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Volume No. 426 Part No. 56

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Westminster Hall Debates for
16 November 2004

Column: 343WH

[Mr. Edward O'Hara in the Chair] [16 Nov 2004]

AIDS/TB/Malaria (Global Fund) [16 Nov 2004]

9.30 am
Dr. Gavin Strang (Edinburgh, East and Musselburgh)

Column: 344WH

Mr. David Marshall (Glasgow, Shettleston)

Dr. Strang

Column: 345WH

Column: 346WH

Column: 347WH

Column: 348WH

9.48 am
Tony Baldry (Banbury)

Column: 349WH

Column: 350WH

Column: 351WH

9.58 am
Mr. David Lepper (Brighton, Pavilion)

Column: 352WH

Column: 353WH

10.8 am
John Barrett (Edinburgh, West)

Column: 354WH

Column: 355WH

Column: 356WH

10.22 am
Mr. Julian Brazier (Canterbury)

Column: 357WH

Column: 358WH

Column: 359WH

Column: 360WH

10.36 am
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development (Mr. Gareth Thomas)

Column: 361WH

Column: 362WH

Column: 363WH

Column: 364WH

John Barrett

Mr. Thomas

Column: 365WH

Column: 366WH

Asylum Seekers (Legal Aid) [16 Nov 2004]

10.59 am
Jane Griffiths (Reading, East)

Column: 367WH

Column: 368WH

Column: 369WH

Column: 370WH

11.14 am
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs (Mr. Christopher Leslie)

Column: 371WH

Column: 372WH

Column: 373WH

11.27 am

Column: 374WH

G8 (UK Presidency) [16 Nov 2004]

2.8 pm
Mr. Roger Williams (Brecon and Radnorshire)

Column: 375WH

Column: 376WH

Column: 377WH

Column: 378WH

2.25 pm
Mr. Andy Reed (Loughborough)

Column: 379WH

Mr. David Drew (Stroud)

Mr. Reed

Column: 380WH

Column: 381WH

Column: 382WH

2.38 pm
Tom Brake (Carshalton and Wallington)

Column: 383WH

Column: 384WH

Column: 385WH

Column: 386WH

2.52 pm
Mr. Alan Duncan (Rutland and Melton)

Column: 387WH

Column: 388WH

3.2 pm
The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development (Mr. Gareth Thomas)

Column: 389WH

Column: 390WH

Tom Brake

Column: 391WH

Mr. Thomas

Column: 392WH

Mr. Williams

Mr. Thomas

Column: 393WH

Mr. Reed

Column: 394WH

Mr. Thomas

3.24 pm

Column: 393WH

Column: 395WH

Infantry [16 Nov 2004]

3.30 pm
Ann Winterton (Congleton)

Column: 396WH

Column: 397WH

Column: 398WH

3.41 pm
Mr. John Greenway (Ryedale)

Column: 399WH

3.44 pm
3.57 pm
The Secretary of State for Defence (Mr. Geoffrey Hoon)

Column: 400WH

Patrick Mercer (Newark)

Mr. Hoon

Ann Winterton

Mr. Hoon

Column: 401WH

Mr. Keith Simpson (Mid-Norfolk)

Mr. Hoon

Column: 402WH

Patrick Mercer

Mr. Hoon

Patrick Mercer

Mr. Hoon

Column: 403WH

Mr. Simpson

Column: 404WH

Mr. Hoon

Mr. Deputy Speaker

Column: 403WH

Column: 405WH

Renewable Energy [16 Nov 2004]

4.13 pm
Ian Lucas (Wrexham)

Mr. Andy Reed (Loughborough)

Column: 406WH

Ian Lucas

Column: 407WH

Column: 408WH

4.27 pm
The Economic Secretary to the Treasury (John Healey)

Column: 409WH

Mr. Reed

John Healey

Column: 410WH

Column: 411WH

Column: 412WH

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