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Pacific Ocean Islands




Page, Mr Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    Gambling Bill, 2R (01.11.04) 73-5

    Members, Allowances (03.11.04) 352-4

Paice, Mr James

                  Chamber Debates

    Ministers, Points of order (18.11.04) 1469


    Farm Business Advice Service 2025w

    Foot and mouth disease 577w

    Rural Payments Agency 1463

    Woodland grant scheme 151w


    Lost working days 952w

Paisley, Rev Ian

                  Chamber Debates

    Amendments and new clauses, Points of order (09.11.04) 815


    Civil servants, Industrial disputes 234w

    Evidence of previous convictions, Northern Ireland 338w

    Lignite, Northern Ireland 240-1w

    McMaster, Stuart 552w

    Motor vehicles, Northern Ireland 678w

    Parachuting, Training 1059w

    Planning, Northern Ireland 242w

    Pupil exclusions, Northern Ireland 339-40w

    Pupils, Per capita costs 332w

    Tourism, Northern Ireland 244w

Palace of Westminster

Palestinian Authority



    Ministry of Defence 1842w


Parental leave


Parish councils

Park and ride schemes


Parking offences


Parliament Act 1949

                  Chamber Debates

    Rulings and statements (18.11.04) 1478, 1518


Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration

Parliamentary Security Coordinator


Parole Board

Part-time education


Passive smoking


    Postal services 211w


    Computer software 368w

Paterson, Mr Owen


    EC action, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 352w

    Foot and mouth disease, Burnside Farm 2026w

    NHS, Finance 165

    Non-governmental organisations, Home Office 1435-6w

    Post office card account 1085w

    Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust, Counter Fraud Services Directorate 872-3w, 875-6w

    Social security benefits, Automated credit transfer 1617w

Patient advice and liaison services

Patient choice schemes


    Easington Primary Care Trust 1692-3w

Patrol craft

Peace keeping operations

Peace negotiations

Pearson, Mr Ian, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Northern Ireland Office

                  Written Statements

    Agriculture, Northern Ireland 17-8ws

    Police Fund (Northern Ireland) 2ws


    Agriculture, Subsidies 332w

    Breast cancer, Northern Ireland 662-3w

    Buildings, Northern Ireland Office 1756w

    Business Appointments Advisory Committee, Northern Ireland 1633w

    Cellular phones, Northern Ireland Office 1768w

    Children's Fund, Northern Ireland 1751w

    Civil servants, Belfast 665w

    Civil servants, Industrial disputes 234w

    Closed circuit television, Belfast 1750w

    Commonhold, Northern Ireland 1752w

    Counterfeit manufacturing, Northern Ireland 795-6w

    Crimes of violence, Belfast 1748-9w

    Crimestoppers, Northern Ireland 330w

    Dairy farming, Northern Ireland 1045w

    Departmental records, Northern Ireland 664-5w

    District policing partnerships 1775-6w

    Domestic rates, Northern Ireland 1363w

    Drugs, Northern Ireland 1762w

    Fishing vessels, Northern Ireland 923-4w

    Flags, Northern Ireland 926w

    Freedom of information, Northern Ireland Office 1759w

    Fruit, Northern Ireland 1366w

    Higher civil servants, Northern Ireland 1633-4w

    Information technology, Northern Ireland Office 795w

    Interception warrants, Northern Ireland 1777-8w

    Manpower, Northern Ireland Office 1634-5w

    Motor vehicles, Northern Ireland 1768w

    Northern Ireland Executive Dept of Finance and Personnel, Recruitment 1635-6w

    Northern Ireland Prison Service, Firearms 1365-6w

    Northern Ireland Prison Service, Vetting 329-30w

    Offices, Northern Ireland Office 922w

    Official hospitality, Northern Ireland Office 1044w

    Organic farming, Northern Ireland 798w

    Organised Crime Task Force, Northern Ireland 799w

    Parking offences, Northern Ireland 1772-4w

    Passive smoking, Northern Ireland 1773w

    Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland 1774w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland 1774w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Firearms 1365w

    Prison accommodation, Northern Ireland 411-2w

    Prisoners' release, Northern Ireland 1042w

    Prisons, Northern Ireland 526w

    Proscribed organisations, Northern Ireland 675w

    Public expenditure, Northern Ireland 1749w

    Public expenditure, Northern Ireland Office 1642w

    Public order offences, Northern Ireland 330w, 1748w

    Public sector, Northern Ireland 677w

    Racial violence, Northern Ireland 1776w

    Rates and rating, Northern Ireland 668w

    Redundancy, County Antrim 1041w

    Regional rates, Northern Ireland 921-2w

    Resignations, Northern Ireland Office 1633w

    Temporary employment, Northern Ireland Office 1746w

    Traffic wardens, Northern Ireland 1778w

    Travelling people, Northern Ireland 245w

    Water charges, Northern Ireland 929w

    Weapons, Northern Ireland 782-3w

Peat bogs

Pedestrian crossings

Peel, John



Pension credit

    Council tax benefits 1650w

    Greater Manchester 913w

Pension funds

Pension Protection Fund

Pension Service


    Social security benefits 414-6w


    Local government 66w

    Ministers of religion 17

    Newcastle-under-Lyme 1722w

Pensions Bill 2003/04

                  Chamber Debates

    Ways and means res (15.11.04) 1058-68

    Programme motion and Lords amendts (16.11.04) 1185-256

    Royal Assent (18.11.04) 1518

                  Written Statements

People's Mujahideen of Iran

    see Mujahedin-e Khalq

Performance and Innovation Unit

Performing arts

Perham, Linda

                  Chamber Debates


    Education maintenance allowance, Ilford 163w

    General Optical Council, Orders and regulations 1693-4w

    Metropolitan Police, Finance 896-7w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 1345-6

    Safer neighbourhoods programme, Greater London 309w

    Telephone services, Fraud 1945w

Personal income

Personal injury

Personal pensions

Personal savings

    Tax free income 253w

Personal social and health education


Pest control


Pet shops


    Bazanov, Andrei (11.11.04) 998

    Bridges (16.11.04) 1326

    Epping Forest (09.11.04) 817

    Iraq (15.11.04) 1132

    Mental health services (11.11.04) 997-8

    Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment (16.11.04) 1326

Petrol alternatives

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