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18 Nov 2004 : Column 2107W—continued

Careers Guidance

Mr. Willis: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills if he will make a statement on the End to End Review of Careers Education and Guidance. [199215]

Margaret Hodge: The findings of the Careers Education and Guidance (CEG) End to End Review are being used to inform the development of the Youth Green Paper.

Commencement of Legislation

Brian White: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills what pieces of legislation passed in the last 30 years that the Department is responsible for remain to be brought into force, broken down by year of enactment. [195622]

Mr. Charles Clarke: Providing the information for the period requested would incur disproportionate costs. The following table, therefore, sets out a broad overview of primary legislation from 1997 for which the Department for Education and Skills is responsible and parts of which remain to be brought into force. The table does not include provisions which have never been in force and are now repealed or spent.
Act of ParliamentProvisions
Teaching and Higher Education Act 1998Schedule 4
School Standards and Framework Act 1998Section 39(1)
Section 112(3)
Section 128
Schedule 28, Part I, paragraph 5
Schedule 28, Part I, paragraph 70
Schedule 28, Part I, paragraph 109
Schedule 28, Part I, paragraph 114
Schedule 28, Part I, paragraph 116
Schedule 28, Part I, paragraph 138
Schedule 28, Part I, paragraph 185
Schedule 31
Adoption (Inter-country) Act 1999Section 2(3)
Section 11
Section 15
Section 16
Care Standards Act 2000Section 10(2)-6
Section 64(1)(a)
Section 64(3)-(5)
Section 80(2)(b)
Section 80(6)(c)
Section 80(7)(c)
Section 80(7)(d)
Learning and Skills Act 2000Section 103(1)
Section 103(2)
Section 103(3)
Schedule 9, paragraph 27
Schedule 9, paragraph 28
Education Act 2002Sections 6–10
Section 18(1)
Section 31
Section 38(3)
Section 41(2)
Section 134(2)
Section 134(3)
Sections 136–138
Section 140
Section 146
Section 148
Section 152
Section 201(1)
Schedule 2
Schedule 12, paragraph 3(5)
Schedule 12, paragraph 4(2)
Schedule 12, paragraph 5
Schedule 12, paragraph 7
Schedule 13, paragraph 7(2)
Schedule 21, paragraphs 5–6
Schedule 21, paragraph 10
Schedule 21, paragraph 15
Schedule 21, paragraph 55
Schedule 21, paragraph 79
Schedule 21, paragraph 110(3)(b)
Schedule 21, paragraph 110(3)(c)
Schedule 22, Part 3
Adoption and Children Act 2002Section 1
Section 2(1)-(5)
Section 3
Section 4(1)(a)
Section 4(2)-(4)
Section 4(8)
Sections 5–11
Section 12(4)-(8)
Sections 13–15
Sections 17–26
Section 27(1)
Section 27(2)
Sections 28–52
Section 53(4)-(6)
Section 55
Section 56(2)
Section 57(1)-(4)
Section 58(1)
Section 59
Section 60(1)
Section 60(3)
Section 60(5)
Section 61(1)-(6)
Sections 62–110
Sections 112–115
Section 117
Sections 120–134
Sections 137
Section 138
Schedule 1
Schedule 2
Higher Education Act 2004Sections 1–10
Section 20
Section 23
Section 24(1)-(6)
Section 25
Sections 27, 28
Section 30(2), (3)
Section 32(4)
Section 38
Sections 43–46
Schedule 6, paragraphs 2–10
Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004Sections 1–5

18 Nov 2004 : Column 2108W

Commercial Sponsorship

Charles Hendry: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills if he will list the (a) conferences, (b) publications, (c) initiatives, (d) projects and (e) receptions organised by his Department which have received funding from outside commercial bodies since May 1997, broken down by (i) funding body and (ii) amount paid. [196598]

Mr. Stephen Twigg: Details of individual amounts of sponsorship valued at more than £5,000 have been published in my Department's Annual Reports since 2002. Copies of the Annual Reports are available in the Library of the House.

Details of individual amounts of sponsorship were not held centrally prior to 2001–02 and could be obtained only at disproportionate cost.

Details of sponsorship in the current financial year to date, valued at more than £5,000 in cash or kind, are given in the following table.
18 Nov 2004 : Column 2109W

SponsorProjectValue (£)
ACMMusic Manifesto2,000,000
AdobeWrite Here Write Now writing awards14,383
Adobe and MTVMusic Manifesto800,000
BritanniaNumber Partners10,000
CaterpillarNational Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth15,700
EpsonWrite Here Write Now writing awards6,211
GatsbyNational Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth220,000
GatsbyLondon element of Gifted and Talented Youth strategy28,000
Granada LearningWrite Here Write Now writing awards7,822
HP InventParents Online30,425
Jack PetcheyLondon Talent15,000
John LewisAnne Frank7,308
KPMG, Microsoft, GSK14–19 Reform Interim report24,796
National GridNational Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth20,000
Nordoff RobbinsMusic Manifesto10,000
OracleSpecialist Schools3,996,608
OUPWrite Here Write Now writing awards41,000
Plato LearningNational Network for Science Learning Centres1,709,100
Rolls RoyceNational Network for Science Learning Centres1,000,000
Sibelius SoftwareMusic Manifesto300,000
StabifoWrite Here Write Now writing awards10,729
Tesco's/RMParents Online136,000
Tesco's/RMParents Online20,000
Various Businesses14–19 Reform employer workshops53,005
WOMADMusic Manifesto19,175


Mr. Keith Bradley: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills when he expects to reply to correspondence from the right hon. Member for Manchester, Withington, dated 21 June, 29 July and 26 August, on behalf of a constituent, Mrs. Rebecca Clark, of Chorlton, Manchester. [199126]

Mr. Stephen Twigg: The Department has records of correspondence from the right hon. Member on behalf of his constituent Mrs. Rebecca Clark of Chorlton, Manchester, dated 21 June and 9 July. My right hon. Friend Margaret Hodge replied to both letters on 1 August.

Departmental Advertising Costs

Charles Hendry: To ask the Secretary of State for Education and Skills what the cost of (a) creative work, (b) media spend and (c) administration for his Department's advertising activity has been in each financial year since 1997–98, broken down by contractor. [197301]

Mr. Charles Clarke: Expenditure for creative and media activities by DfES is identified for the previous two years. Information prior to 2002–03 can be provided only at disproportionate cost. Expenditure information provided is net of VAT:
£ million

Media spendCreative work

A breakdown of media and creative work provided by COI communications, for the last two years is identified as follows.
18 Nov 2004 : Column 2110W

£ million

Media spendCreative work
Leo Burnett0.00.5
St. Lukes0.01.1
Key Stage 3 Booster Campaign
Childcare Recruitment Campaign
Adult Basic Skills Campaign
Aim Higher Campaign
Foundation Degrees Campaign
DMB and B0.00.7
St. Lukes0.01.1
Childcare Recruitment Campaign
Connexions Campaign
SATS Campaign
14–19 Paper Campaigns Campaign
Adult Basic Skills Campaign
Aim Higher Campaign
Foundation Degrees Campaign

(62) Information could be provided only at disproportionate cost.

18 Nov 2004 : Column 2111W

It is not possible to provide expenditure information on administration of the Department's advertising activity as information is not retained at this level.

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