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Lucas, Ian

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Renewable energy (16.11.04) 405-8wh


    Antisocial behaviour, Wales 293-4

    Immigration, Appeals 1792w

    Interest rates, Mortgages 909

    Public service broadcasting 8

    Wrexham Football Club 1347

Luff, Mr Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Hunting Bill, Money res and Lords amendts (16.11.04) 1262-3, 1288

    Hunting Bill, Points of order (18.11.04) 1470

    Hunting Bill, Allocation of time motion (18.11.04) 1473

    Hunting Bill, Lords amendts (18.11.04) 1478


    Electricity, Rural areas 356-7w

    Guaranteed minimum pensions, Index linking 1269w

    Immigration, Enforcement 1088w

    National Lottery 12-3

    Pupils, Per capita costs 591w

    Railways, Overcrowding 157w

Luke, Mr Iain

                  Chamber Debates

    Ulster Defence Association (15.11.04) 1038

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (10.11.04) 252wh


    Commission for Africa 831-2

    Lebanon, Syrian Arab Republic 623w

    Neighbourhood wardens 306

    Pension credit 559


Lyons, Mr John


    Cyprus, Peace negotiations 630-1w

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