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18 Nov 2004 : Column 2082W—continued

Prison Education Programmes

Mr. Andrew Turner: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many hours per week on average (a) basic skills training and (b) purposeful activity are undertaken per inmate at each (i) prison and (ii) young offenders institution; and what his targets are for each establishment. [198277]

Paul Goggins: The average number of weekly hours spent by prisoners on basic skills and overall purposeful activity is shown in the table.

While prisons are not allocated targets for the number of basic skills hours per prisoner, each establishment's target for purposeful activity is shown.

A number of establishments listed have not recorded their basic skills hours. This is because the activities involved may be counted differently at local level under other categories of purposeful activity, and their inclusion would skew the representation of the table. These non-recording establishments are still delivering basic skills awards.

The way the Prison Service measures progress in prisoner education has changed from the hours of education-related purposeful activity, to achievements which reflect positive outcomes for prisoners prior to release. In recent years Key Performance Indicators have been introduced to measure the number of prisoners achieving basic skills qualifications and also the number leaving prison with an education, training or employment place arranged.
Basic and key skills upPurposeful activityTarget
AcklingtonCategory C1.225.126.0
AlbanyCategory B4.620.721.0
AltcourseMale local(59)36.532.0
AshfieldMale juvenile(59)30.827.0
AshwellCategory C0.631.533.0
Askham GrangeFemale open2.641.941.0
AylesburyMale closed young offender(59)18.819.0
BedfordMale local0.619.318.5
BelmarshMale local(59)16.216.5
BirminghamMale local1.418.020.0
BlakenhurstMale local0.918.818.5
Blantyre HouseSemi open1.145.540.0
BlundestonCategory C(59)24.825.0
BrinsfordMale closed young offender7.829.028.0
BristolMale local1.722,122.0
BrixtonMale local0.414.617.0
BrockhillFemale local5.024.218.0
Buckley HallFemale closed2.031.132.5
BullingdonMale local1.318.918.0
Bullwood HallFemale closed(59)28.228.0
Camp HillCategory C(59)21.822.0
CanterburyCategory C(59)21.522.0
CardiffMale local0.523.720.0
CastingtonMale closed young offender6.627.221.7
Channings WoodCategory C3.022.333.0
ChelmsfordMale local(59)19.618.0
ColdingleyCategory C0.631.137.0
Cookham WoodFemale closed(59)24.924.0
DartmoorCategory C0.924.525.0
DeerboltMale closed young offender4.023.024.0
DoncasterMale local1.420.522.0
DorchesterMale local0.916.319.0
DovegateCategory B(59)25.135.0
DownviewFemale closed1.529.326.0
Drake HallSemi open2.434.533.5
DurhamMale local0.917.520.0
East Sutton ParkFemale open(59)46.645.0
Eastwood ParkFemale local0.518.622.0
ElmleyMale local2.718.619.0
ErlestokeCategory C1.426.627.0
EverthorpeCategory C0.626.727.0
ExeterMale local1.423.522.5
FeatherstoneCategory C(59)22.425.0
FelthamMale closed young offender1.028.726.0
FordMale open0.837.740.0
Forest BankMale local1.919.724.0
Foston HallFemale closed(59)25.426.0
Full SuttonDispersal(59)16.018.0
GarthCategory B0.723.124.0
GartreeCategory B(59)28.730.0
Glen ParvaMale closed young offender2.017.520.0
GloucesterMale local(59)20.321.0
GrendonCategory B0.432.025.0
Guys MarshCategory C0.924.423.0
HaveriggCategory C0.431.131.0
Hewell GrangeMale open0.141.842.5
Edmunds HillFemale local1.928.424.0
High downCategory B0.713.918.1
HighpointCategory C1.621.921.0
HindleyMale closed young offender3.732.034.0
Hollesley BayMale open(59)40.738.0
HollowayFemale local0.819.720.0
Holme HouseMale local3.015.717.0
HullMale local1.015.817.0
HuntercombeMale juvenile2.730.130.0
KingstonCategory B0.426.826.0
KirkhamMale open(59)41.941.0
KirklevingtonSemi open(59)53.052.0
LancasterCategory C1.425.625.0
Lancaster FarmsMale closed young offender2.226.127.0
Latchmere HouseSemi open0.157.960.0
LeedsMale local0.720.020.0
LeicesterMale local1.515.823.0
LewesMale local2.222.220.5
LeyhillMale open2.237.738.0
LincolnMale local2.521.220.0
LindholmeCategory C1.522.427.0
LittleheyCategory C0.720.523.0
LiverpoolMale local0.923.120.0
Long LartinDispersal0.519.618.0
Low NewtonFemale local1.725.024.5
Lowdham GrangeCategory B0.426.828.0
MaidstoneCategory C(59)21.921.0
ManchesterMale local1.019.020.0
MoorlandCategory C0.327.930.0
Morton HallSemi open(59)30.732.0
New HallFemale local1.225.624.0
North Sea CampMale open2.639.939.0
NorthallertonMale closed young offender3.323.426.0
NorwichMale local0.721.420.0
NottinghamMale local0.620.319.0
OnleyCategory C0.325.925.0
ParcMale local(59)30.332.0
ParkhurstCategory B1.721.321.0
PentonvilleMale local0.312.817.0
PortlandMale closed young offender3.020.123.1
PrestonMale local0.621.721.0
RanbyCategory C(59)24.626.0
ReadingMale closed young offender(59)19.820.0
RisleyCategory C3.224.025.0
RochesterMale closed young offender(59)21.625.0
WealstunCategory C1.831.829.0
Rye HillCategory B3.123.230.0
SendFemale closed(59)31.430.0
Shepton MalletCategory C(59)24.726.0
ShrewsburyMale local(59)19.620.0
StaffordCategory C1.225.926.0
Standford HillMale open0.436.140.0
StockenCategory C1.325.726.0
Stoke HeathMale closed young offender4.517.526.0
StyalFemale local(59)24.022.5
SudburyMale open0.920.739.0
SwalesideCategory B1.426.526.0
SwanseaMale local(59)23.121.0
Swinfen HallMale closed young offender5.825.226.0
MountCategory C2.020.422.0
VerneCategory C(59)31.629.0
Thorn CrossMale open young offender2.342.542.0
UskCategory C1.836.636.0
WandsworthMale local(59)15.721.0
Warren HillMale juvenile0.325.925.0
WaylandCategory C(59)26.225.0
WeareCategory C1.119.220.0
WellingboroughCategory C(59)18.929.0
WerringtonMale juvenile(59)30.530.0
WetherbyMale juvenile6.629.030.0
WhattonCategory C(59)26.530.0
WinchesterMale local0.621.820.0
WoldsCategory C1.029.430.0
Wormwood ScrubsMale local2.023.522.0
WymottCategory C0.728.330.0

(59) Not recorded.

18 Nov 2004 : Column 2085W

Prison Population

Mr. Drew: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many reports his Department has commissioned regarding (a) sentencing and (b) the management of offenders since 1997; on what dates these reports were commissioned; who carried out the reviews; at what cost; and when his Department received each report. [163985]

Paul Goggins: It has not proved possible to respond to the hon. Member in the time available before Prorogation.

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