and Power1,334,190
Aberdeen Heat and Power613,052
Fife council374,326
Loughborough University230,000
Isle of Anglesey county council1,810,162
Genesis Housing Group450,000
Swan Housing Group122,000
Southampton CC3,279,000
Bracknell Forest MBC1,850,000
Royal Shrewsbury Hospitals NHS Trust546,925
Sanctuary HA290,000
Western Education and Library Board—
St. Ronans
Western Education and Library Board—
St. Aidans
Western Education and Library Board—
St. Eugenes
Aberdeenshire council109,000

15 Nov 2004 : Column 996W

Community energy development grants awarded

SchemeGrant (£)
Cloch Housing Association3,150.00
City West Homes8,750.00
Southampton city council3,750.00
Southampton city council3,750.00
Perthshire Housing Association1,856.00
Stockport metropolitan borough council3,300.00
Perthshire Housing Association2,325.00
Stockport Metropolitan borough council3,439.00
South Ayrshire council6,600.00
Stockport metropolitan borough council3,176.00
Stockport metropolitan borough council3,071.00
Kilburn Square Housing Co-operative3,750.00
Glasgow University6,250.00
South Ayrshire council6,350.00
Hampshire county council6,000.00
Oldham metropolitan borough council6,250.00
Isle of Anglesey county council9,250.00
The University of Glasgow9,900.00
Milton Keynes council10,000.00
Poolsbrook Heating Development Ltd.9,700.00
Sheffield council3,963.00
High Weald Housing Association10,000.00
Barnsley MBC3,750.00
Police Service of Northern Ireland10,000.00
Police Service of Northern Ireland10,000.00
London borough of Lambeth10,000.00
Highland council10,000.00
Caerphilly county borough council9,800.00
University of Surrey10,000.00
Clydebank Housing Association5,305.00
WATMOS Housing Co-Operative Limited18,500.00
Newcastle city council49,812.50
Falkirk council8,500.00
Sheffield city council6,900.00
Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association2,750.00
City of Edinburgh council2,300.00
Watmos Housing Co-Operative Limited10,000.00
Fyne Homes6,650.00
London borough of Tower Hamlets11,500.00
Spelthorne borough council18,450.00
Shropshire county council13,950.00
Bristol city council9,575.00
Leicester city council25,000.00
Linx Homes8,000.00
Sandwell MBC2,910.00
Dorset county council4,900.00
Edinburgh University49,025.00
Bracknell DC59,650.00
Birmingham city council9,000.00
London borough of Tower Hamlets11,175.00
Highland council14,329.00
Pimlico District Heating Scheme6,370.00
London Borough of Tower Hamlets10,000.00
Nottingham city council4,500.00
New Lanarkshire Conservation Trust1,425.00
London Metropolitan University14,025.00
Birmingham city council9,000.00
Northern Counties Housing Association3,380.00
Fife council29,487.00
Fife council24,989.00
Birmingham city council11,000.00
Oldham metropolitan borough council15,000.00
Bristol city council7,650.00
Newcastle city council15,000.00
Bristol city council10,000.00
Western Education and Library Board10,800.00
Department for Constitutional Affairs3,125.00
Falkirk council25,000.00
Aberdeenshire council2,375.00
The Royal Shrewsbury Hospitals NHS Trust28,641.00
Greater London authority97,549.00
London borough of Islington42,336.00
Sanctuary Housing Association3,000.00
Stockport MBC1,600.00
Stockport MBC1,600.00
Albyn Housing Association9,675.00
Aberdeen Heat and Power6,765.00
Forestry Commission14,580.00
Cumbernauld Housing Partnership13,750.00
City of Westminster council23,600.00
Kings College London4,750.00
Birmingham Heartlands NHS Trust24,448.00
Lanarkshire HA4,595.00
Walbrook Housing Association11,500.00
Basildon and Thurrock General Hospitals NHS
City of Westminster37,950.00
South Bedfordshire DC3,750.00
Bath University7,817.50
Winchester city council7,900.00
Weymouth and Portland Housing7,342.00
Bristol University23,900.00
Swan Housing Group5,500.00
Somer Community Housing Trust10,800.00
Reidvale HA Stock9,850.00
Home HA9,100.00
Cardiff CC16,000.00
Awel Amen Tawe12,253.00
Westlea HA7,200.00
Barnsley MBC3,750.00
Peterborough CC22,150.00
Genesis Housing Group9,300.00
Reigate and Banstead BC24,500.00
Somerset county council11,700.00
Birmingham Heartlands NHS14,065.00
Mansfield DC5,000.00
Manchester CC8,250.00
Sheffield University10,600.00
Eastlands Homes4,100.00
LB Enfield13,000.00
QM University College24,750.00
United Lincs Hospitals NHS Trust21,400.00
Hermitage HA15,000.00
Leicester CC35,365.00
Spelthorne BC24,550.00
London South Bank University14,925.00
East Lothian HA4,980.00
Home HA Ltd.5,150.00
District of Bolsover council16,550.00
Cookstown DC7,000.00
Down Lisburn HSS Trust36,075.00
Loughborough University34,450.00
Somerset CC35,800.00
Carrick DC38,575.00
English Partnerships23,999.00
Perthshire HA18,700.00
North Glasgow HA12,500.00
Salford CC13,900.00
Southern Education and Library Board8,432.00
Gwent Healthcare14,100.00
Dungannon and District HA4,000.00
Berwickshire HA Ltd.2,500.00
Old Ford HA13,000.00
University of Wales4,250.00

15 Nov 2004 : Column 998W

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