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Liabilities Management Authority

    see Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam


Libraries, public

    See Public libraries

Libyan Arab Republic

Licensed premises

Licensing Act 2003


Licensing laws

    Magistrates' courts 26w

Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Schools, Somerset (03.11.04) 83-7wh


    Gaming machines 44w

    Immigration controls 1433w

    Organic farming, Fruit 2000w

Lidington, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Ulster Defence Association (15.11.04) 1030-2


    Accident and emergency departments, Northern Ireland 791-2w

    Agriculture, Subsidies 332w

    Belfast Education and Library Board 783-4w

    Breast cancer, Northern Ireland 327-8w

    BSE, Northern Ireland 233w

    Cervical cancer, Northern Ireland 328w

    Consultants, Northern Ireland Office 237-8w

    Day surgery, Northern Ireland 788-90w

    Dental services, Northern Ireland 665w

    Departmental records, Northern Ireland 664-5w

    Export explorer programme, Northern Ireland 410-1w

    Hospitals, Northern Ireland 671-2w

    Manpower, Northern Ireland Office 1634-5w

    MMR vaccine, Northern Ireland 334w

    Northern Ireland education and library boards 668w, 784-5w

    Northern Ireland health and social services boards, Sick leave 670-1w

    Operating costs, Northern Ireland Office 237w

    Prison accommodation, Northern Ireland 411-2w

    Prisons, Northern Ireland 526w

    Public sector, Northern Ireland 677w

    Rates and rating, Northern Ireland 668w

    School fruit and vegetable scheme 1253w

    Schools, Northern Ireland 412-3w

    Surgery, Northern Ireland 791-6w

    Vaccination, Northern Ireland 674w

    Welfare tax credits, Appeals 1272w

Life expectancy

Life imprisonment

Lifelong education


    Palace of Westminster 160w


    Repairs and maintenance 939w


    Ministry of Defence 1823w


Lilley, Rt Hon Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Disclosure of information, Points of order (16.11.04) 1180-1

    European Council, Brussels Summit (EC) (08.11.04) 580-1

    Regional assemblies (08.11.04) 602


    Overseas students, Student numbers 288-9w

    Patient choice schemes 154

    Pension Protection Fund, Orphan funds 555-7

Limited Liability Partnerships (Fees) Regulations 2004

                  Chamber Debates


    Public libraries 45w

Linton, Martin

                  Chamber Debates

    Police (09.11.04) 718


    Street warden scheme, Wandsworth 1462w

Listed buildings

Listed places of worship grant scheme


Littlehey Prison

Liver diseases

    Disability living allowance 1207w

Liverpool Airport


Llanbedr Airfield

Lloyd, Mr Tony


    Apprentices 445

    Football, Codes of practice 43w

    Immigration, Appeals 52w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 694

    Redundancy, North West region 501w

Llwyd, Mr Elfyn

                  Chamber Debates

    Children Bill (HL), Programme motion, Rep and 3R (02.11.04) 242, 249

    Civil Contingencies Bill, Lords amendts (17.11.04) 1390

    Hunting Bill, Lords amendts (18.11.04) 1484-5

    Iraq, Points of order (17.11.04) 1355

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Social Security Benefits Agency, Closures (17.11.04) 438wh, 444wh


    Antisocial behaviour orders, Wales 161w

    Community support officers 1010

    Livestock, Waste disposal 1016w

    Renewable energy, Wales 444w

Loan guarantee scheme

Loan shark initiative

Local authorities

    Data protection 232w

    Electronic government 1461w

Local government

Local government finance

Local government services




    See Greater London

London Project


Lone parents

    Welfare tax credits 659w

Long stay patients

Long term unemployed

Lord Chief Justice


Lorry drivers

    Conditions of employment 830w

Lost working days


Loughton, Tim

                  Chamber Debates


    Aerials, Health hazards 1688w

    Africa, Health professions 827-8

    Alzheimer's disease 1374w

    Archaeology, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1544w

    Archaeology, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1475w

    Archaeology, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1465w

    Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service 1527-8w

    Council housing, Standards 1465w

    Depressive illnesses 1386w

    Doctors, Sponsorship 1985w

    English Heritage, Reform 1797w

    Housing, West Sussex 1464w

    Information officers, Dept of Health 1987-8w

    Mental Health Bill (Draft) 1978w

    Mentally ill, Patient advice and liaison services 1687-8w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus 1682-4w

    NHS, Information technology 1388w

    NHS treatment centres, Private sector 1959w

    Passports, Concessions 54w

    Pay, Cabinet Office 860w

    Pay, Dept for Constitutional Affairs 1076w

    Pay, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 43w

    Pay, Dept for Education and Skills 976w

    Pay, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 1250-1w

    Pay, Dept for International Development 255-6w

    Pay, Dept for Transport 1233w

    Pay, Dept for Work and Pensions 1654w

    Pay, Dept of Health 1169w

    Pay, Dept of Trade and Industry 1621w

    Pay, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 724w

    Pay, Ministry of Defence 1823w

    Primary health care, Disabled 1678w

    Social rented housing, Standards 1347-8w

    Sure start programme, Finance 2163-4w

    Taxation, Pension funds 1511w

Love, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Thames Gateway (15.11.04) 1083

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Council housing, Standards 1338

    Housing, Low incomes 1735w

    Olympic Games, Greater London 8-9

    Shared ownership schemes, Greater London 1735-6w

Low flying

Low incomes


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