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High rise flats

Higher civil servants

Higher education

Highly skilled migrant programme

Highways (Obstruction by Body Corporate) Bill 2003/04

                  Chamber Debates

    Royal Assent (15.11.04) 1009

Hill, Keith, Minister of State for Housing and Planning, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

                  Chamber Debates

                  Written Statements

    Housing revenue accounts 21-2ws

    Planning, Pollution control 9ws

    Planning obligations, Reform 5-6ws


    Aerials, Health hazards 437w

    Approved development programme 751w

    Community Housing Task Force 1346w

    Council housing, Birmingham 748-51w

    Council housing, Finance 751w

    Council housing, Leicester 1467w

    Council housing, Property transfer 1349w

    Council housing, Staffordshire 1349w

    Countryside, Environment protection 747-8w

    Derelict land, Contamination 1347w

    Disabled, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1732w

    EC action, Dept of Trade and Industry 588w

    Electromagnetic fields, Health hazards 849w

    Empty property, Greater London 64-5w

    Glass, Planning permission 67w

    Government offices for the regions, Planning 257w

    Homelessness, North West region 1732-6w

    Housing, Demolition 457w

    Housing, Finance 855w

    Housing, Immigration 457w

    Housing, Planning permission 1352-3w

    Housing, Port Sunlight 68w

    Housing, South East region 1472w

    Housing, Students 457w

    Housing, West Sussex 1464w

    Housing market, Pilot schemes 184w

    Key workers living programme 1468w

    Mobile homes 67w

    Mortgages, Costs 854w

    Multiple occupation, Wales 64w

    Official residences, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1737w

    Park and ride schemes 437w

    Planning, Thames Gateway 753w

    Planning permission, Fees and charges 455w

    Regional housing boards 1472w

    Regional planning and development, South East region 451w, 455-7w

    Shared ownership schemes, Islington 1350-2w

    Shared ownership schemes, Lambeth 1463-4w

    Shared ownership schemes, Southwark 1464w

    Shared ownership schemes, Tower Hamlets 752w

    Social rented housing, Gloucestershire 1212-3w

    Social rented housing, Standards 1347-8w

    Social rented housing, Tyne and Wear 68w

    Social rented housing, Wandsworth 1212w

    Thames Gateway South Essex Partnership 1463w

    Travelling people 184w

    Travelling people, Evictions 1736w


Hinchliffe, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    General practitioners (11.11.04) 948

    Health (16.11.04) 1169

    Ministerial statement intervention (16.11.04) 1167

Hip replacements

Historic buildings

Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England

    see English Heritage

HIV infection

Hizb ut Tahrir

HM Chief Inspector of Schools

    see Office for Standards in Education

HM Customs and Excise

    see Customs and Excise

HM Prison Service

    see Prison Service

HMCS Chicoutimi

HMS Grafton

HMS Royal Oak

Hoban, Mr Mark


    Capita, Dept for Education and Skills 280w

    Economic growth, Hampshire 954w

    Economic situation, Housing 954w

    Education, Standards 1215w

    Housing, Construction 1219w

    Pupil exclusions, Special educational needs 465w, 597w

    Schools, Discipline 163w

Hodge, Margaret, Minister of State for Children Young People and Families, Dept for Education and Skills

                  Chamber Debates


    Adoption and Children Act 2002 2104w

    Care proceedings, Expert evidence 1293-4w

    Children, Asylum 757w

    Children, Local government services 969w

    Children, Migration 31-3w

    Children in care, West Midlands 370w

    Children's Commissioner for England 33w

    Conductive education 764w

    Disadvantaged, Dept of Health 34-5w

    Members, Correspondence 465w

    Nurseries, Inspections 980w

    Nursery schools, Attendance 2151-4w

    Nursery schools, Barking and Dagenham 2153-5w

    Pre-school education, English language 2156-7w

    Pre-school education, Newcastle-under-Lyme 2116-8w

    Pupil referral units 465w

    Residence orders, Grandparents 461-2w

    Special educational needs, Pupil exclusions 465w, 597w

    Sure start programme, Finance 2163-4w

    Sure start programme, Newcastle-under-Lyme 2116w

    Sure start programme, Wansbeck 2164w

    Teenage pregnancy, Greater London 162-3w

    Vocational guidance 2107w

Hoey, Miss Kate

                  Chamber Debates

    Hunting Bill, Money res and Lords amendts (16.11.04) 1275, 1286, 1291

    Hunting Bill, Lords amendts (18.11.04) 1493-4

    Parliament Act 1949, Points of order (18.11.04) 1478


    Army, Playing fields 272w

    Housing, Low incomes 1731w

    League Against Cruel Sports 2032w

    Shared ownership schemes, Lambeth 1463-4w

    Taxation, National Lottery 1499w

    Zimbabwe, Human rights 684

Hogg, Rt Hon Douglas

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed Forces (Pensions and Compensation) Bill, Lords amendts (15.11.04) 1045, 1048-51

    Children Bill (HL), Programme motion, Rep and 3R (02.11.04) 250, 254

    Hunting Bill, Money res and Lords amendts (16.11.04) 1261, 1263, 1274

    Hunting Bill, Lords amendts (18.11.04) 1483, 1490

    Regional assemblies (08.11.04) 597


    Belmarsh Prison, Detainees 1023

    Business questions 935

    Dept of Finance and Administration, Teleworking 1279w

    Dept of the Clerk of the House 1281w

    Iraq, Nuclear weapons 1832w

    Local government finance, Lincolnshire 852w

    Local government services, Rural areas 850w

    Police, Lincolnshire 1600w

    Workers' registration scheme 2072w

Holmes, Paul

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Incapacity benefit (02.11.04) 8-15wh


    Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Accident and emergency departments 170-1w

    Disabled students allowances 282-3w

    Health services, Chesterfield 389-90w

    Hospital beds, Special educational needs 1974-5w

    Incapacity benefit, Employment schemes 1323-4w

    Jobcentre Plus, Standards 122-4w

    Jobcentre Plus, Training 124w

    Jobseeker's allowance, Maladministration 124-5w, 911w

    National Offender Management Service 1115-6w

    New deal for disabled people 549-50

    Official Receiver 340w

    Prison Service, Finance 1121w

    Sight impaired, Publications 1652w

    Social security benefits 340w

    Social security benefits, Disabled 340-1w

    Social security benefits, Fraud 246w

    Social security benefits, Medical examinations 248w

    Welfare to work 126w

Home care services

Home detention curfews

Home education

Home energy efficiency scheme

    Newcastle-under-Lyme 1864w

Home Office

    Deprivation indicators 2068w

    Electronic publishing 1421w

    Non-governmental organisations 1435-6w

    Official hospitality 2062w

    Official residences 2070w

    Private finance initiative 2091w

    Public appointments 615w

    Sustainable development 2063w

    Sustainable Energy (CHP Provisions) Order 2003 1456w

    Yorkshire and Humberside 2053w


    Greater London (08.11.04) 674-82



Hood, Mr Jimmy


    EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council 681-3w

    EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council 21-2w

    EU General Affairs and External Relations Council 632-4w

    EU Justice and Home Affairs Council 2069w


Hoon, Rt Hon Geoffrey, Secretary of State for Defence

                  Westminster Hall Debates

                  Written Statements

    Iraq, Peace keeping operations 90-1ws

    Supply estimates, Ministry of Defence 47ws


    Armed conflict, Death 1815w

    Armed forces, USA 844w

    Army, Reorganisation 1053w

    Black Watch Regiment 1049w

    General Security Agreement 1961 1826w

    Iraq, Nuclear weapons 1832w

    Iraq conflict, Legal opinion 550w

    King's Regiment, Deployment 1046w

    Warrior armoured vehicle 1061w

    WMD Intelligence Review Committee 1830-1w

Hope, Phil, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

                  Chamber Debates

    Homelessness, Greater London (08.11.04) 678-82

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Travelling people, Minety (10.11.04) 303-7wh

                  Written Statements

    Building regulations, Electrical safety 91-2ws


    Advertising, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1348w

    Archaeology, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1465w

    Battersea Power Station 1731w

    Beaches, Safety 181w

    Building regulations, Energy 1213w

    Building regulations, Solar power 1230w

    Buildings, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 561-2w

    Consultants, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1346-7w

    Disabled, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1215w

    Disadvantaged, Urban areas 848w

    Dorset, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 847w

    Electronic government, Local authorities 1461w

    Electronic government, North Yorkshire 1461w

    Electronic publishing, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 746w

    Energy, Conservation 848w

    Freedom of information, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1465-6w

    Housing, Construction 1224w

    Housing Directorate, Manpower 1467-8w

    Information technology, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 452w

    Legislation, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1465w

    Local government, Pensions 66w

    Local government finance, Lincolnshire 260-8w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 183-4w

    Neighbourhood wardens, Cornwall 258w

    New deal for communities, Derbyshire 1469-71w

    Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 855w

    Offices, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 564w, 846-7w

    Official hospitality, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 746-7w

    Pollution control, Carbon dioxide 440w

    Post offices, Closures 455w

    Private finance initiative, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1353-5w

    Publications, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 435-6w

    Recruitment, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 67w

    Regeneration, Finance 439w

    Regional Coordination Unit 1471w

    Regulatory impact assessments, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1229w

    Resignations, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 451-2w

    Select committees, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1472w

    Sponsorship, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1465w

    Suffolk County Council, Pensions 183-4w

    Sustainable development, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1218-9w

    Sustainable Energy (CHP Provisions) Order 2003, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 440w

    Temporary employment, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 440-1w

    Travel, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 67w

    Unemployment, Greater London 436w

    Vetting, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 257w

    Visits abroad, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1469w

    Worcester, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1222-3w

Hopkins, Mr Kelvin

                  Chamber Debates


    Economic and monetary union 924

    Railways, Freight 1147

    Sixth form education 982w

Horam, Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Gambling Bill, 2R (01.11.04) 92-4

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Police, Finance (10.11.04) 294wh


    Green Ministers Committee, Dept of Health 1166w

    Sustainable development, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1800-1w

    Sustainable development, Dept for Education and Skills 2135w

    Sustainable development, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1022w

    Sustainable development, Dept for International Development 1727w

    Sustainable development, Dept for Transport 1234w

    Sustainable development, Dept for Work and Pensions 1321w

    Sustainable development, Dept of Health 1381w

    Sustainable development, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1067w

    Sustainable development, Home Office 2063w

    Sustainable development, Ministry of Defence 1827w

    Sustainable development, Northern Ireland Office 1366w

    Sustainable development, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1218-9w

    Sustainable development, Treasury 955w

    Travelling people, Caravan sites 1346w

Horn of Africa


Horse racing

Horserace Betting and Olympic Lottery Act 2004




Hospital beds

Hospital wards


    Combined heat and power 638w




House of Commons

    Information technology 1279w

House of Commons Commission

"House of Commons Commission Report, 2003/04"

House of Commons Library

House of Commons sessional orders


    Economic situation 954w

    Port Sunlight 68w

Housing benefit

Housing Bill 2003/04

                  Chamber Debates

    Programme motion and Lords amendts (08.11.04) 608-72

    Royal Assent (18.11.04) 1518

Housing Directorate

Housing market

Housing revenue accounts

Housing Supply Review

Howard, Rt Hon Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    European Council, Brussels Summit (EC) (08.11.04) 570-2


    Black Watch Regiment 836-7

    Regional government 838-9

    Stop and search, Greater London 1348-9

Howarth, Rt Hon Alan


    Entry clearances, Fees and charges 1087w

    New deal schemes, Wales 293

Howarth, Mr George


    Social security benefits, Automated credit transfer 1862-3w

Howarth, Mr Gerald

                  Chamber Debates

    Armed Forces (Pensions and Compensation) Bill, Lords amendts (15.11.04) 1044-54

    House of Commons sessional orders (03.11.04) 405


    Accountancy, Ministry of Defence 1821w

    Conferences, Ministry of Defence 1817w

    Databases, Ministry of Defence 1819w

    Departmental records, Ministry of Defence 1812-3w

    Joint strike fighter aircraft 105w

Howells, Dr Kim, Minister of State for Higher Education, Dept for Education and Skills


    Disabled students allowances 282-3w

    EC action, Dept for Education and Skills 758w

    Further education, Leicester 2133-4w

    Further education, Staffordshire 2117w

    GCE A level, Mathematics 279w

    Higher education, Derbyshire 2125-6w

    Higher education, Part-time education 285-6w

    Higher education, Student numbers 2169-70w

    Open University, Finance 2135w

    Overseas students, Fees and charges 287w

    Overseas students, Student numbers 288-9w

    Students, Debts 289w

    Students, Fees and charges 290w

    Students, Loans 288w

    Young people, EC action 1721w

Hoyle, Mr Lindsay

                  Chamber Debates

    Defence, Procurement (04.11.04) 509

    Gambling Bill, 2R (01.11.04) 85, 88


    Defence, Procurement 107w

    European fighter aircraft, Procurement 109w

    Falkland Islands, Armed conflict 844w

    Future large aircraft 545w

    Local government finance, Lancashire 68w

    Mental health services, Expenditure 1688w

    NHS, Disclosure of information 137-8w

    NHS, Press releases 1167w

    North West Development Agency 213w

    Post offices, Closures 433-4

    Recycling, Lancashire 349w

    Vehicle number plates 1594w

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